Beware Wolves Volume 3 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

HYPE Beware Wolves Volume 3 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

We’re back again with the creative genius of Beware Wolves, this time with "Beware Wolves Volume Three". We’re all familiar with the concept by now, a work made into nine volumes. And yes, this is a huge project with many different tracks but that doesn’t mean the tracks on Volume 3 will sound anything like Volume 2. We’ve already talked about volume two, you can read more about it here:

This album features 9 tracks, same as every volume, and they act as a theme. Nine volumes, each featuring nine songs. The wonderfully swoon-worthy "For the Love of you" serves as our introduction. Dreamy with gorgeous acoustic chords, incredibly calming vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, this song really sets the mood for the rest of the songs we'll be listening to. If the second track "Glow" was a thing, I would say it’s the moon. Super calming feelings in this song, almost like a lullaby. Even the lyrics mention the moon "Goodnight baby / I’m gonna see you soon/ by the light of the moon" such a sweet melody. "Good Ride" is one of those songs you would sing with your friends around a campfire. Only an acoustic guitar is there, and the vocals are still raw, but the music is more lively. Despite the fact that one is more upbeat and the other is more relaxed, "Goodbye" and "Goodbye Starry Evening" both share a similarly warm and cozy vibe.

We now go on to Track 6, "Gravity," which is one of my personal favorites. I'm at a loss for words to describe this piece other than warm, perfect, and peaceful. That's all it is: very gentle. With its simplicity and meaningful words entwined with the lead vocalist's lovely voice. Just perfect. Moving on to "Green thumb" this one is fun and quirky, you could tell that Beware Wolves was having a blast with this track; which adds more depth to the production. It's impossible to not think about "Healing Eyes" for a while; it's the ideal music for a long nighttime trip since it's so moving. The final track on this set is "Heaven & Earth," and after finishing listening to it, I felt as though I had gone to heaven and returned. The acoustic guitar wonderfully matches the singing and the moving words. From beginning to end, the music is breathtaking.

This record is unique because of how minimal but powerful it is. Take note of how each song largely depended on acoustics and raw vocals while yet producing an amazing album.

We’ve explained many times the creative process on each cover when it comes to the artwork, so be sure to read about it here:

On this album, the artwork is obviously different, with the phase of the moon being the First Quarter. And the other symbol is a triangle.

I'm not sure how many times I should say this, but in all honesty, I'll say it each and every time I discuss Beware Wolves. You need to put all of your attention on this amazing artist. So, listen to Beware Wolves whole discography on Spotify and follow them on social media.

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