Beware Wolves Volume 2 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

HYPE Beware Wolves Volume 2 (Original Album) By Beware Wolves

Finally, Beware Wolves is back, this time with "Beware Wolves Volume ll." With a nearly 30-minute playing length, Beware Wolves has come to show that he is poised to rule the music industry with his captivating tunes and unmistakable charm.

The Cape Cod-based artist has built a large discography to his name, creating a NINE volume album series. According to him "the majority of the tracks you hear are the first and only time these songs were captured. In many cases, the songs were written the day of the recording."

Although this is a big project made with many songs, don’t let that fool you into thinking that these songs are going to be repetitive or boring, on the contrary; every song has its own feel to it, not once sounding like the previous. Take the first track "Blackout" for example, a slow song only focusing on the acoustic guitar and the beautiful dreamy vocals of the talented singer. While track number 6 is more upbeat and fun; I wish it was longer so I can enjoy it more. This proves Beware Wolves’ versatility in music, and his willingness to stand apart from the crowd.

Each phrase on the album is given heart by the vocal performance, which is sensual and laid-back. And to add more depth to the tracks, there are background layers that are added by the acoustic guitar strumming. "Ever Loved," is equally stunning in its minimalism and melody. The acoustic guitar perfectly complements the vocals and the touching lyrics. The voice fluctuations give the song an additional dimension of passion. And finally "Fan," the last song on this album, has soothing and impassioned lyrics, with endearing guitar tunes, and delightful vocals.

We’ve mentioned before the attention to detail on these albums, especially with the artwork. Despite the fact that each album cover is quite similar and serves to convey that the project is related and chronologically ordered, there is a subtle difference in the artwork, and that difference is the symbol. Each album has 2 unique symbols designating the album number. The first sign represents a moon phase, in this case, a "waxing crescent," while the other symbol is an arrow, and here it's an upward-pointing arrow.

You can read more about "Beware Wolves Volume l." here

This production is really well thought out. The performance is so polished that there is little room for the audience to focus on anything beyond the singing and the guitar. You should listen to this album as well as the earlier ones, so check out the complete project on Spotify and follow Beware Wolves on social media to remain updated on his work.


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