Beware Wolves Volume 1 (Original Album) by Beware Wolves

I wasn’t kidding when I told you I’ll be back reviewing the rest of the Beware Wolves series, and here I’ll be officially reviewing the first volume in the Beware Wolves series titled “Beware Wolves Volume 1”.

I am continuously getting inspired by Beware Wolves as he’s one artist who puts his all into making his music, his creativity is simply extraordinary and brilliant with every single detail in his album being pure perfection, you must listen to each and every track to understand Beware Wolves musical process that’ll drive you to pure and true bliss.


Beware Wolves is a musical genius who deserves all the love and recognition for his music, the 9 tracks album holds a special place in my heart. as it’s meaningful and soul touching in the most magical ways possible, the acoustic Americana album will grab your attention even if you aren’t the biggest Americana fan, because it doesn’t take commitment to a genre to appreciate good and heartwarming music.


I just continue to remain in awe of Beware Wolves, because it truly takes a tremendous amount of work, talent, skill, and creativity to be able to produce a series of 10 albums all interlacing and connecting in Beware Wolves own exquisite method.

If you haven’t already given Beware Wolves music a listen then you’re truly missing out on a lot, so be sure to give his music a listen if you haven’t already!!

And Be sure to keep alert, because it won’t take long before we’re back with more of Beware Wolves

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