Best days By THE PROJECT


I've had "Best Days" by The Project on repeat since it dropped on October 20th. There's just something about this song that speaks to me. Like the opening fill, it just grabs you and pulls you right in. The guitars have this fuzzy, warm texture that sets off such a cool vintage vibe. Takes me right back to simpler times. The Project found a way to update that 90s Alt Rock sound and make it feel fresh for 2023.

And the vocals, wow - the singer just pours his whole heart into them. You can feel passion and conviction in every note. It's easy to get distracted by all the instrumentals, but his voice is truly the star here. The way he builds each phrase and holds those high notes, I get chills. You can tell music is one of the artist’s main purposes in life. The guitar solos are tasteful and melodic while kicking the song to bigger heights.

Musically and thematically, "Best Days" just hits all the right spots for me. Reminds me why rock music can be so cathartic and meaningful when executed skillfully like this. The Project poured their heart and soul into crafting something special here. This song transcends genres - it's the kind of track that'll resonate with decades-old rock fans as well as listeners just discovering the band.

Between stellar guitarwork, powerhouse vocals, and thoughtful lyrics, "Best Days" convinces me The Project is an act worth paying attention to. I'm stoked to hear what other tricks they've got up their sleeve for the full album. This track alone proves their talents run deep. Any band capable of releasing an anthem as rousing yet poignant as this has staying power in my book.

If you're on the fence about checking out The Project, I highly recommend beginning your journey with "Best Days." Stream it, buy it, play it on repeat - this song is destined to become a new classic, I'm calling it now. Consider me officially invested in whatever comes next from The Project. My expectations are Sky High. Can't wait to see what these "Best Days" lead to!

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