Bedwetters By SEAFARERS


Chamber pop artist Matthew Herd knows his way around a catchy melody wrapped in rich instrumentation. As the lead songwriter and vocalist of the London group Seafarers, Matthew Herd has written beautiful indie pop songs for years with his group of talented musical collaborators. Their third studio album, entitled Another State, is set for release on October 4th, 2024.

In their new single "Bedwetters," Matthew Herd once again uses his gift for melody and imagination to share good dynamics. "Bedwetters" opens with a sweet rhythm section and mid-tempo chord changes on electric guitar that give the song that golden energy. The smooth vocals float above, offering comfort and solidarity to anyone struggling with inner demons. The synths during the pre-chorus add so much more texture and enhance the scale of the song. Throughout the track, each member of Seafarers showcases their considerable talents. The percussive instrument drives the beat and keeps the song going, while the bass locks in tight with the rhythm. The guitarist colorfully textures the mix with textured lines and full chords in all the right places. The keys have those fun, atmospheric sounds that enrich the sonic landscape.

As both a long-time admirer of Seafarers and their projects and a fan of uplifting pop, "Bedwetters" is right up my alley. The skillful way with melody and lyrical storytelling impressed me greatly. The intricate arrangements allow each element, from vocals to instrumentation, to shine without competing for attention. Most importantly, the song spreads an encouraging message of self-acceptance through tough times. It has me eager to hear more of what Seafarers have in store for their upcoming full-length record this fall.

"Bedwetters" is a fine example of Seafarers' signature style. It is resonant songwriting contained in lush pop arrangements utilizing the band members' diverse instrumental, and vocal talents. The single bodes well for their highly anticipated new album, and will no doubt be in regular rotation on many a playlist this year as an infectious catchy tune and a source of comfort for any listener learning to live alongside life's difficulties. I enjoyed this single, and you should allow yourself to enjoy it too. It is now available to stream wherever you stream music. Be sure to listen to "Bedwetters" along with Seafarers' other hit singles like "Newlyweds" and "And Maybe I'm Scared" to get a taste of their varied yet cohesive musical style before diving into the new record.

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