Beautiful Things By RED SKIES MOURNING


Let me tell you about this incredible artist, Red Skies Mourning. Chris Aleshire, the man behind Red Skies Mourning, has spent years working on his musical talents. He has performed with a wide range of bands and has made over 10,4k streams on Spotify. It has all been a journey for Chris to find his true sound.

With each new song and album, Chris challenges himself to grow as a musician. But he never loses that emotion and amazing musical skills that make his work so special. His latest song is truly his most daring yet. He is here with a cover of "Beautiful Things" by Benson Boone. Chris took the song and transformed it.

Instead of fast, loud sounds, Chris sings the melody with more of a fragile feel. Can you imagine stripping a song down that much? It takes real talent. While the original was a fun pop song, Chris turned it into a hauntingly beautiful piece of art. The deep and powerful voice tells the story in a whole new way. As the song builds, you can feel the guitar layers wrapping around you like waves of memories.

And his vocals! Chris puts so much feeling into every note. You can sense the story he's sharing. This musician has true musical GENIUS. "Beautiful Things" shows how Chris is always taking risks to challenge himself and find new ways to share his gift with the world. I know that after hearing his version, you'll be an instant fan too.

 Chris stepped out of his comfort zone. He stripped the song down to just his bare voice and guitar. It takes guts to reinvent a well-known pop hit like that!

As a musician, Chris is always pushing himself to explore new sounds. And you can hear his artistry evolving with each new release. Fans of Red Skies Mourning won't want to miss this stunning makeover of a classic pop song. Chris pours his heart into every performance. And these simple yet beautiful arrangements let his powerful vocals really shine through.

This cover may be one of Chris's most stunning works yet. He shows so much control and emotion. It's proof that Chris remains at the top of his game. With each new song, he finds exciting new ways to surprise his loyal fans. So do yourself a favor and go listen to Chris's version of "Beautiful Things" on any music app.

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