be kind By WOTTS


It's been a busy summer for Canadian indie pop band Wotts since releasing their EP Garden back in June. After months of testing new material, the band is now ready to share their next musical step forward with the world.

"be kind" marks a return to Wotts' roots in many ways. From recording the song themselves entirely to crafting melody and chord progressions heavily inspired by the alternative rock of the 1990s, this track strips things back to the foundations of what I love so much about Wotts.

"be kind" carries that 90s guitar pop-rock torch through its bouncing rhythms, chiming melodies, and yearning vocal delivery. But it also wears its modern indie pop influences proudly, nodding to contemporaries like Alvvays that have similarly drawn from that rich era. Spacious yet subtle production keeps the focus on Wotts' interlocking instrumental parts and anthemic chorus. Rather than overly stacking textures, the band strived for a more minimal, back-to-basics aesthetic.

If the sound pays tribute to formative years, so too does the song's theme of closure. "be kind" captures the regret and longing that comes with looking back on past relationships now left unresolved. We've all had situations where things ended abruptly with people in our lives, and this song is like an open letter to those people, asking for that closure.

Something that I noticed upon listening to "be kind" after checking out Wotts' Garden EP, is just how much their songwriting and performance skills have grown in a relatively short period of time. On "be kind", Wotts display a newfound command and sophistication in their musicianship. The vocals carry great emotive weight throughout the track's dynamic shifts.

In many ways, "be kind" is a track that stays true to the band’s inspirations while confiding in a raw vulnerability in its lyrics. With full control over their output and an endless drive to evolve, all that's left is to sit back, hit play, and feel the emotions Wotts so skillfully weave into every note. Their new chapter is off to an immensely promising start.

Wotts' new single "be kind" is now available wherever you get your music fix. Beyond listening, keep tabs on Wotts across social networks for future music drops and info.


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