The layered sounds of percussion, flute, and oud welcomed me into Periscopi Invertit's newest remix single "Ball de l'àliga", taking my mind across lands and cultures through their melodic meeting. As the first wisps of woodwind peeked above rolling percussion, nostalgia swept through me for places I had yet to visit.

The flute's vocals carried the folk spirit of the Catalan tradition, with a voice both smooth and soulful. Its lines glided amidst rhythm like a dancer weaving between partners, now rising in expression, then falling with intimacy. Beneath, drum and string cradled the melody in pulsing warmth, grounding its flights of fancy in the present moment.

Yet, greeting the flute was a new voice: the oud. Its timbre shimmered with history abroad, sharing distant tales through strings. The oud answered the flute's calls with complementary phrases of gentle encouragement. Its strands construct imaginary worlds of their own, bringing new hues from other regions to enliven the texture. Flute and Oud work together to promote mutual understanding across boundaries through the global language of song. This is known as musical diplomacy.

As the piece progressed, layers blossomed between these leading instruments. But the foundation remained the flute and oud's intertwining dialogue. Their tones blended like flavors in an exotic recipe, creating a sound comforting and inspiring. Through their sounds, old ways found new life, while different traditions learned from one another.

Entwining folk and global influences, Periscopi Invertit successfully brought disparate approaches into cohesive conversation on this track. But it was the delicate dance of flute and oud at the heart of the matter that resonated most for me. Their playing modeled what can result when we open ourselves to listening across perceived divisions, discovering more that unites than separates us in the process. Perhaps future collaborations could further explore the gorgeous partnership between flute and oud, expanding on the themes of positive cross-pollination their duet here so beautifully embodies. I would highly recommend giving "Ball de l'àliga" a listen, especially for anyone seeking a meditative auditory escape or wishing to support Periscopi Invertit's work. Projects like this one from Periscopi Invertit offer a step in the right direction. This peaceful and thoughtful work is worth your time.

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