PROKLAIM's new song "Bad Ting" has the makings of a summertime hit. With influences from hip-hop, Afrobeats, and reggae, its upbeat sound is perfect for sunny days whether at the beach, in the car, or hoping for warm weather. You can't help but get into a summery mood when the exuberant rhythm and style blend and make it easy to get your feet up and start dancing.

But beneath the party-starting rhythms lies a thoughtful message about living life to the fullest and making the most of each moment. As PROKLAIM explains, "its a song representative of a celebration of Life and purpose and music and the Inspiration thereof." Right from the opening bars, it's clear that no expense was spared in crafting the instrumental for "Bad Ting." Built around a nice African pattern, the beat is a sumptuous blend of different elements. Of course, the heart, and soul of any hip-hop track comes down to the emcee, and PROKLAIM proves himself more than up to the task. "Bad Ting" strikes an ideal balance between accessibility and artistry. The arrangement nods to both club bangers and conscious hip-hop, ensuring there's something for fans of any stripe to appreciate.

PROKLAIM pulls inspiration equally from his hometown dancehall scene and the legends of the hip-hop game. PROKLAIM attributes his sound to the influence of icons such as Biggie, Nas, and Lauryn Hill, who have influenced his blend of the uncensored storytelling of rap and the infectious grooves of Afrobeats. This eclectic fusion is on full display in "Bad Ting," which rides a distinctive West African beat into feel-good hip-hop territory.

Having already made waves across Namibia with his breakout single "Kingz," which scored placements on MTV Base, PROKLAIM is primed for international success with "Bad Ting." Recorded and mixed in Nambia with some of the top talents behind the boards, the track is a slick, polished package that demands to be cranked up loud whether you're at the beach or behind the decks.

With more new music slated for later this year, 2024 will be a big one for PROKLAIM. "Bad Ting" serves as the perfect taste of what's to come, an eminently listenable blend of genres wrapped up in a message we can all get behind. The ultimate summer drink is here, and PROKLAIM is the finest export from Namibia that will provide you with a summer filled with joy and a sense of fun.

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