Baby Me (Original Single) by Fifi C

TOP BEST HITS Baby Me (Original Single) by Fifi C

The talented and remarkable Fifi C has finally released her first ever single to date, her debut release "Baby Me" (Original Single). I am in awe with the talent Fifi C possesses as her vocals and presentation are simply like no other, her music transports you into another dimension with the beautiful tone and magnitude it has.

"Baby Me" (Original Single) by Fifi C is a blend of soul, contemporary pop and jazz that'll captivate you as the combination makes for a single like no other, unique and different in the best way possible. Fifi C has truly out done herself as this is one perfect single you will fall in love with the first second you give it a listen.

Meaningful and heartfelt, "Baby Me" (Original Single) is the story about Fifi C's childhood and how she wishes she can turn back time to fix things and make them better, something I'm sure many people will be able to resonate with as everyone has a moment in their past they wish they can turn to and fix.

Fifi C is one extraordinary artist who's achievements already speak for themselves as she has performed in multiple events such as at the South Facing Festival, Croydon Pride, and even for Apple at their Regent Street store. The 20 year old singer and song writer from South East London is certainly an artist that deserves all the love and recognition.

So be sure to check out Fifi C's latest release "Baby Me" , and don't forget to like and follow all of her social media platforms to always remain up to date on all of her latest news and releases.

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