B Song (WW Remix) by Snakedoctors

HYPE B Song (WW Remix) by Snakedoctors

when it comes to Snakedoctors, their music always surprises and surpasses all the expected, with each single released outperforming the last, bound to reach success and greatness. Snakedoctors is one band you must keep an eye out for as their music is sensational and out of this world.

Snakedoctors have released their latest remix single B Song (WW Remix) an 80s rock track with electronic elements and dark wave tones interlaced with it, the single also comes with an original video clip that ties it all together and gives the track a mysterious and enchanting vibe, in the video you can see a woman walking across a dim lit city at night with everything being in black and white,  a peculiar yet interesting video that just brings in everything together and binds the single as one.

B Song (WW Remix) is the remix of the 4th track of the last Snakedoctors double album “Four and a Half”, and its remarkable, the track has so much liveliness and tone with the deep and luxurious melody that it is bound to capture your heart and soul. Eccentric and creative in all the right ways this single will definitely have a permanent place in your playlist playing on repeat.

support Snakedoctors and share their music, help them launch their music into the top charts, so they keep blessing us with such amazing music that fulfills your hearts desire. And don't forget to listen to their latest release B Song (WW Remix) and their previous album “Four and a Half” so you get a glimpse of the sheer talent of Snakedoctors


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