Avenue (Original Single) by KRIMINAL

 Avenue (Original Single) by KRIMINAL Avenue (Original Single) by KRIMINAL

Avenue (Original Single) by KRIMINAL is an explosive song that has the potential to become a hit on the streets. The lyrics and vocals by Kriminal are in top form and make for an exciting track that makes you want to get up and dance to it. The hard hitting bass line. Good production and a professional mix are the two most important elements of a hit, and as they say in life, never judge a book without reading it, so yeah, this is the kind of music I enjoy. The track has a very bouncy, positive feel to it which will instantly put you in a good mood when listened to. If you listen to this track, you will be humming the catchy hook all day long as I know it was in mine.


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KRIMINAL, an artist from the Bay Area who recently moved to LA to pursue my passion for music. This reminiscent yet vibey song depicts the emotions that come with the aftermath of a broken relationship. It portrays driving down the avenue of a past lover. I believe this song has massive potential but does not yet have the proper reach. I hope you enjoy!

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