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TOP BEST HITSDanza Aliena (Original Single) By Massimo De Simone

May 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Massimo De Simone’s experimental single "Danza Aliena" transports listeners to faraway worlds and cosmic realms through its rich array of synthesized sounds and evocative rhythms. The 3-minute song takes the listener on an otherworldly journey, imagining making contact with an alien being from a distant planet who shares the wonders of the universe.

From the first notes, synths race across the soundscape, unleashing waves of textured melodies that create an ethereal, futuristic atmosphere. The electronic beats give the sonic textures propulsion, carrying the listener farther into Massimo’s fantasized alien realm. The synthesizer sounds wash over the ears like nothing we’ve heard before, yet their unfamiliarity only heightens their captivating allure.

The song’s cinematic scope moves fluidly through diverse sections that each transport the listener in a different way. At times the rhythms urge the body to move and dance, then smoothly shift to melodies that sweep the mind into reverie, then ebbing into relaxing moments that soothe the soul. Yet within each section, there is a creative imagination and powerful musicianship that consistently engages the listener. The climactic moments reach a grandiose magnitude that experimental music does best- luxuriating the senses while thrilling the spirit. What particularly stands out are Massimo’s heartfelt vocals, which imbue the futuristic sounds with genuine emotion. His voice anchors the futuristic sonic journey, giving a human essence to the imagined encounter with an alien being.

"Danza Aliena" was my introduction to Massimo’s musical gifts, and it quickly became an endlessly replayable work of art. The song’s imaginative vision of encountering an "alien brother" is magnificent, with its sonic complexity achieved through synths and beats. It has emotive lines that bind the work and provide an enthralling musical journey that lingers long after the sounds fade.

The title "Danza Aliena," meaning "alien dance," aptly describes the track’s mystical and propulsive qualities that urge the body and mind into movement. Massimo constructs an alluring yet unfamiliar soundscape, like an alien world just waiting to be explored. Yet through his earnest vocals, he reminds us that wonder and relation can still flourish across immense differences and gulfs of space. Stream this transporting sonic odyssey on Spotify now and follow Massimo's social media channels to keep up with his upcoming experimental releases

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TOP BEST HITSGrown Folks Love (Original Video) By Kenny Sharp

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Kenny Sharp's moving new music video for "Grown Folks Love" brings to life a boosting portrayal of uncommon yet unquestioning love that transcends age barriers.

The video begins by showing an elderly man gazing fondly at an old photograph of himself with a younger woman. We then see the man, now sitting on the same couch as in the photograph, but looking rejuvenated.

The remainder of the video follows the elderly man conveying affection for a younger woman through simple yet sweet gestures and dances. The young woman appears overjoyed to be with her much older partner, radiating pure joy and contentment.

The message is clear: when love is real, age is just a number. The video powerfully depicts an unconventional but beautiful love story between two unlikely companions finding solace and enjoyment in each other's company.

The song "Grown Folks Love" beautifully complements the visuals, with Kenny's soulful pitch expressing happiness and joy. His melodic tone transports the listener into the carefree world depicted in the music video, making one want to dance and soak in the delight that the elderly man feels in loving and being loved.

Overall, "Grown Folks Love" is a breathtaking celebration of love in its simplest yet most profound form. Kenny Sharp once again proves he can craft musical experiences that tap into shared passion and the need for connection, transcending generational divides.

Kenny Sharp's "Grown Folks Love" successfully portrays an uplifting and moving depiction of unconditional love that triumphs over societal expectations. Kenny's evocative song and video remind us that love knows no bounds of age, and that joy can be found when two hearts connect. "Grown Folks Love" shines a spotlight on a relationship that society may dismiss, but ultimately urges us to celebrate the shared humanity in each other's hearts.

"Grown Folks Love" is a must-listen, showcasing Kenny Sharp's immense talent. The song's melodic tones and inspiring lyrics will have you hitting repeat, so be sure to stream "Grown Folks Love" on Spotify, and watch the music video on Youtube.

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JUST ROCKBeyond This Place (Original Single) By Harri Mason

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Harri Mason's soaring new single "Beyond This Place" arrives like a breath of fresh air. Released on May 12th, the song finds the singer-songwriter exuding euphoria as she dreamily recounts hitting the open road with a lover to escape dull routine. Over a bright guitar melody and danceable percussion groove, Mason delivers her most exhilarating and enchanting track yet.

"Beyond This Place" transports the listener with its excellently crafted melody and vibrant production. The song begins quietly with simply strummed acoustic guitar chords that establish a wistful, dreamy tone. The melody is immediately catchy, featuring an easily humming refrain that seizes a sense of wanderlust and chance.

As the song progresses, drums and electric guitar are introduced, giving the tune an anthemic, hopeful boost. The instrumental arrangement is understated yet powerful, with space left for the plaintive acoustic guitar and melody to shine. Layered harmonies and rhythmic percussion propel the song forward in an infectious, journey-invoking groove.

The song's structure features a stirring build as the instruments' layers are gradually added, creating a rising momentum that captures the rush of chasing the sunset.

The instrumental solos and textured synthesizers throughout further enhance the voyage-like mood, while the dynamic crescendos and diminuendos mirror the highs and lows of any grand adventure. The production and melody alone conjure vivid images of travel, escape, and possibility. The acoustic-electric musical blend and expert combination gives the tune broad appeal across genres.

"Beyond This Place" stands out for its addictive melody, transportive production, and expertly crafted musical expedition that carries the listener away, if only for a few blissful minutes. There are not enough words to describe the sheer sonic exuberance of the track and the way it communicates the joy and liberation of casting off the habit and embracing the open road.

If you're looking for an uplifting new anthem to soundtrack your summer, be sure to stream "Beyond This Place" on Spotify now and follow Harri to stay up to date on her upcoming music and news. This track suggests Harri Mason has many more sun-washed melodies up her sleeve, so don't miss your chance to be part of her journey.

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UncategorizedNOT READY TO DIE (Original Single) By Clare Easdown

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

With a classical cello education and a voracious self-taught mastery of production, Clare Easdown has forged a sonic style all her own, formulating a sound as immense and endless as the sea. Blending human vocals and electronic architecture into a transportive experience, Easdown has built a sound world for exploration. On her recent single "NOT READY TO DIE," she threads together her vocals, with vocals stripped from Grimes’ track "Violence," lush synths, low keys, and a beat that ensnares the listener from the first moment.

The track opens with whispered, ethereal vocals that seem to emanate from deep within the mix. As the beat drops in, it bears a sense of weight and longing, steady but saddened.

Lush synth washes spread out like ink in water, their textures blurry and bending. Slow, ringing beats emerge and recede, creating a sense of halos or auras around the vocals. The overall sonic palette feels shadowed but compelling, drawing the listener into a space of chilling beauty and sorrow. Clare Easdown weaves her vocals throughout "NOT READY TO DIE" like a thread through fabric, but she is not alone in crafting the vocal tapestry. She judiciously incorporates snippets of Grimes’ vocals from "Violence," looping and layering them with her own voice until the lines between the voices blur, and they forge a singular, mighty whole.

Easdown possesses a breathy, low tone that carries a sense of vulnerability and haunting grace. In contrast, Grimes contributes a more gloomy, delicate alto to the vocals, edging them with deeper shadows and pain. Played together, these contrasting voices create a vocal spectrum spanning from delicate beauty to raw ache. .

The electronics subtly evolve over the course of the track, but maintain that same deep quality. Spacey ambient textures, distant drums, and swirling synth patterns ensure a sense of constant motion while staying rooted in that emotive, melancholic space.

By the closing moments, a sort of transcendence emerges. The vocals and sounds seem to lift away, as if being carried off into the depths of space or memory. Leaving the listener with a lasting sense of introspective power and poignancy.

Don’t miss the chance to experience "NOT READY TO DIE." Follow Clare Easdown to stay updated on any of her future releases, and stream the song "NOT READY TO DIE" on your preferred streaming platforms.

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TOP BEST HITSBorn To Party (Original Single) By Mick J. Clark

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Mick J. Clark lights up the dance floor and listeners' hearts with his brand of pop music. Through songs like "BORN TO PARTY," Mick has perfected the art of creating irresistibly joyful tunes that transport listeners through a blend of gorgeous rhythms, captivating melodies, and earnest of emotion.

His single "BORN TO PARTY" epitomizes Mick’s midas touch, remixing familiar dance elements into a glittering carnival of communal revelry. Thumping bass, pulsing drums, and awesome guitars intertwine into an irresistible groove that drives listeners to dance. But it's Mick’s warm, richly textured vocals that elevate the song, injecting emotional resonance into the party atmosphere.

Mick sings with palpable sincerity about surrendering to the simple pleasures of music and camaraderie. From the infectious drum hits that open the track to its beaming fade, "BORN TO PARTY" summons the spirit of uninhibited fun and togetherness. He skillfully blends a glossy pop sheen with authentic musicality and depth of feeling. Over the course of three flawless minutes, Mick crafts the sonic equivalent of hanging out with your favorite person, grinning wide as great music fills the air. Few artists possess his singular ability to create instantly uplifting pop songs that so easily lift spirits.

I was instantly swept away by "BORN TO PARTY"'s undeniable rhythm. Upbeat guitars jangle as an insistent bass line powers the song's propulsive dance beat. On "BORN TO PARTY", MIck reveals his gift for songcraft and melodic hooks. His smooth tenor glides effortlessly over the buoyant production, hitting each note with expert control. The euphoric musicality combines with his heartfelt vocal delivery to evoke pure delight. "BORN TO PARTY" conjures a spirit of pristine happiness that listeners can't help but embrace.

The song's immersive groove, radiant melodies, and genuine emotional harmony come together to create a feeling many of us could use more of these days: refined, unencumbered fun. For an instant charge of the spirits and a surge of sheer joy, "BORN TO PARTY" by Mick J. Clark is the perfect prescription. Stream it, and follow Mick to stay updated on future drops like this one.

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TOP BEST HITSInfinite Light (Original EP) By Major Kami

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Major Kami, an avant-garde music group based in Bordeaux, France, is captivating listeners worldwide with their genre-fusing compositions that merge a mesmerizing range of styles. Inspired by the legendary David Bowie, the group has crafted their own outstanding sound. Their EP "Infinite Light", featuring just two tracks, highlights the depth and exquisiteness of Major Kami's songwriting and musicianship.

Major Kami's vibrant compositions transport listeners on a journey of the imagination. The expressive melodies, carried by their skilled vocals, propel you to a celestial realm where music connects souls. The artistic movement’s electronic elements, blended with catchy beats, energize the senses and ignite the desire to move to the rhythm. With their skillful fusion of soul, pop, and electronics, Major Kami crafts a marvelous sonic tapestry that reveals their rare gift for seamlessly mixing diverse genres into compelling music.

"Mystical Musical Maze" captivates the listener from the very first notes. The opener is delicate yet intoxicating, with light melodies reminiscent of twinkling stars against a night sky. Faint finger snaps and percussion provide an understated rhythm that builds in intensity as the vocals enter. Her powerful yet warm tone conveys a depth of emotion that is difficult to describe fully with words. She breathes life into the lyrics and melody with her astonishingly beautiful and crystalline singing. Every note is perfectly placed and clean yet full of soul.

The second single "Infinite Light" takes an equally impressive but contrasting electro-pop approach. The song is lighthearted and upbeat yet undergirded by a complex and flawlessly produced electronic arrangement. Layered synthesizers, modulated basslines, and swirling programmed drums come together to form a groove that catches the listener off guard with its ability and sophistication.

The two tracks on Major Kami's "Infinite Light" EP showcase the group's rare gifts and provide just a taste of what is surely more musical brilliance to come. The members of Major Kami have come together to create something truly special, pushing the boundaries of genres and crafting immersive musical stories with their soulful offerings. Follow Major Kami to stay up-to-date on their journey and support these stars by streaming the album.

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TOP BEST HITSJEALOUS (Original Single) By André Molina

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Singer-songwriter André Molina delivers an emotionally arrested, alluring indie pop song about toxic relationship on his new single "JEALOUS".

The song starts with gentle acoustic notes and Molina’s warm harmonies wrapping around the listener. The arrangement slowly builds with layers of synths, percussion, and guitar, transporting the listener into Molina's striking portrait of toxic tendencies in the romance. Molina's smooth vocals convey the unavoidable obsession and possessiveness that emerges when falling into toxic behaviors while young and in love.

The moody soundscape and lush vocal harmonies serve as a metaphor for the seductive yet murky undercurrent affecting the romance. Molina expertly allows the lilting melodies and infectious rhythms to seduce the listener into his dreamy yet dysfunctional world. As the production swells across the chorus, Molina's vocals rise powerfully, conveying the bittersweet longing and resentment that comes with romanticizing an unhealthy relationship.

Though still young, Molina channels deeply human emotional truths about the incapability of certain problems when romance begins so early and passionately, through instrumentation and vocals that capture love's complexness, warts, and all. He transforms experiences of dysfunctional beginnings into artistic insights about the journeys still ahead.

Upon first listening to André Molina's new single, I found myself instantly captivated by his mastery. André Molina has a gorgeously crafted music production, soulful vocals, and emotionally potent storytelling drew me in his single "JEALOUS". The lavish harmonies and moody soundscapes transported me into Molina's vivid portrayal of toxic love, and I could not help but be moved by his deft exploration of the complexities and fragility of human connection. Even with just this one song, I feel that I have gained new insight into the human condition through Molina's work.

Already, I find myself longing to dive deeper into André’s musical world, certain that his future output will continue to surprise, challenge and delight me through its blend of intimate humanity and sublime artistry. I can hardly wait to hear what André Molina creates next. If you're excited like me, make sure to follow him on his social media pages, and stream the song JEALOUS now on platforms like Spotify.

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JUST ROCKWASTELAND (Original Single) By Jane N’ The Jungle

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Jane N' The Jungle is an alternative rock band from Phoenix known for their intense and aggressive sound. Their new song "Wasteland" unleashes that unyielding rock spirit and raw emotion.

"Wasteland" paints a grim portrait of toxic relationships that feel like a pit of sorrow from which there is no escape. The song's instrumentation and vocals seethe with frustration and anger, demanding attention while conjuring the dread of collapsing into a situation that has spiraled out of control. Like their music, "Wasteland" cuts straight to the bone, bearing witness to the rough realities of brokenness. The massive, molten metal riffs tower like black spires under infinite stars. Each note, a sharpened obsidian spear that pierces the soul. The drums and bass lay down a pulsing groove to match—a beat so deep it seems to rumble from the earth itself.

Yet there is a sheen of polish to the fury. Flawless vocals and performances qualify each wild tangent, and each scream. The heart of Wasteland lies in the vocals, a raw and ragged female growl that slashes at the air like twin knives. Yet in quieter moments, her vocals also possess a haunting vulnerability and mournful grace. Her voice has a hold that does not let go. It ensnares and enthralls, a siren's call into the deeps of heartache and despair. Hers is a voice of survival, born of struggle and loss.

"Wasteland" is a powerful song, make no mistake, but a weighty, absorbing, and ultimately transcendent song. The breakdown devolves into a throttling, pulsing groove that demands sacrifice and surrender. Pinioned by its grip, you're torn between restraint and release. Once "Wasteland" has sunk its hooks in, you'll find yourself returning again and again to its darkness. Each listen peels back another layer, revealing depths you never thought to reach. There are secrets here, harsh realities and raw beauty intertwined. Stream Wasteland now and delve into the wilderness this band inhabits. Journey into the mist and shadows with Jane N' The Jungle as they clear a path through the undergrowth of angst and reveal sights of an emotive enigma for you to traverse.

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UncategorizedHow It Works Out (Original EP) By Sabrina Movitz

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Sabrina Movitz's synth-pop debut EP "How It Works Out" reveals her giant depth and versatility as an artist right from the opening notes. Though short at only six tracks, the EP delivers something for any mood or moment you could want.

Those who crave stripped-back, bare-bones productions will revel in "Crescendo," a sensational display of Sabrina's soaring vocals over sparse and minimal composition. Dance floors will pump to the club remix of "Crescendo," titled "Crescendo - Cade Margus Remix" featuring a booming bassline, handclaps, and a beat tailor-made for sweating it out in darkened rooms under strobe lights. Meanwhile, fans seeking introspection and escape will find a meditative balm in the title track "How It Works Out," a peaceful sonic landscape filled with atmospherical synthesizer melodies that invite you to close your eyes and float away.

The mid-tempo "Say My Name" rides the mastered line between chill and energetic, combining the fuzzy guitar lines and crunchy drums of rock with pop's effervescent hooks. And "Coming Down" allows Sabrina's massive vocal range, capable of filling an arena from the highest of high notes to the lowest lows, to shine and make catchy synth-pop anthem that begs to be belted out at the top of your lungs.

In under 20 minutes, Sabrina Movitz proves she has the profound lyricism ability, formidable technical skills, and innate charisma to craft irresistible synth-pop for any mood or occasion. "How It Works Out" suggests a rising star effortlessly waltzing between genres while still maintaining an unmistakable melodic signature that is uniquely and authentically hers.

All in all, Sabrina Movitz's "How It Works Out" EP delivers a tantalizing taste of her immense songwriting and vocal talents, highlighting her knack for crafting synth-pop with depth, range, and charm. Followers of the genre must promptly listen to the album and add it to their music collections, then keep an ear out for further releases from this promising talent in the time to come. In order to keep informed about Sabrina's newest material, news, and additional content, make sure you connect with her on social media. Stream "How It Works Out" on all major platforms and give this talented synth-pop singer-songwriter a place in your regular rotation.

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TOP BEST HITSIsles of You (Original Album) By Lump200

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The Berlin experimental electronic group Lump200 has never failed to astonish and enchant audiences with their bizarre yet captivating style. Their newest record "Isles of You," released on May 12, is no exception. Featuring 13 transportive tracks and over 50 minutes of sublimely music, "Isles of You" invites listeners on an unforgettable journey to new frontiers of sound.

The opening track "Maximouse" pulls you in with a psychedelic electronic soundscape like a distorted melody. Hypnotizing beats and bass warbles from frontman René Desalmand swim in and out of focus, as if in a surreal dream. The track named "Draw a Distinction" proceeds the trance with a heavy, fuzzy mix of electronic beats, percussion drones, and artful vocals.

"I am the Elephant in the Room" offers a melodramatic ode to absurdity, featuring tuba groans and bass squeals that climax in an odd symphony of sounds. Things take a whimsical turn on "Skox," with playful key tinkles, oddball synth stabs, and percussion spinning a web of weirdness.

The champion of quirk on this album is "Kryptomarch" a carnival-esque romp blessed with cartoonish synth chortles and a melody that sounds like a music box. No other artist could pull off such a strange yet oddly charming creation.

The 5-minute trip through sound and psychedelia that is "Calm Down" emerges as the crowning achievement of the album. With chants, stunning drums, undulating bass grooves, and transcendent washes of sound, it's a ritualistic musical journey for the mind's eye. Not all tracks revel in weirdness and whimsy, however. The lush soundscape "Gonwork" layers celestial synths, mesmerizing bass thumps, and cosmic lines for a sublime floating feeling.

Lump200 cements their status as innovators of pioneering electronica with this album. Pressing the edges of music itself, they have crafted a bizarre yet beautiful work that invites adventure into new dimensions of sound. "Isles of You" is their most enchanting collection yet, a true gift to thrill-seeking listeners willing to get lost in the mist.

Listeners looking for an escape from the ordinary would do well to immerse themselves in Lump200’s extraordinary world. The album "Isles of You" is now streaming on Spotify and other major platforms; I highly recommend streaming all the tracks together to experience the bizarre brilliance of Lump200. Follow Lump200 to get updates on their impressive explorations and future releases.

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TOP BEST HITSHuman Race – STOP ! (Original Single) By kmalectro

May 25, 2023 by saiidzeidan

kmalectro's genre-bending electronic project uses complex rhythms and syncopated beats to upend listeners' usual experience of time. The artist creates forward-thinking electronic soundtracks that blur the lines between organic and synthetic, retro and futuristic.

Take the track "Human Race - STOP!," where the synths enter slowly but soon take the listener into a trance condition as the rhythm builds in complexity. The effect is one of disorientation, moments seem to stretch and warp as kmalectro manipulates our usual sense of temporal notation.

But the rhythmic manipulation serves a higher purpose. The rhythms provide a forceful demand for change, emphasizing the necessity of confronting the problems facing people and the environment in order to improve our world. kmalectro fuse's technology and humanity into an arresting whole, using mechanistic precision to express the process of human development. The artist aims to express how we, as people, are ultimately responsible for caring for our fragile planet. The electronic beats provide an insistent rhythm underscoring the message that now, more than ever, we must find our shared humanity to preserve Earth's future.

The track has a mechanical precision yet maintains an organic warmth. The pulsating beats create a hypnotic sensation, drawing listeners into an altered state of consciousness where they're freed from the constraints of everyday timekeeping.

With only a handful of singles released so far, kmalectro has already demonstrated a compelling blend of technical prowess, higher purpose, and genre-defying experimentation.

kmalectro's project shows great promise, with the potential to truly bend time itself and challenge how we experience it. The rhythms urge us to reconsider how we connect with the world and with each other across lines of difference. kmalectro's electronic soundtracks may just provide the musical backdrop for envisioning a future where we transcend selfish impulses and see ourselves as part of a larger whole - both human and planetary.

kmalectro's style-fusing project is well worth experiencing for any fan of thoughtful electronic music that seeks to challenge assumptions and ease social progress. To experience this artist's rhythmic influence of time for yourself, be sure to stream "Human Race - STOP!" and his other singles on Spotify. To keep up with upcoming releases and events from this visionary talent, follow kmalectro on his social media platforms.

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TOP BEST HITSAnd Now It’s Time For a Breakdown (Original EP) By Ann Marie Nacchio

May 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Ann Marie Nacchio invites listeners into a window of her artistic soul with her stunning latest 4-track EP, "And Now It's Time For a Breakdown". Listeners are treated to Ann at her most vulnerable - a true tour de force from a musician operating at the height of her powers.

The mournful piano notes that open "Mo(u)rning" perfectly capture the struggles described in this song about depression. The musical arrangement is understated yet powerful, complementing rather than overshadowing the haunting lyrics that reveal an intimate glimpse into the singer's state of mind. My favorite line is: "I wake up licking my wounds, surveying my scars / Hiding in the quiet / Trapped in my head". These few lines describe so vividly what it feels like to endure depression: the emotional injuries that never fully heal, the tendency to withdraw and isolate, and the repetitive negative thoughts that become a prison.

"Tell Me Something" takes the listener on a journey from the initial spark and excitement of meeting someone new to the disillusionment that sets in over time as two people grow apart. String sections swell as vocal melodies carry the listener from one chapter to the next. However, it is the raw honesty of the lyrics that strike a chord. The wistful lines: "Tell me when you close your eyes, what you see /Tell me how we went this long /Only hearing half the song/Never knowing just how wrong we were before" contrast the initial swept-up romance with the harsher realities uncovered over time.

This lyric in particular stops me in my tracks, not only for its perceptive metaphor of "only hearing half the song" but for the singer's vulnerable yet angelic delivery that transports me straight back to childhood memories of Disney princess songs, imbuing the words with universal resonance and nostalgia for what was and what could have been.

"Wrong" digs deeply into the depressed mindset that can arise from a broken relationship, alongside amplified obsessive tendencies and intrusive thoughts. The raw, painfully honest lyrics lay bare the writer's emotional state: "I can't control the thoughts inside my head/ I wish I were dead/ Or is that too honest?". This helplessness is what makes the song resonate so strongly with listeners who have experienced similar situations and feelings. The striking Broadway-style production recalls a theatrical performance unfolding before our very eyes, bringing the complex emotions vividly to life.

"How" tackles the aching yet universal questions of how to fall out of love and move on from a failed relationship when the rest of life marches forward. The hard-hitting rock guitar solo slices through the lyrics like a knife, adding hurt and urgency to the artist's longing and confusion.

"How do you trick your mind into being casually unaware? / How do you learn not to care?". Her palpable grief and desperation in those lines cuts straight to the heart, evoking memories of one's own losses and longings.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Ann Marie Nacchio or just discovering her talent, "And Now It's Time For a Breakdown" demands to be heard. Stream it now, and be sure to follow Ann Marie Nacchio for more. This is one truly brilliant album that many will relate to and fall in love with.

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JUST ROCKJesus’ Tears (Original Single) By Coma Beach

May 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The punk rock band Coma Beach crafts angsty, nihilistic anthems drawing on the deep wells of existential despair. Formed by a quintet of European musicians with a penchant for darkly poetic lyrics, Coma Beach translates the bleak visions of authors like Samuel Beckett into punk song craft of acute pain and angst.

In "Jesus’ Tears," the band gives voice to a shattered antihero whose descent into madness and vengeance provides searing social commentary through a lens of dark humor. Coma Beach’s music is a vital, visceral alarm call in a world of meaningless torment.

The piercing guitars and thunderous drums of "Jesus' Tears" envelop you from the opening seconds, pulling you into a vortex of maximum volume and energy. This track is fierce rock at its most aggressive and atmospheric, harnessing enormous, distorted sounds to transport the listener to another dimension of sonic intensity.

Every element of "Jesus' Tears" moves at a bruising pace, from the heavy drumbeat to the whiplash guitar riffs and impactful vocal performance. The drums in particular sound like they’re being pounded out by a machine gun, with rapid-fire beats, and snare cracks flying at you from all directions.

At the center of this maelstrom stands a vocal performance for the ages. The vocals on "Jesus' Tears" walk the line between screamed and sung, rasped and roared. The rasp and grit in the voice bring a raw, almost primal quality, like the song has emerged from some ancient, primal place.

In the end, "Jesus' Tears" is hardcore rock done right, full of towering, legendary sounds that induce headbanging and scream-along in equal measure. This band knows how to build a song with real guts and teeth, one that gets under your skin and refuses to leave you be. "Jesus' Tears" is the rare rock song that everyone will most certainly get addicted to.

For fans of extreme and intuitive rock, Coma Beach is a band to follow closely. Tune in to the pounding drums, gritty guitars, and vocal howls of "Jesus’ Tears" on Spotify now—and be sure to follow Coma Beach to keep up with their next powerful masterwork.

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May 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

El Kintano y la Venerea, a post-punk band hailing from the gritty streets of Spain, recently unleashed their rawest and most visceral work yet with their newest album "Oceanos Sangrientos." With 10 tracks of intense guitars, throbbing drums, and haunting vocals, "Oceanos Sangrientos" offers a brilliant next chapter in El Kintano y la Venerea’s powerful and moving story.

This album is a masterclass in punk rock, clocking in at over 21 minutes of turbo-charged music. I will be detailing my absolute favorite tracks from this sonic assault, the jewels that really showcase the band’s searing style. El Kintano y la Venerea wastes no time in pulling the listener into their vortex of noise and angst, opening with the impressive "Mi Amigo Algol." A distorted guitar riff that instinctively triggers your feet to move, introduces the song, matched only by the hoarse, anguished shouts of the lead vocalist. The arrangements on this track are a tangle of jagged guitars and pounding drums, bringing the listener into a world of power and chaos.

"Objetos Y Extraños" continues the attack, with the guitars unleashing a blistering wall of noise while the drums drive the song forward at a breakneck pace. The vocals here are more restrained but no less emotional, conveying deep emotions beneath the fury. This song is sheer musical viciousness at its finest.

"The Rat" is surely one of the highlights of the album, beginning with ominous, alien-sounding beats before erupting into a maelstrom of screaming guitars and vocals.

"Norman Virgil Osborn" has a quick, quirky vibe with choppy, interlocking guitar parts and hooky melodies that demand participation. The guitar solo on this track is a dazzling, shredding spectacle, bringing the song to a wonderous climax. Finally, "Y Un Buen Dia" possesses an infectious energy, propelled by a repetitive, hypnotic guitar riff and catchy vocals.

While I have highlighted a few standout tracks, the truth is that I enjoyed every moment of "Oceanos Sangrientos." This is an album meant to be experienced as a cohesive whole, not a collection of singles. The songs bleed into each other, each one a chapter in a larger story. I highly recommend streaming "Oceanos Sangrientos" on Spotify immediately and following El Kintano y la Venerea on social media to keep up with their relentless schedule and next creative moves.

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TOP BEST HITSZahrenia (Original Album) By Gerasimos Papadopoulos

May 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Gerasimos Papadopoulos, a composer, singer, and instrumentalist, transports listeners on innovative journeys through his new album "Zahrenia." Papadopoulos weaves a tale of adventure and self-discovery over emotional, melodic music and lyrics inspired by a Greek fairy tale, but emerges with his own vibrant work that symbolizes navigating life’s deep experiences.

The opening songs of "Kurdi taksim on oud," "Ah, manoula mou / Ah, mother of mine," and "Asteri, asteraki, mou / My little star" establishes the album’s emotional, uninhibited nature. Gerasimos’ splendid oud is accompanied by the melancholic Ney and effusive vocals, carrying deep longing and sentiments. These tracks tug at the heartstrings with poignant melodies and bittersweet nostalgia.

In contrast, the following songs bring energy and cheerfulness. "Aman,aman, aman" and "Bazaar" leap into exuberant rhythms and upbeat melodies fueled by hypnotic tabla, joyful oud, and twinkling vocals. The oud takes on a lively, playful tone, evoking Oriental nights filled with music, dancing, and revelry. Transporting the listeners to bustling medinas and lavish palaces, experiencing extravagance.

The album concludes with chilled tracks. "Nihavend taksim on oud" and "Ah, ourane mou / Ah, my heavens" bring wistful contemplation and slow, wandering melodies with spacious soundscapes. The oud, Ney and vocals unfold softly, embracing a musing and dreamy ambience.

Papadopoulos’ emotive performances and masterful compositions transform the listener’s journey. His oud and vocals intertwine, rousing senses and stirring the imagination and spirit. The album’s emotional arc curves from sorrow to cheer to introspection, yet each song remains deeply moving. Ultimately, "Zahrenia" is a multifaceted oneiric experience that transcends genre, transporting listeners to imaginative realms of beauty and meaning.

Gerasimos’ spellbinding artistry proves that eastern influences and spiritual depth can coalesce into deeply moving music. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourselves within "Zahrenia’s" captivating soundscapes. Get enchanted into the world of Papadopoulos’ beguiling sonic escapades and transporting tales of discovery.

Stream "Zahrenia" on Spotify and dive into its emotionally resonant, profoundly graceful, and oriental sounds. Such works are rare in today’s musical landscape and Gerasimos’ superb music is a balm, providing fantastical respite. Follow him to stay updated on his latest music and more.

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JUST ROCKBlue (Original Single) By Wotts

May 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Indie pop duo Wotts, based in Canada, have released "blue," the second tantalizing taste of their upcoming EP "Garden." The shimmering new single casts listeners under an ethereal spell, transporting them to an atmospheric dreamscape.

"blue" begins with just gentle synth notes that twinkle like sunlight dancing on dewy blades of new grass. Soon, layered atop are sublime orchestral swells, beckoning listeners into Wotts' weightless sound world. The yearning, floating vocals carry listeners further into a hazy reverie, filled with twinkling sounds like gold glittering in blue skies.

The song evokes the arrival of spring, with its feelings of lightness and freedom, as the last remnants of winter slip away on a fresh breeze. Surprising guitar notes waft through the ether, reminiscent of clouds drifting lazily across an endless blue expanse. Even the vocals float dreamily, buoyed along by the song's divine musical backing.

Indeed, the title "blue" perfectly captures the visual aesthetic and emotive spirit of the track. The song paints imagery of wide skies filled with fluffy clouds, a vastness that springtime brings with its feelings of new beginnings and possibilities.

Though only a few minutes in length, the song transports listeners to another world entirely through its wistful harmonies, progressive dynamics, and atmospheric sound design. Wotts demonstrate a gift for crafting poetic pop songs that conjure vivid visuals and evoke emotions. And though the dreamy vocals carry notes of longing, there is an inherent joy and levity for beginnings anew - much like spring itself.

While just a brief taste, "blue" whets listeners' appetites for more of Wotts' aesthetic pop. Those who close their eyes while listening may find themselves transported to springtime, walking garden paths awash in new growth and life, blue skies stretching endlessly above. And if the single is any indication, the "Garden" EP will invite listeners into a rich sonic landscape that stimulates sight, sound, and feeling, all while joyfully heralding spring's arrival after a long winter.

To experience "blue" for yourself and escape into Wotts' atmospheric sound world, listen to the song now on your favorite streaming service, and be sure to follow Wotts on their social media platforms.

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TOP BEST HITSThis Is The Way (The Mandalorian – Cover single) By funkjoy

May 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re certain to fall in love with this new cover single "This Is The Way (The Mandalorian)" by the awesome band funkjoy. funkjoy is a band dedicated to spreading dance energy and rebellious fun through their catchy instrumental grooves. Recorded in their home studio and inspired by the pulsing beats of The Mandalorian theme, funkjoy crafts fearless music meant to inspire reckless abandon on the dance floor.

This cover has an upbeat, club-ready feel. It's a chilled-out, danceable take, unlike the original which had a much more dramatic tone. While composer Ludwig Göransson created a majestic, legendary feel with the iconic Mandalorian theme, funkjoy transforms it into a wired track ideal for late nights at the club. This cover introduces louder strings, louder drums, and more beats—an avalanche of throbbing pulsations that make you want to move. It’s a club jam through and through, that makes you feel like you’re drifting through space.

funkjoy’s cover pulses with energy, from the heavy synth bassline that rumbles through your speakers to the fluttering strings that create a cosmic disco effect. The band layers in vocals, blurting "This is the way!" throughout the song to build momentum. Each "This is the way!" feels like an invitation to throw down your inhibitions and flow with the music.

With "This Is The Way (The Mandalorian)," funkjoy have created an excellent soundtrack for fun, rebellious superb times. Whether you're dancing with friends at a club or holding an epic lightsaber battle in your living room, this cover will fuel you through it all. Ludwig Göransson slowed The Mandalorian theme down to create drama and suspense, but funkjoy shred that concept and rebuilt it as an unapologetic club banger. If the rebellion is about joy and togetherness, funkjoy are the band firing the blasters and leading the charge.

This cover strikes a splendid balance, delivering high-energy fun that still feels fresh without totally divorcing itself from the source material. funkjoy brought the spirit of the rebellion to the clubs, and created a soundtrack for unforgettable nights of dancing, adventure, and good times with friends. The Mandalorian theme has found its perfect home.

Whether you're a hardcore Star Wars fan or just love throwing down to some killer music, "This Is The Way (The Mandalorian)" is a must-listen. Stream this track on Spotify and follow funkjoy on their socials, there's more stellar music and good vibes on the way.

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TOP BEST HITSTangled (Original Single) By Wild Horse

May 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The indie pop trio Wild Horse are rising stars in the UK music scene. Formed in their teens, these locally-grown musicians with a funky guitar-driven sound and exuberant energy have released hit singles that have garnered widespread radio play and acclaim. Their new single "Tangled," an '80s-inspired synth-pop track about the struggles of maintaining a long-distance relationship, continues their winning streak following fantastically reviewed singles "Cougar" and "Angles."

The grand synths, propulsive beats, and celestial vocals on Wild Horse's new single "Tangled" instantly transport the listener to the rich era of '80s pop exuberance and new-wave ingenuity. This synth-wave gem is the ideal fusion of flashy '80s pop excess and state-of-the-art production values.

The song is adorned with opulent walls of sound, airy synth textures, and a mesmerizing chorus. The vocals are playful, with lines sliding sensuously over the melody, like a beautiful and tantalizing embrace. The overall effect of the singing is that of being seduced by a brilliant yet enigmatic artist, caught in a beguiling and mystifying hug. Underneath the shining synths and pulsing electronic beats, a stylish funk guitar line is present manipulating each note with flair and finesse. The layers of sound coalesce into a soundscape of glamour and libertine joy, recreating the thrill of '80s pop at its most lavish and indulgent.

Every element has been finely tailored and intricately crafted, from the synth arpeggios that shimmer like stardust to the hook that latches into the psyche with effortless charm. Creativity and spontaneity reign supreme here, unfettered by constraints or pretense. Only the symphony of skills and voices propels a work of radiant beauty.

Retro-futuristic and vibrantly nostalgic all at once, this masterclass in synth-pop will captivate with its vision of '80s-inspired utopia and modern musical mastery. The dreamily splendid results ensure "Tangled" will satisfy any craving for luxury and envelop the listener in a sumptuous pop reverie.

Stream "Tangled" immediately on Spotify, or any streaming site you prefer, and join Wild Horse on the precipice of dizzying new creative heights and sonic liberation. Stay up to date with Wild Horse on social channels, they're headed for great things, and you surely don't want miss out on all their milestones.

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JUST ROCKKing’s Hall (Original Video) By Dan Szyller

May 12, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Dan Szyller recently unveiled an enthralling music video for his song "King's Hall" from his critically acclaimed album The Celestial Immigrant. The atmospheric video is a stunning portrayal of Szyller's occult-infused world, bringing the song's mystical lyrics and sounds to haunting life. Filmed throughout the historic city of Metz, France, the video features immaculate cinematography and performances at iconic Metz landmarks.

The sun fills the frame at the start, we next see Dan Szyller solemnly walking in his castle, a jewel-encrusted crown in his hand. He places the crown upon himself, becoming king. The scene then cuts to a coven of witches cackling and practicing dark magic under the cover of night. A sinister snake slithers forth to join their ranks.

As disturbing, surreal imagery floods the screen, Szyller marches onwards, fire ominously erupting behind him. At a gathering, a woman presents the king with a poisoned cup of wine. Once he drinks, a maniacal gleam enters his eyes. Deranged, the king flees into the night, dropping his crown along the way.

The ending is left ambiguous and open to interpretation. Szyller seems to suggest that the pollution of power inevitably leads to deception, black magic, and doom. Through strange, unsettling symbols and suggestions, the music video crafts a haunting tale of political corruption and horrific supernatural forces.

Music-wise, "King's Hall" is a powerful hard rock song featuring aggressive guitars, hard-core drums, and awesome vocals. The song is a perfect sonic representation of the wicked world portrayed in the video. The production never overpowers the haunting, ominous tone, resulting in a cohesive sensory experience. I highly recommend watching the video when listening to this track to fully immerse yourself in the occult fantasy.

Dan Szyller's "King's Hall" music video is a dark, tense triumph and a milestone in music video storytelling. Steeped in mythology, the video is a masterclass in creating chilling atmospheres and haunting symbolism. Overall, the music video is a staggering achievement and a pivotal moment in Dan’s career as an artist.

I totally recommend streaming "King's Hall" on Spotify, watching the MV on YouTube, and following Dan Szyller on social media to keep up with his continued creative works.

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TOP BEST HITSMolly (Original Single) By Carson Aday

May 12, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Carson Aday’s alluring new single "Molly" is a sun-drenched pop gem designed to transport you to carefree summer days and starry nights. Crafted by multi-Platinum producer Mikal Blue, "Molly" unleashes Carson’s distinctive retro-infused sound and styling with a modern panache that is reformulating the pop genre.

Carson’s vocals cascade over the track like melted honey, sweet and rich, igniting the atmosphere with a vibrant zeal. Meanwhile, the song’s guitar work glistens with sun-kissed grooves and melodies that breeze through your senses, awakening memories of ocean waves lapping at the sand.

Every note and lyric of "Molly" seems to glisten and shimmer, from the honeyed vocals and beachy guitars to the subtle yet compelling beats. There is a dreamy, escapist quality to the composition and Carson’s performance, transporting the listener to a place of sun-washed bliss and untroubled summer romance.

The song's climax features a lush, melodic guitar solo that could have easily drifted out of the 70's rock era. With its winding, fretboard-burning lines and synth-infused sound, the solo sounds utterly vintage yet perfectly placed within the modern pop construct. The solo adds life and texture to "Molly", bringing fluttering warmth and ethereal shine to the track's final moments. Like sunlight dancing across rippling water, the solo sparkles vibrantly before fading back into the song's dreamy and airy finale.

Radio stations and record labels have taken notice, eagerly awaiting Carson’s next creative turn. With its vintage-yet-fresh sound and style, "Molly" solidifies Carson’s status as an artist redefining the pop genre through a uniquely retro-modern lens. The song’s seductive and transporting appeal promises to sweep audiences away, whether on the airwaves, streaming services, or dance floors.

"Molly" is a taste of vintage pop embodiment, and merely the start of more music to come from this rising star. Carson Aday has crafted a sun-soaked summer single destined for blissful days and steamy nights for years to come. "Molly" is available to stream now on Spotify. Follow Carson Aday to stay up to date with new music releases, news, and more. "Molly" is pop perfection and the start of an epic summer playlist.

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TOP BEST HITSOut In The Open (Original EP) By Destiny Imani

May 12, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Destiny Imani is emerging as an authentic voice in contemporary R&B and soul. With the release of her newest EP "Out In The Open, Pt.1", Imani bravely shares her journey through a collection of emotionally resonant songs. The EP consists of "Loving You", "Made For Me", and "Until The End Of Time".

"Loving You" is an irresistible jam with snapping beat patterns and hook-laden synth work that matches the warmth and smoothness of Destiny Imani’s velvet voice. Every line is sung with emotional depth and urgency as if Destiny is pouring her heart out to the one she holds most dear. The production meticulously builds upon itself until your foot is tapping along, and the song has lodged itself in your brain.

For "Made For Me," Destiny Imani goes down a more retro-inspired road with echoes of 80s R&B. Wide, chill synth pads create a vibrant sound stage for Destiny’s vocals to shine. Unlike the invasive synths often found in modern throwback music, the synths here feel welcoming, enhancing rather than overpowering. The result is a groovy anthem, immaculate for late nights and lazy weekends.

The EP’s centerpiece "Until The End Of Time" boasts Destiny Imani’s most grand and cinematic production to date. Replete with intricate sections, pounding drums, and soaring synth leads, the track feels danceable while still remaining chill. Breakneck hi-hats and drums pave the way for Destiny to deliver emotional, vocally acrobatic verses and a bridge too good to miss. By the time the euphoric chorus arrives, you’re already dancing along, ready to ride the energy all the way to the end of time.

"Out In The Open, Pt.1" is a standout EP and proof that Destiny Imani is carving out her own space in the R&B genre. With her voice and music, Destiny is creating something fresh, emotive, and endlessly replayable. Unlike many newcomers who struggle to find their sound, Destiny Imani has crafted a cohesive project that showcases her vocal talent and knack for catchy, feel-good music.

Stream the EP in full on Spotify and immerse yourself in Destiny Imani's world of emotional vocals, excellent beats, and atmospheric synths. As Destiny Imani continues to grow her sound and build her fanbase, follow along on her social media pages to remain updated on her news and releases.

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JUST ROCKSpace Punk and Other Junk (Original Album) By Alec Berlin

May 12, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Alec Berlin has spent years honing his craft as one of the most formidable guitar-slingers to emerge from the cosmic rock underground. His scorched-earth solos and anti-gravity riffs have leveled countless stages and ignited countless distorted effervescences. But with "Space Punk and Other Junk," his most ambitious and all-encompassing work to date, Berlin achieves lift-off.

This album is an instrumental masterpiece that crackles with possibility on every track. Opener "Space Punk" lives up to its name with a high-energy stomp that grabs you from the first downstroke. "Man's Best Friend" brings a sense of greatness, with a descending, deathly metal-infused riff. But even here Berlin finds pockets of hope, with bursts of rainbow-hued arpeggios piercing through. The powerful "Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)" yields to a glittering, star-spangled solo that sounds plucked straight out of a space battle, lightsabers clashing.

Crisp and ferocious, "LaNoise" sets the tone immediately with a fantastic, guitar line that somehow sounds vintage and has a bit of country all at once. Berlin builds the entire song around that luminous riff, layering it with echo upon echo until it feels like it's pulling you into the stratosphere. "Minir Maad" smoothly blends spaced-out keys with riffs that are hard to resist.

"Patchen Avenue" is a gorgeous, beautiful odyssey, with captivating strings. "Life in the Bog" captures the feeling of transmission from beyond, with grinding riffs and a haunting melody that seems to emanate from deep space. "What I Wish I Had Said" is a lesson in how to build unstoppable momentum, its riffs evolving from basic power chords into an incredible feedback-fueled cascade. By the time the funky solos begin tearing at the song’s walls, you feel the entropy with every fiber of your being.

"Iota (not One)", "President's Day" and "Flatbush Jaywalk" bring Berlin’s vision to dazzling new heights, with riffs that evoke solar flares and massive explosions, solos that could shred worlds apart. The album’s closing track "ROYGBIV" suggests rebirth , its melody awakening you from the static with hope for whatever unknown future awaits.

Like all of Berlin’s work, "Space Punk and Other Junk" feels engineered to provoke a visceral, physiological response. But whereas his previous albums conjured adrenaline spikes and full-body tremors, this one elicits something bigger: a supernova of sound and vision that could lift you right out of your seat and launch you light years ahead. "Space Punk and Other Junk" is epic rock and roll futurism at its most exhilarating and paradigm-shifting moments.

This album demands to be experienced at maximum volume, its every chosen note and searing solo sculpted to induce a transcendental rush. If you seek to blast off to new creative heights, if you hunger for something encompassing yet meticulously crafted, then drop everything and plunge into Alec Berlin’s "Space Punk and Other Junk." Listen as his vision vaporizes the constraints of genre, as he forges new pathways into uncharted sonic territory. Follow Alec Berlin on his socials to continue the journey.

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TOP BEST HITSDying of the Light (Original Album) By The Parlophonics

May 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The Parlophonics are an indie rock trio like no other. Despite being physically separated, they have mastered the art of recording expansive and timeless rock music together. Their latest album, "Dying Of The Light", is a dazzling display of the band's singular ability to craft power pop gems and british-infused rock anthems with a retro spirit, all while collaborating exclusively through the exchange of files over vast distances.

Though they've never shared a studio, The Parlophonics have created not just any album but a breathtaking sonic landscape that makes the listener feel as if they're witnessing a live, in-person performance. Distance has only heightened their musical connection and flare for melodic, emotionally rich rock and roll.

This album is a landmark achievement that displays the exceptional versatility and talent of the band. Across its tracks, they are able to craft a multifarious set of sounds and styles while still maintaining a cohesive vision.

Songs like "Fill My Sky", "The Dying of the Light" and "Underneath The Blue Sky" epitomize the atmospheric and dream pop aesthetics. With beautiful, godly harmonies, fantastical guitar work, and magical vocal performances, these tracks transport the listener to another realm. The grand synths and hazy guitars create a sense of drifting, as if floating amongst clouds.

In contrast, "Believe In Something", "Song For A Lost Friend" and "Reading Kerouac" possess a groovy and uplifting quality with catchy riffs and sweet vocal interaction. Though distinct, they demonstrate how the band is equally adept at crafting glorious songs that inspire. With a sunny disposition and feel-good vibes, these tracks are perfect for singing along on a sunny drive with the windows down.

Some of the most emotive and affecting moments come through in ballads like "Heaven Can Wait", "Only A Lie" and the bonus track "Paper Smile". Lyrics of loss, love, and complex feelings are paired with reigning instrumentation and heart-wrenching vocals. These songs showcase the band’s proficiency in crafting emotionally resonant music, capable of moving the listener to tears.

The album also features "These Days" and "Staring At The Sun", bonus tracks that exhibit a more vigorous and progressive style. With diverse influences and collaborations, these songs expand the sonic palette and highlight the versatility of the band as innovative musicians and vocalists.

This album is a majestic work of art that blends atmospheric pop, groovy rock, heartfelt balladry, and experimental sounds. Though diverse, each song feels integral to the whole, proving what a euphoric and moving musical experience the band is capable of creating. With gorgeous melodies, poetic lyrics, and instrumental brilliance throughout, this album cements the band’s place as unique artists generating boundary-pushing music. With "Dying Of The Light", The Parlophonics have crafted a stunning album and reignited the spirit of rock and roll.

I highly recommend streaming "Dying Of The Light" on Spotify and following along on the band's social media platforms.

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JUST ROCKThis Life Is Unforgiving. (Original Single) By Mick J. Clark

May 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The music of Mick J. Clark is a force for empowerment and positive change. His song "This Life Is Unforgiving." in particular highlights Clark's gift for crafting lyrics and melodies that give voice to the struggles we all face. Clark believes compassion, kindness, and uplifting anthems can make the world happier and more just despite life's hardships. His diverse collection of over 60 songs in genres ranging from pop to rock to country highlights the therapeutic effect of music and urges us to create a more compassionate world.

The song commences with cavalier strumming of the guitar, establishing a carefree and vibrant mood that aligns perfectly with Mick's subsequently smoothened vocals. Each plucked string resounds with lucidity and vigor, energizing the listener while soothing their soul.

The drums and guitars craft a sense of happiness and peace, while the light keys imbue grace and elegance. Mick's voice is powerful and emotive, fording the river of melody with a passion and intensity both rousing and profound. Each lyric is voiced with fervor and conviction, captivating utterly. The production is a triumphant fusion of elements, each instrument perfectly balanced to generate a symphony of sound. The song radiates happiness and promise, yet still carries softness. Like the ideal Mick song, it is upbeat and joyful yet soothing.

The guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals function as one, interweaving into a tapestry of melodies and meaning that lifts the spirit. In this masterclass of tune, harmony, and emotion, Mick secures our devotion once more . I find the song and experience utterly transcendent - a work of art that uplifts, comforts, and delights. Mick J. Clark continues to reign as a voice of light in an often difficult world, gifting us tales of resiliency and triumph to which we all can sing along.

I urge you now to journey into Mick J. Clark's empowering world once more. Stream "This Life Is Unforgiving." repeatedly until its optimistic spirit becomes your own. Follow Mick on his socials and give voice to the anthem that still rings out within you long after the final notes have faded.

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TOP BEST HITSAnnihilation Signals (Original Album) By Lee Switzer-Woolf

May 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Lee Switzer-Woolf’s mind-blowing new album "Annihilation Signals" crafts a sonic colossus of doom and gloom. This mega-blast of bleak electronics and scorched-earth instrumentation is a masterclass in emotional depth. Each of these tracks ingrains itself in your psyche like shrapnel from a satellite crash.

The album features fast, intricate beats and instrumentation that propel the listener through the songs with a sense of urgency in "The Falling Shrapnel Of A Satellite." While the song is not cheerful, its heaviness and lingering quality carry emotional weight. Switzer-Woolf's vocals powerfully convey the song's meaning. Likewise, "I Only Talk To God When I Think I'm Dying" showcases Switzer-Woolf's talent for expressing profound emotions through his vocals. This pensive song elicits feelings of grief that linger.

In contrast, "I Think I Might Be Whatever This Isn't" awakens delight amid perplexity. The harmonies and upbeat vocals bring smiles, culminating in a stellar guitar solo. This gem rewards repeated listening. "Kathy In The Seventy" also seems hopeful with a hint of blue beneath its surface textures. Although its production is avant-garde, its essence invites discovery. This song demonstrates Switzer-Woolf's marvelous ability to convey deep feelings that touch the heart.

"Cigarette In The Rhododendron" and "That Bastard Bird" highlight torment and electric fire through screaming bends and wails, leaving the listener raw and emotionally seared. These songs exemplify Switzer-Woolf's talent for conveying harrowing emotions through his music.

The album presents a dichotomy of emotions, from dejection and distress to hope and joy, conveyed through innovative sounds and Lee Switzer-Woolf's expressive vocals. The songs are grey and rugged, bright and uplifting, or shades between—as well as deeply moving throughout. Underlying the diversity is a profound understanding of human emotion and its intricacy.

"Annihilation Signals" is a magnificent gift to the world and I feel incredibly lucky to share this gift with all of you. I urge you to press play on these tracks, close your eyes, and get lost in the sounds. Let the melodies wash over you and transport you to another place. Lee Switzer-Woolf is immensely talented and his music deserves widespread popularity. Listeners should follow his releases closely, spread his songs, and stay tuned for future albums that will surely provide additional opportunities to experience his gift for melody, and artistic expression.

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TOP BEST HITSMake Yourself Known (Original Album) By Tom Craven

May 10, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Through his raw and resonant music, Tom Craven shares a story of loss, hope, and perseverance in his album "Make Yourself Known". The album is a tribute to a journey of steadfastness, growth, and love.

The album opens with "Let It Fall (My December)", an optimistic and encouraging track with a cheerful guitar melody, lively drums, piano, and brilliant electric strings. The song is infused with a lovely hopeful spirit and serves as a splendid overture for the record. "Hidden City" maintains a groovier and edgier rock sound, with jazzy keyboard flourishes and an exquisite guitar riff at its core. The arrangements and production are masterfully crafted, bringing the song to vivid life.

"New Signals" adopts a more relaxed and pensive mood, with a dramatic and uninhibited melody and a fantastic deep guitar riff permeating its soundscape. The song is melodic, hinting at melancholy and sorrow. "Secondhand Smoke (Same Jeans)" emanates an upbeat and buoyant feel, largely thanks to the expressive warmth and vigor in the vocals.

"A Change In The Papers" introduces the album's most laid-back track, emphasizing tender vocals and piano work that join hands beautifully to touch the heart and stir the soul. "Catalyst" is a powerfully cheering song, hope personified as if journeying down a triumphant road.

"Sleep" possesses the happiest beat and the most sparkling piano keys, the vocals happily fast-paced and suiting the song to perfection like a well-tailored glove. The song radiates cheer and mirth.

"The Game Inside" brought out the beauty in the vocals most profoundly, highlighting a guitar solo that I found deeply moving. The song captivates through its emotive depth and melodic spirit.

"Dreams of Sixsmith" features the album's most complex arrangements, with keys and guitars seamlessly intertwining in a dazzling display. The musical interplay enchants the listener. "Truffles" carries a gleeful, spirited melody with vocals that are strong, fantastically ravishing, and accomplish much with sheer positivity and gusto.

"Atlantic Bells (Piano Edit") is a gorgeous piano ballad, the vocals blessed with fragility and grace are on full display. The stripped-back arrangement allows the emotive power of the vocals to move the listener. "Little Steps" serves as a blissful and inspiring closure to the album, with happiness, and desire taking flight on grand, uplifting melodic wings. The song is a beautiful ending to a radiant record.

Tom Craven is one magnificent artist that has crafted a brilliant album!

Tom Craven is one magnificent artist that has crafted a brilliant album! I highly recommend streaming "Make Yourself Known" and the entirety of this stunning record on Spotify to bring sunshine and joy into your day. Follow Tom Craven on his social media platforms to receive updates on new music and more.

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TOP BEST HITSMr. Know It All (Original Single) By heavy on the heart.

May 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan

In the quest to uncover boundary-pushing rock bands with real guts and perspective, I have stumbled upon a discovery that should not be missed. heavy on the heart. are here to rock your world, and mine.

Their debut track, "Mr. Know It All", is a snarling beast of a song that demands your attention. It begins with a ferocious guitar riff that slashes and burns, arranging the perfect tone for the beasts that follow. When the drums pummel in, pulsing out a ravishing beat, you know you are in for a wild ride.

The band’s captivating lead vocalist possesses a voice like twisted steel, exerting it as a weapon to pierce through your defenses. Nikki Brady leads the pack with a vocal performance for the ages, pulling no punches and holding nothing back. The complex instrumental work, fractured rhythms, and striking beats rip through from start to finish, as the guitars weave a web of melody and hooks to entrap your mind.

A voice and instrument unlike any other, wielding vocals that are rich, gritty, and imbued with a primal power all their own. Her bellowing tones enhance every note, arching and swelling like flames licking at the night sky. You find yourself singing along, this fiery song becoming an anthem to shake the very heavens.

Costas Themistocleous, Nick Kolokathis, and Andrew Nicolae assemble a towering wall of sound on guitar, drums, and bass respectively, their work seamlessly interweaving. Switches between a pounding heartbeat and shreds of molten guitarwork keep you constantly on the edge of your seat, never knowing what may come next.

If you seek a band to move you, a band to ignite the flames within, look no further than heavy on the heart. for they have grabbed hold of your soul. With a vocalist as passionate as Nikki Brady and instrumentalists as gifted as Costas Themistocleous, Nick Kolokathis and Andrew Nicolae, they have forged a sound both bare and genuine, transporting you to another world. Their music stokes the flames of emotion and passion, birthing an attitude and grit that pierces deep. Don't miss out on following along the ride from the start, follow the band and stream "Mr. Know It All", immerse yourself in the spirited and personal sound of heavy on the heart.

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TOP BEST HITSVeronica Maximova – Unbecoming You (Original Single) By Veronica Maximova

May 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Veronica Maximova’s interstellar pop pulls from the deepest wellsprings of awe and astonishment. The singer, songwriter and producer crafts grand, unpredictable soundscapes that mirror her wild spirit, one forever pushing the limits of creative expression. Her lucid and emotive compositions blur the lines between cutting-edge noise and pristine melodic grace, forging a singular sound that dares listeners to find transcendence in heartbreak.

Maximova’s latest single, "Unbecoming You," refracts melancholy through a kaleidoscope until it emerges something beautiful and strange. Glittering arpeggios lift her haunting vocals to new places, transcending earthly planes of existence. The song is a slow-burning fuse to her most dazzling and deliberate work yet. While indebted to avant-pop forebears like Bjork and FKA Twigs, "Unbecoming You" stands alone as a yearning, emotionally exploratory track.

Maximova possesses a gift for melody and timbre unprecedented among her peers. Her airy, stunning vocals float atop sheets of synth shimmering and quaking with lifelike force. The percussion, too, has a seismic power, as if shaking free from the very bones of the earth. Together they craft a sound utterly familiar yet profoundly alien. Her dreamscape is a place from which we never want to leave.

Veronica's lavish, exciting soundscapes reflect the nomadic spirit of one willing to become a "runaway bride," build a new life as a mother on foreign shores, and keep discovering new abundances of wonder; her imagination knows no borders. Ever restless, she follows the sparks of inspiration wherever they may lead—into the unknown depths of sonic experimentation, the light of pure melody, or the space between. Her sound is that of an adventurer, mapping unseen worlds and unseen versions of ourselves. In a world that too often demands permanence, Maximova reminds us of the solace to be found in flux.

Veronica’s imaginative world is one best explored through the full sensory experience of music; luckily, her discography is available to stream on Spotify, where adventurous listeners can discover the aching beauty of her song "Unbecoming You". You could also follow her on her socials, where you can stay updated on all her latest news and updates.

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TOP BEST HITSMustang Runners (Original Single) By Mary Knoblock

May 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan


Mary Knoblock is pushing the boundaries of music as we know it. Emerging from Portland, Oregon, this experimental composer and singer-songwriter is reimagining avant-garde genres and forging new clever creations with her outstanding sound.

Knoblock’s latest single, "Mustang Runners," seamlessly blends plenty of genres and innovative influences, resulting in a haunting and impressive work that captivates listeners. Clear keys strike with energy, commanding the piece as the composition weaves into a tapestry of sound, transcendent, and healing. This anthem shines in glory with its grandness.

Sweeping melodies convey dominance, celebrating the listener. Each note rings out like a bell, summoning the spirit and awakening the senses. The sea of sound surges and crests, carrying the soul on waves of melody and harmony. The music swells in crescendos and ranges in fortissimo, lifting the spirit high. At its climax, one feels transported, as if floating amongst the sounds. By its end, one feels reborn, healed by this song’s beauty and might. Through the music, wounds are mended and sorrows soothed. A lightness returns to the heart, as if years have fallen away.

With a readiness to take risks and explore the undiscovered territory, Knoblock is turning heads in the music scene and gaining recognition as an artist to watch. Her enigmatic and alluring sound is dissonant yet mellifluous, stretching the envelope of musical possibility while remaining profoundly moving. Her atmospheric and emotive works are evocative tales of soul, spirit, and subtle menace. "Mustang Runners" is a prime example of her unparalleled ability to weave melody and tone into something strikingly vivid and visceral. Driven by an elegant force, Knoblock is redefining musical expression through her genre-defying compositions.

Mary Knoblock is an artist remaking music in her own image. With a willingness to forge new creative pathways, Knoblock is poised to reshape the industry through her singular and unforgettable style.

To discover more of her atmospheric and moving soundscapes, stream ‘Mustang Runners’ on Spotify and follow Mary on her social media platforms to stay updated on all her newest drops. Enthrall yourself in her progressive auditory adventures.

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TOP BEST HITSTo Be A Man (Original Single) By Dax

May 9, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Dax returns with a raw and moving track bearing his soul in a way few rappers dare to. "To Be A Man" is Dax’s most personal and crucial work yet, narrating the journey of navigating life’s responsibilities from boyhood to manhood. While Dax’s lyrics have always been poetic, "To Be A Man" cuts to the bone, giving voice to the silent suffering of many men.

The production is stripped down, allowing Dax’s storytelling to take center stage. His flow is powerful yet vulnerable, rapping about "real issues happening" rather than meaningless escapism. Dax knows that as a man, "it’s not about how you feel but what you provide inside that home." Emotional exposure is a luxury reserved for women, children—for men, strength is mandatory.

Dax eloquently illustrates the loneliness of the road ahead, knowing "they don’t care about what you know." The weight of expectation slowly crushes, but "you can’t cry when life gets hard."

Each verse peels back another layer, revealing deep bruises that rarely see the light of day. From the pressure to become your father’s son to struggling with mental health in silence, Dax lays it all out. The circle of life as a man means "you provide" and "they don’t know what you’re worth ‘til the day that you die." Only then do the tears start falling, once you’re "gone" and can’t feel the sting.

"To Be A Man" is a staggering work of empathy, understanding, and truth. Dax creates a piece for any who have felt the crushing weight of their responsibility, finally seeing themselves in another's pain. This song is a lifeline for those drowning in a sea of expectations with no idea which way is up. Dax's gift is giving voice to the voiceless and sharing solace. "To Be A Man" is a landmark release, raising awareness of issues that far too often go unnamed.

In closing, I implore you to listen to "To Be A Man" on repeat until its message resonates deep within you. This is a song that saves lives by sharing truth in a world often obscure. Follow Dax on any of his social media platforms, he is spreading light in the darkness. We need more artists willing to be this vulnerable and share stories that matter.

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TOP BEST HITSI Like It But I Do It (Original Album) By Beatdenker

May 7, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Beatdenker is a visionary electronic music project that crafts immersive futuristic experiences. His latest album "I Like It But I Do It" fuses tight beats, atmospheric soundscapes, and philosophical musings into a united whole.

The crisp and grand album "I Like It But I Do It" immerses the listener in a fluid and extraordinary sonic space, continually launching them into new perceptional truths and planets. Over its 20-minute duration, the album synthesizes complex rhythms and unconventional sounds into a haywire yet cohesive aural tapestry.

The great artist Beatdenker demonstrates his penchant for intricate beats and novel noise, combining a panoply of rhythmic structures into a multifaceted musical composition. The album's foundation is the bassline, which is an explosive force that demands attention. It's a pulsing, stabbing force that cuts through the mix with a ferocity that feels almost primal. With each thump, it drives the rhythm forward, like the beating heart of the music. Beatdenker seems to like fusing chaotic and dissonant elements into a linked work. Each track is constantly shifting perspectives and catapulting the listener into new surreal worlds and multidimensional realities.

Though brief, the album is a full-scale auditory experience, magical and personalized. Beatdenker crafts a keen, cutting-edge sound out of futuristic atmospheres and post-contemporary textures, bringing the listener into a compressed yet broad sonic realm.

The aimless shuffle crosses matrix-inspired beats with distorted synth sweeps, summoning a feeling of summer rain on a tin roof. Blends of glitchy hip-hop drums, trance-inducing synth washes, and beatific melodies make a kaleidoscopic soundscape to be heard.

"I Like It But I Do It" is an amalgam of complicated rhythms, novel sounds, and postmodern aesthetics, molded into a short yet intensive listening experience. Through its sonic spaces and layered patterns, the album synthesizes the futuristic and the natural, the chaotic and the cohesive.

Submerge yourself in the imaginative sonic vistas and thought-provoking rhythms of Beatdenker's latest album. Listen to "I Like It But I Do It" on Spotify and follow Beatdenker on social media to keep up with his innovative adventures.

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TOP BEST HITSHigh Altitude (Original Single) By Beyonix

May 7, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Beyonix is the electronic music project of producer Marius Allen, who handles all instrumentation. Utilizing software and synths , Marius Allen creates genre-bending electronic music under the Beyonix name. Though officially a solo artist, Marius Allen's deep experience and mastery results in a full, multi-layered sound that seems like a full band sound. Beyonix is now back with a hypnotic new single, "High Altitude".

Futuristic analog synths, bass stabs, and distorted synth arpeggios collide to create a dense, otherworldly wall of sound. Marius Allen perfectly blends synth-wave and retro-wave aesthetics with incredible production values. Every element comes together seamlessly, from the synth melodies, bassline, vocals, and drums. The very hushed vocals, when present, feel organically incorporated into the dense soundscapes rather than an afterthought. Hi-hats and percussion elements are sprinkled in judiciously, enhancing the beat without cluttering the mix.

The production smoothly blends the synth layers together while still keeping every instrument distinct with space for all elements to resonate. There are no clashing tones or frequencies crowding the blend. Once the beat drops into a steady groove, more details emerge within the synth maze. Additional synth lines intertwine with the anchoring bass and beat, suggesting hidden passages and doors to explore. Layer upon layer, the full scope of sounds and textures are revealed with each listen. The music carves out its own space, reconfiguring with each vibrant synth melody, bass stab, and rhythmic turn.

The melodies forge their own labyrinthine reality, with looping melodic hooks that burrow into the listener's mind. Even when the track ends, the melody will continue playing, an eternal reminder of the aural explorations in this unknown world.

Marius Allen crafts an immersive electronic world under the Beyonix project. "High Altitude" is a dazzling display of sound design and beat-driven electronica from a producer at the top of their craft. Beyonix continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with every hypnotic track.

Immerse yourself in the futuristic beats and sci-fi synth soundscapes of "High Altitude". Stream the track on Spotify and follow Beyonix for more aural explorations into the unknown.

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JUST ROCKDrifters (Original Single) By Clay Joule

May 7, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Clay Joule carries his heart on his sleeve. That is clear with each reverberating strum of his guitar, and each melancholic lyric that spills onwards from deep within his soul. For 22 years, he has kept a heartfelt ballad nestled close to his heart, bringing to light a dire problem the world needs to solve that is homelessness.

From the opening rhythm of "Drifters", drumbeats and riffs pound forth, charged with aching melodies that convey sorrow. His vocals emerge as a raw, emotive purging, transporting the listener to a place of shadows and ghosts. Each lyric is imbued with the poetry of pain, reflecting the depths from which this lament has risen.

The instrumentation is a sublime marriage of folk, rock, and atmospheric ambiance. The guitar solo whispers passionate melodies, a lyrical cry from the soul that reverberates long after the final note has faded. Every element of "Drifters" has been crafted to maximize mental impact, yet the result is something profoundly authentic, with only passion laid bare. The arrangements capture the listener's spirit, the vocals seize the heart, and the lyrics seize the mind, together weaving an indelible spell.

In a world ravaged by hardship, Clay Joule has created a work of art that soothes the anguished soul. His heart has been poured into notes and words, an unvarnished truth that transcends the despair which birthed it. There is beauty to be found in endings, a shining light that guides us home. "Drifters" reminds us we are not alone. As we tumble further into a fractured era, songs such as "Drifters" serve as vital balms for the battered spirit. Clay Joule has crafted a work of heartbreaking magnificence and enduring power; one that reminds us of our shared humanity in the face of anguish.

For those seeking solace, understanding or purpose, I urge you to stream "Drifters" and immerse yourself in its truths. Follow Clay Joule as he continues to give voice to the voiceless and put pen to paper, honoring life’s most poignant stories. We need artists like Clay Joule more than ever, bringing light to the gloom and hope to the hopeless.

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TOP BEST HITS99 PERCENT (Original Single) By Alan Dreezer

May 6, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Alan Dreezer, the acclaimed electro-pop singer-songwriter, is poised to intrigue audiences once again with the release of his highly anticipated new single "99 PERCENT".

The irresistible melody and infectious chorus of "99 PERCENT" are the perfect platform for showcasing Alan’s innovative style and distinctive sound. From the opening notes, it's obvious that Dreezer has crafted something extraordinarily compelling. As the track builds, we encounter a mesmerizing series of delightful guitar riffs that are melodically fresh yet sonically complex. The interplay between the guitars and synths is a highlight, demonstrating Alan’s gift for seamlessly blending elements.

His vocals are smooth, soulful, and subtly confident, embracing themes of romance and relationship with introspective, personally resonant lyrics that transcend surface-level platitudes. Though rooted in intimacy, his words achieve a poetic universal resonance that enables anyone who has navigated love's ebbs and flows to discover deep insights. The chorus of "99 PERCENT" with its simple yet powerful melody and catchy, emotionally evocative lyrics embed themselves in the listener's psyche.

What truly sets "99 PERCENT" apart is its detailed craftsmanship. Every sonic element has been carefully conceived and expertly executed, from the intricate guitar lines and pickings to the ravishing synth textures. The resulting production is crisp, transparent, and polished, providing each instrument space to shine without dominance.

Dreezer’s nuanced understanding of texture, tone, and emotion elevates "99 PERCENT" beyond all standards and into a new realm of its own. There are no throwaway moments or superficial gestures; instead, every passage is suffused with meaning. The song smolders with atmosphere and longing, as if decanted from his soul. Its magnetism stems from Dreezer’s mastery, cementing his status as one of our most meticulous and meaningful musicians.

Like all great art, "99 PERCENT" surprises and delights, revealing new depths with each listen. His gift for innovation ensures that this single will captivate both longtime devotees and those discovering his work for the first time. When the final notes fade, only one conclusion remains: Alan crafts pop that transcends the form.

Stream "99 PERCENT" on Spotify and embrace its blend of sophistication and passion. Follow Alan Dreezer on his socials for news of upcoming releases.

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TOP BEST HITSUntil I Fall (Original Single) By Bloodlin3

May 6, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The almighty trio Bloodlin3 and rapper Krizz Kaliko have emerged with a powerful new anthem "Until I Fall" that showcases an incredible flow, a hard-hitting beat, and a delivery that leaves listeners in awe.

The beat drops with savage ferocity, alongside it, the MCs unleash a blazing barrage of rhymes with a rapid-fire flow that assaults the senses. Each verse arrives with force, a flurry of lyrical blows raining down on the mind. Bloodlin3 and Kaliko have forged a twisted maze of rhythms that bewilders as it entrances. The bassline arises as a deep, daunting power, vibrating the very walls. Yet fused with the rappers' dexterity, it generates an electric charge of raw adrenaline.

The flow is an acrobatic feat, with nimble wordplay and complex cadences careening by with blinding speed and searing clarity. Each syllable lands like a seismic shift, maintaining a blistering tempo while the lyrical touch flows naturally. Adept at delivering every bar with ease and versatility, cramming huge words into tiny spaces without breaking a sweat - a talent few possess. As arrangements intensify into a thunderous refrain, energy, and urgency swell. By the mesmerizing finale, one floats on endorphins, awakened and aflame, every nerve ablaze.

"Until I Fall" thus emerges as an experience torching the soul, elevating the mundane into myth. A vast, visionary world conjured through rhythmic alchemy, stirring the spirit and shaking the earth itself. An anthem to stir and move until reaching heaven, dynamic and defiant. Bloodlin3 and Kaliko craft an ode to momentum ever upward, a symphony transcending earthbound limits to inspire dreams carried on every breath. The result sears itself into the psyche, relentless and immortal.

A sonic landmark igniting fires never extinguished, "Until I Fall" comes like a fateful blessing, with the aftershocks continuing long after the final note has faded. Stream "Until I Fall" now on Spotify and embrace the grace of its sonic glory. Follow Bloodlin3 and Krizz Kaliko on social media to witness the forces behind this epic anthem. This is Hip-Hop at its most transcendent and rebellious.

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TOP BEST HITSForgot to Tell Me (Original Single) By I Panic

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

I Panic's latest single "Forgot to Tell Me" is a high-energy pop-punk track destined to become an anthem of spring and summer. Crafted in the one-man band's signature style, the song blends punk, indie rock, and alternative rock with addictive hooks and lyrical turns that immediately transport the listener.

The singer’s performance is imbued with unbridled confidence and positivity, his tone is a perfect complement to the sinuous guitar lines and catchy melody. The vocals display a captivating fervency and allure, like soothing comfort on a lazy day outside. The melodic phrasing and improvisational flourishes lend an air of carefree bliss. Every note seems threaded through with charm and cheerfulness. I Panic demonstrates a masterful ability to weave his vocals between the instrumental work, formulating a rich tapestry of sound where each element seamlessly reinforces the others. The vocal interplay with the instrumentation is masterfully nuanced, subtly shifting the tone and texture at each turn. His tone contributes endlessly to the overall ambiance, becoming integral to an enchantment that proves instantly nostalgic and uplifting.

The melody itself is irresistibly alluring and effortlessly sing-along, built on simple yet exhilarating refrains that prove memorably effective. An infectious groove and optimism permeate each note, instilling in the listener an urge to tap their feet, nod their head, and feel overwhelmingly good.

The guitar play displays a deft understanding of genre and style, crafting groovy yet hugely satisfying riffs that forge a cohesive sound and memorable musical delight. Each line contributes to the foundation on which the vocal and lyrical elements can thrive, helping the strings tie all components together , allowing them to propel the song to new heights.

With warmth, energy, and radiance in equal measure, compelling melodies envelop the listener in a blissful, genre-infused moment. An anthem for the sunny days ahead, "Forgot to Tell Me" is sure to become the soundtrack of summer. Be sure to follow I Panic to stay up to date with new music releases, and stream "Forgot to Tell Me" on Spotify.

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TOP BEST HITSE.N.E.R.GY (Original Single) By Dee & d’Z

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The talented duo Dee & d'Z is releasing innovative and uplifting music that gives voice to our deepest longings for liberty and transcendence. Their debut single "FLOW" enchanted devoted listeners with its energetic and euphoric sound, buoyed by melodies that felt as spirited and free as the human spirit itself. And now, in their highly anticipated follow-up single "E.N.E.R.GY," Dee & d'Z have crafted an anthemic masterpiece exploring our innate drive to burst free from life's constraints.

"E.N.E.R.GY," is an undeniable melodic and lyrical triumph that showcases the unparalleled talent the duo wields. From the opening notes, it is unequivocally clear that this will forever be regarded as a momentous release. The guitar, brass, and piano have collaborated to craft a pinnacle of musical genius, and have undoubtedly succeeded in every possible way.

The jazz-infused instrumentation is both intricately complex and irresistibly inviting, drawing the listener in as if by gravitational force and setting the stage for the lyrical paean of Hans-Peter de Zeeuw ( d'z ) to come. The vocals of Bernadette (Dee) are inspirational here. Her tone is so profoundly soulful and devastatingly stunning, it is impossible not to be utterly captivated by every nuanced melodic utterance. She glides from note to note with ineffable grace, conveying a range of emotions that are immense and deeply personal.

The guitar provides a rhythmic backbone with clean, precise playing that adds an impenetrable sense of structure and permanence to the music. The brass adds a layer of warmth and depth, with its rich, full-bodied sound bringing monumental fullness and dimension. And the piano provides a melodic counterpoint to the vocals, adding sophisticated complexity that elevates the music beyond mortal comprehension.

Dee & d'Z have proven themselves masters of crafting music that uplifts the spirit and fills the listener with unbound joy and possibility. "E.N.E.R.GY" is a magnificent culmination of everything that makes music so striking and memorable. If in search of spiritual liberation and profound meaning, streaming "E.N.E.R.GY" is inevitable. Follow the duo on their socials to stay updated on all future drops.

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TOP BEST HITSTell Me (Original Single) By Sadie Nix

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

I'm delighted to highlight the latest single from Sadie Nix, an up-and-coming indie pop songstress. Her heartfelt new ballad, "Tell Me", is sure to resonate profoundly with listeners. In "Tell Me", Sadie crafts an emotive anthem exploring the pain, confusion, and need for clarity in an ambivalent relationship where you're not sure where you stand.

When it comes to "Tell Me" by Sadie, the vocals are undoubtedly the standout feature of the song. Sadie's voice is astonishingly powerful yet vulnerable, and she brings a raw candor to the song that is impossible to ignore. Throughout the song, Sadie showcases her immense range and nuance, deftly moving between tender verses and uplifting choruses. Her vocals are particularly compelling during the chorus, where she belts the lyrics with conviction and strength.

What makes Sadie's vocals so captivating is her ability to convey fortitude and vulnerability simultaneously. Her voice is brimming with emotion, and she lends pure authenticity to the song that feels profoundly personal. In the song's verses, Sadie employs a soft and breathy tone, low in her vocal range. Her vocals have an intimacy that pulls the listener deep into the melancholic longing of the lyrics. As the song builds towards the chorus, Sadie's vocals gain momentum until she is belting out the chorus with strength and power. She moves seamlessly between raw exposure and empowered fervor.

Sadie Nix crafts a moving anthem of the ambiguous and painful dynamics of a confusing relationship. "Tell Me" is a raw, emotional journey that hits deep, and will stay with you long after the final notes fade away. Through her vocals, Sadie Nix transports the listener and brings them along on a deeply felt venture. The song is sure to resonate with any listener who has been in an ambivalent, confusing relationship where they felt led on or jerked around emotionally.

Listeners everywhere should make "Tell Me" by Sadie Nix their next Spotify soundtrack. The raw emotional power and vocal mastery on display in the song is sure to inspire and captivate. Follow along on her journey by following Sadie Nix on her socials.

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TOP BEST HITSI’m James Bond (Original Single) By Romain Gutsy

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

French singer-songwriter Romain Gutsy has burst onto the scene again with his tantalizing new track, "I’m James Bond." In this electrifying single, Gutsy channels his inner secret agent as he pays homage to the majestic spy through clever lyrics and catchy beats. Gutsy tells the story of 007 as if he lived and breathed the role himself. He seamlessly blends the iconic James Bond theme with his own memorable verses, crafting a sound that is ripe with undercover work and dance floor dynamism.

We’re all familiar with Romain's folk style by now, and his awesome rasp that never lets go of a good feeling. The song features Romain's stunning raspy tone and the melody of the guitar, conjuring the dapper demeanor and bold deeds of the charming British secret agent. Like any self-respecting spy, Romain knows how to make an entrance.

Romain's lyrics honor Bond's suave charm and daring exploits with exacting detail. He references Tracy DiVicenzo, Bond's beloved wife whose tragic death at the hands of Blofeld cemented his reputation as a ruthless villain. The lyrics also boast of Bond's legendary status as "iconic", "supersonic" and the "ideal spy", embracing his mythos as a hero who "never loses, never dies" in the face of danger.

Gutsy adopts the persona of Bond throughout, from his lineage "father was a scot / My mother too, that’s not a blot" to his world travels "In many countries many towns / It gave me strength and made me very free". His lyrics portray Bond as a man of action and mystique who appeals to women "all girls are fond of me" due to his cunning and courage under fire. Overall, the homage elevates Bond to new realms through vivid verse and a fashionable beat, cementing his prestige as a global icon of intrigue and style.

"I'm James Bond" is a song for the ages, its brilliant in all ways! From melody to vocals and lyrics, Romain Gutsy continues making mind blowing music without slowing down, each release is a masterpiece in its own right.

For spy enthusiasts and music lovers alike, "I'm James Bond" is an irresistible single that deserves repeat listens on Spotify and beyond. Follow Romain Gutsy on his socials to keep up with his latest drops, and look out for more espionage-infused tunes from this powerful artist. Whether fighting villains or for the hearts of listeners, this French secret agent gets the job done.

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TOP BEST HITSLenses (Original Album) By Dead, Dead Swans

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Dead, Dead Swans’ "Lenses" unravels the mysticism of heartbreak through folk dirges of gloom and yearning. Led by lyricist John E. Swan, the band weaves together introspective laments that give form to the dismay of surviving love lost. Recorded during a year of seclusion, "Lenses" braids despondent melodies and bare emotions, transforming the lingering ache of a ruined romance into a collection of ghastly effusions.

We commence the album with "Wait Up," a country-infused track with raspy vocals conveying verses of a coupling coming undone. "It was touch and go / Just like we're out of rope. I thought I'd let you know That you can still come home" As fraying fibers part, joy, and care attenuate into mourning.

"Civil, Not Mutual" highlights Swan’s beautiful vocals, deep and sorrowful, as he sings "Well, this doesn't feel right; Me watching you pack". Recollections dangle from fading illumination, delicate as cobwebs shattered by grief.

"Advice" adopts a somber tone, lyrics portraying "Long roads; too far. Don't turn back, I know what you are." The years leach into sorrow, conversations circling "Round about words / Of love and loss."

"That Which Will Eventually Kill Me" has a happier melodic key, with the verses progressing: "A knotted rope sees what I see. My feet singing from a willow tree, Or a loaded pistol in my back. Pull the trigger, now I'm dead." Though the melody retains a tender, doleful ambiance, the lines envisage a despairing figure contemplating demise.

"Water’s Muddy" has beautiful guitar, and percussion, with blue lyrics of "No matter how hard that I've tried. Who's to blame when a young love dies?" The verses present heartache as an inextricable mire, engulfing each step into futures drifted apart. Once joyful passages have leached into desperation, leaving only the memory of light to haunt dark waters.

"Are You O.K?" embraces a country vibe with banjo, the lyrics depicting a struggling figure. "Don't follow me down to the stream. I'm sure you won't know what I mean. Up your nose again, cocaine, And guzzling down liquor again." The verses of "Are You O.K?" paint the portrait of a soul unraveling into anguish and self-immolation. Adopting a low country tone, the song seems to whisper of a spirit in tatters.

Though broken hearts mend with time, the scars they emblazon last forever on the soul. With raw honesty and trembling vocals, Dead, Dead Swans have given voice to the wounded spirit, crafting an album haunting as it heals; mourning what once was while bearing witness to all remaining. Like a dream from which we do not want to wake, this album conveys anguish in a way that lingers and breathes solace into the soul.

This is an ideal breakup album providing comfort to the broken hearted, this is one relatable album that will make you feel less alone in the hard times of a breakup!! Dead, Dead Swans has crafted a soothing masterpiece that deserves all the love and appreciation.

Stream this poetic elegy, helping you discover joy beneath dark sorrow. You can find "Lenses" on any streaming site you like, also don't forget to follow Dead, Dead Swans for more.

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TOP BEST HITSElectronic Symphonic (Original Album) By Jay Roecker

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Jay Roecker’s latest album, "Electronic Symphonic", is a sonic odyssey that dazzles the senses. Each track is a masterwork of innovative production, clever songcraft, and Roecker’s nimble voice, which he wields like a laser-targeted weapon.

"Pour on Me" unleashes a sea of sparkling synths and throbbing beats, taking you to a glittering dance palace of the future. Roecker’s vocals soar amongst the futuristic electronic landscape like a bird set free. "The House" is a pop gemstone, faceted with catchy hooks and shining melodies that get stuck in your head like a songbird’s twittering tune.

"A New Day for You" marches forth with purpose, its synth-driven beat and optimistic chorus lifting your spirits with every play. In "Sus", Roecker crafts a pop confection, bright and airy as cotton candy. "Don’t Give up on Love (The Perry Twins Mix)" layers Roecker’s tender vocals over a dance floor-ready beat and shimmering synths. His voice takes on ethereal qualities, as if floating on the music.

"Mi Amor / I Had a Dream" creates a sense of vast, open space. Pulsing beats, swirling synth arpeggios and Roecker’s vocals, doubled and echoed, making you feel like you’re drifting amongst the stars.

"Electronic Symphonic" itself is an electronic odyssey, divvied into movements like a symphony. Each builds upon the last, crescendos of synths crashing like waves while drum patterns patter like rain. Roecker adds vocal layers, echoes, and effects that bring to mind choral choirs and string sections. This monumental track is a cinematic, integral experience, transportive from start to finish.

"Thicker Than Blood" showcases Roecker’s skills as a vocalist. Twining acoustic guitars and haunting vocal harmonies create a sense of melancholy, loss, and introspection. Every plucked string seems to tell a story left untold. "Chances Are" is a dance-pop masterclass, filled to bursting with dazzling synths, hypnotic percussion, and a catchy, searching hook of a chorus. There isn’t a beat that doesn’t make you want to move. "My Way" forges a somber electronic soundscape, dusky and brooding. Pulsing synth pads evoke intrigue, while Roecker’s vocals take on a wistful, world-weary quality.

"Let’s Run Away Forever (Remix)" surprises with a rap verse of slick rhymes and punchy beats before descending into a river of piano melodies and synth washes. Club-ready drums and rhythms fight against the desire to get lost in the music’s atmospheric feel. This mix masterfully combines genres for a result that’s jarring yet seamless, colourful and moving all at once.

And finally, "The House (Remix)" brings the album to a climax of sweeping grandeur and symphonic scale. Roecker’s vocals ascend higher still, struck with echoes and effects as if recorded in some vast, cavernous space. The synth arrangement mimics an orchestra, building in layers until the music threatens to burst forth from the speakers.

Each track is a colorful thread that, when woven together, forms a tapestry too stunning for words. This is music that moves the soul and sets the imagination alight, transporting the listener to worlds of wonder beyond imagination. If there's an electronic/pop album that deserves to be experienced, it's Jay Roecker's "Electronic Symphonic". Stream it, and follow Jay to stay up to date with his latest releases and creative adventures.

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JUST ROCKStorm Doris (Original EP) By Doris

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Doris is a London-based dream pop/shoegaze band that crafts stunningly beautiful music. Their debut album Storm Doris layers atmospheric guitar riffs, keyboards, and more with Romy Jo's vocals, which rise like a breeze enveloping the listener in a world of magnificence and beauty.

Storm Doris pulls you in from the very first track, with "Down", an upbeat track with a gorgeous guitar riff that sinks you into bliss. This epitome of dream pop keeps the fantasy alive, its layers of cloudy guitars and breathy vocals creating a mood of weightless euphoria. The pace slows but not the power on "Old Bones," with vocals that stir the soul. Low, crooning vocals groove over deliberately shuffled beats and muffled guitars, its relaxed vibe tantalizing. Every note is imbued with purpose and longing.

"Supernatural Sex Dream" bathes the mood in twinkling wonder, its fantastic guitar melody bringing joy and groove. With vocals that shine through like a sunrise, delivering a nice and breathy soulful radiance, this track seems plucked from another dimension. So chill yet luxurious, it’s perfect for escaping this world.

Surprises abound on "Cult," with strings and keys bringing its dreamy, lush feel to the forefront. The addition of strings create a sense of grandeur, emphasizing the ethereal and cinematic quality of the music. This track is destined to become a favorite, its persuasive yet hazy soundscapes are irresistible.

"Lonely Rose" is simply enchanting, transporting you elsewhere from the very first note. Built for a night of magic and mystery, its gentle strumming and shimmering beats fill the air with possibility. "Spy Girl" stirs nostalgia and cheer, its strumming and beat filling you with ecstasy. Like catching a glimpse of an old friend, familiar yet newly inspiring, this track creates a sense of warmth and solace.

This paean of sound and light claims the crown jewel in "Sun." It awakens senses and sets the soul aflight, its celestial guitars and glittering keys awakening a deep-seated joy. With features from stringed instruments, woodwinds, and more, "Sun" caps the journey in magnificent, multifaceted fashion.

Storm Doris is a magnificent album, it entrances you from the very first note to the final moment with its undisputable brilliance. Doris have made a remarkably breathtaking release, elevating the dreampop and shoegaze scene forever! Doris is a band truly deserving of all the love and support!

So be sure to stream Storm Doris on Spotify and follow Doris on social media to keep up with all their latest news and releases, I'm sure you won't want to miss any of their upcoming creations.

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JUST ROCKPeggy Lee (Original Album) By M.Krebs

May 4, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The deft musical arrangements, and reflective lyrics of M.Krebs, have firmly established the band as one of the brightest emerging talents. Their debut album, Peggy Lee is a resplendent, 44-minute voyage into the depths of heart and mind.

Over the span of 12 beautifully wrought tracks, M.Krebs weave enchantments with their vocals, guitars, and an atmospheric array of keyboards, and vibes. The songs are portals to other worlds, at once familiar yet unique, glittering with poetic metaphor and glancing truths.

No two songs on this album sound alike or even inhabit the same sonic space. The dozen tracks herein represent a kaleidoscope of styles, tones, and textures that keep the listener perpetually on their toes. Not for a moment does the album ever feel stale. Each track introduces another vibrant color to the aural palette. Each track succeeds in crafting its own indelible hook, vocal, and melody to stand out from the rest while cohesively contributing to the whole.

"Walk The Ocean Floor" has chilling, melancholic synth and potent vocals. It leaves the listener with chills from its emphasis and atmosphere. "Tim Hardin" has a melodic, blue quality with raspy, worn vocals as the focal point. The synth keys create ambiance and emotion, while the vocals carry the weight of the song. "Eyes in the Back of Her Head" is infused with stellar guitar solos and riffs driving the song. While still maintaining an atmospheric tone, the guitars create a sense of urgency and vehemence compared to other tracks. The vocals and guitars work together for an exhilarating experience.

"Desperate Measures Man" highlights just how diverse this album is, with smooth synth keys and guitar riffs. The keys establish a melancholic mood, while the guitars add pockets of passion and speed. "You Were Just Being Cruel" makes you bop your head along. This piece is grand, and emotional, you can feel it in the vocals, rhythmic, uplifting synths create an anthemic feel, while the vocals pour raw emotion into the lyrics. "Songs In The Key Of Maynard" comes at you slowly, the vocals are kind of hushed, with a nice effect done on them, but still incredibly powerful. A great way to end the album.

Stream this album and follow M.Krebs on their socials - you owe it to yourself to experience more of their prodigious talent and poignant songwriting.

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TOP BEST HITSThree Minute Noodles (Original Album) By Rj Bacon

May 1, 2023 by saiidzeidan

"Three Minute Noodles" is Rj Bacon's latest jazz noir outing. Seven intimate tracks recorded in RJ Bacon's Sydney studio but bearing the unmistakable pulse of a late-night jazz club.

The jazzy album begins with "Beach Shadows", instantly transporting the listener to a Manhattan jazz club where they are the center of attention. Every note lustrous with gloss and sheen, from the subtle swing of the cymbals to the sparks flying off the keys. There is not a hair out of place in this pristine, well-tailored jazz suit.

Moving on to "West 44th", a more relaxed and subdued feel emerges. The keys take the lead on this track, their melodies are woven through the subtle undertones of the instruments. "West 44th" pervades with a sense of laid-back sophistication, the jazz here is lounging and luxurious, like enjoying a cigar and fine brandy.

In contrast, "Ten Pin" is twinkling with vivacity and cheer. An energetic enthusiasm bubbles up through the notes, evoking the effervescence of a fun and carefree atmosphere.

"Late in the Day" introduces a light drumbeat, maintaining the album’s jazzy essence while amplifying the rhythm. The drums beat at a steady, unrushed pace as the guitar and keys glitter and shine, creating a glow that is utterly radiant yet restrained. The music is like sunlight on polished wood, warm without being overwhelming.

"All I See" contains the album’s most prominent strings, their melodies rising above the other elements yet never overpowering them. A vibrant yet mellow vibe prevails, reminiscent of a dreamy haze. The strings shimmer like silken threads, weaving a veil of sound over the listener until they feel suspended in a surreal space.

"Three Minute Noodle" showcases the jazziest and grooviest instrumentals of the collection. The saxophone takes center stage here, its riffs and runs the highlight of this jazztastic track. Layers of sound weave together into a lush, intricate tapestry. Groovy, gritty, and gloriously fuzzy, this piece epitomizes the core jazz funk spirit.

Finally, "Her White Dress" evokes the feeling of an evening coming to an end, but the jazz spirit remains. A halo of keys opens the track, their light and airy sounds suggesting the lacy hem of a champagne-colored gown. The last few notes linger in the air, a sweet and wistful aftertaste reminding the listener of all they have just experienced. While the album has ended, its memorable sounds and sophisticated style continue on, ghostly and ethereal as the imaginary vision of "Her White Dress".

This album is ripe for streaming on Spotify, enabling listeners to return again and again to its elegant ambiance and vibrant grooves. Beyond the music, Rj Bacon's talent and artistic vision deserve following across social media platforms. RJ Bacon is an artist deserving all the love and support, as he is creating truly remarkable music!

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TOP BEST HITSResolutions (Original Single) By Moon and Aries

May 1, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Moon and Aries are an enchanting music duo consisting of German composer Tom Aries and Canadian singer-songwriter Jordana Moon. Their lively electronic pop music is meant to inspire, enthrall and transform listeners. Through captivating soundscapes, poetic lyrics, and a shared vision of positivism, Moon and Aries craft a divine experience that illuminates a path to hope, empowerment, and new possibilities. By weaving together genres like trance, electro-pop, and synths with earnest vocals, they have built a dreamy and otherworldly sound all their own.

Their latest single, "Resolutions," injects a sense of delight and potential into the present moment. From the very first note, a twinkling piano line is accented by pulsing synths, the song inspires visions of carefree dancing and endless summer nights. The beat moves with a sensual, vintage lilt, recalling the glamour of the 80s, yet the production feels modern and propulsive. Jordana Moon’s vocals soar and trill, at once earthbound and ethereal, conveying emotional depth through her expressive range.

Each element of "Resolutions", from the synth stabs and spacey guitars to Moon’s powerful vocals, feel freshly nostalgic, a persuasion to adopt old pleasures anew. The track lives and breathes, imbued with a vital energy and optimism to move body and soul. Whether discovering Moon and Aries for the first time or you're their long time fans, "Resolutions" has something for every listener. Uplifting, heartwarming, and feel-good all at once, it’s the perfect single to blast at maximum volume or keep as a secret pleasure, like a musical escape hatch to temporarily transcend the everyday.

With a catalogue of acclaimed albums and hit songs, Moon and Aries have cemented their status as leaders of the genre. "Resolutions" is a release not to be missed, transporting all who encounter its blissful soundscapes to a world of whimsy, fantasy, and new horizons yet to be discovered. The track is a reminder to see life through the eyes of a child, embracing wonder and possibility at every turn. Stream the single on Spotify and embrace the uplift of Moon and Aries’ sublime sounds. Follow them on their social media pages for a steady dose of positivity and electronic pop bliss.

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TOP BEST HITSUgly (Original Single) By Chris Caulfield

May 1, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Chris Caulfield is unraveling the mysteries of the soul through sonic vessels of unvarnished emotion. His powerful new single, "Ugly," plunges into the darkness that dwells within and the wounds we inflict without.

"Ugly" is a work of unrestrained woe, layered with textures that surprise and startle at every turn. Twinkling guitars weave into a pulsing heartbeat, vocals howl then whisper, virtuosic instrumentation and raw lyrics entwine into a singular being.

Every element discovers its purpose, every bend leads back to the song’s true north. Vocally, a smoldering groan commingles with a hushed whisper, and soft seductions melting into a primal scream. Versatile yet solid, each instrument and voice finds its place in the song’s sensuous sonic embrace.

Each element, from vocals to instrumentation, is a vibrant thread in the tapestry of sound. Though diverse, they come together in harmony, forging a cohesive experience that is as pleasurable as it is perilous. Details spin while textures tease, carrying the listener on a journey of melancholic bliss and bruised catharsis. Nuance permeates this work of art, an aural meal meant to be savored. Chris crafts music to infiltrate the psyche, illuminating shadows and bringing form to feelings.

The song envelops like a shroud, subtly drawing the listener into realms of longing. Low-end throbs and drums crackle, building tension through restraint. When a guitar cried, it was a voice lamenting; when drums pound, the anguish takes form. Every element is a pained pleasure, each texture is a bruise blossoming into beauty.

With "Ugly," Caulfield solidifies status as a sonic shaman, weaving spells of sonic sorcery that plunge the listener into the underworld of emotion and emerge with truth. Truth, as always, lies in the ugly places. Caulfield dares us to look, and in looking, find transcendence.

Follow Chris Caulfield to stay up to date with his new releases and stream "Ugly" on Spotify to immerse yourself in the song's haunted rasp. Allow yourself to feel the raw emotions conveyed in this work.

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JUST ROCKBack Bay Dropout EP (Original EP) By Hollow River

April 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Hollow River is poised to shake up the music scene with his EP. This emerging artist draws inspiration from genres like rock, rap, and emo to craft a unique and rebellious sound. Featuring edgy and defiant lyrics as well as exuberant anthems and introspective ballads, the EP "Back Bay Dropout" showcases Hollow River's vivid vision and talents as an artist unwilling to conform.

The playful and upbeat "Aspartame" sets the perfect tone for Hollow's EP. From the opening chord, it's evident this collection will be a joyful ride through Hollow's charismatic and genre-bending style. Hollow seamlessly blends rock, rap, and pop for a sound that is wildly innovative yet immediately accessible. Each transition in "Aspartame" lands perfectly, from the rap verses to the sing-along chorus and back again. There are no missteps, only an irrepressible sense of fun and energy that sweeps the listener away. By the end of the track, you're smiling, bobbing your head, and already eager to hit replay.

The vocals come in loud, bright, and passionate on "The Way I Want To", instantly making you want to sing along. The rhythm and beat pump through your body, energizing your every move. This song is fresh, high-energy punk at its finest.

The angry beats pulsate on the 3rd track "I’ll Break Them Down". The beats of "I'll Break Them Down" are fast, furious, and unrelenting. Synthesizers shriek in icy anger, laser-focused guitar riffs sawing at the listener, this is an anthem built for rage and destruction.

The epic track "Ignite" is a soaring pinnacle of rock and roll splendor. From the opening drum beat, "Ignite" is a dramatic, grand, and loud musical spectacle. Guitars scream and drums pound out a mighty heartbeat as the vocals soar upon the instrumentation. Every instrument comes together to create a sound that is at once intimate and massive. The guitars weave a tangled web of riffs and solos that ignite the soul. The drums drive the song forth with pounding, insistently forward momentum. But the vocals are the fire that truly ignites the heart of this track.

Hollow River is an artist on the rise, and "Back Bay Dropout" proves he has only begun to unleash his creative potential. Follow him to stay up to date on future releases, and make sure to stream the EP on repeat as it is truly one powerful masterpiece of sound and music.

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TOP BEST HITSCex (Original Single) By Lump200

April 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

If you're looking for an electronic composition that will enchant you to locations of auditory ecstasy, then look no further than "Cex." Lump200's unparalleled talent as a producer and sound designer is on full display in this spectacular work of art.

What sets "Cex" apart from other electronic compositions is its ability to convert the ordinary into something truly transcendent. No stone was left unturned in constructing each instrument and arranging them effortlessly, from drums to synths, for an unrivaled audial escapade.

The bass provides profound substance and dimension, shaping a sense of weight and breadth that permeates the track with a resonance felt in the core. Meanwhile, the drums forge a strong groove that propels the song forward with locomotive force, the growled vocals and gritty beats hammering at the listener's feelings with urgency and purpose that cannot be ignored.

The synths are layered with perspicuous complexity and texture, they craft an entirely new world of sound that shape-shifts at every turn. From start to finish, they birth new sounds and sonic landscapes, bringing the normal to an extraordinary life. And the keys? They envelop the mind in sophistication and grace, weaving intricate pianos, arpeggiated synths, and ephemeral guitar work into a tapestry of beauty and wonder that cultivates a sense of weightlessness and elevated melodic depth.

With effortless mastery and skill, Lump200 weaves each instrument into a cohesive and compelling whole, each component merging seamlessly into the next with not a bar or beat out of place. You can hear the care, passion, and dedication with which each nuance has been honed, as subtle modulations transform each element and every minute detail to form an emotive, mesmerizing, and deeply moving thrill.

This is a landmark work of electronic composition that should not be missed. Immerse yourself in Lump200's dense yet lucid soundscapes, sensuous synthesis, and stirringly dark melodies as you're transported to realms of forbidden fantasy and abstract bliss. "Cex" defies genre, transcending all limits to forge a sublime sensory odyssey that is truly beyond compare. Follow Lump200 to keep up with his next moves, and get ready to be transported to other worlds and dimensions of sound.

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JUST ROCKObsolescent Adolescence (Original Album) By Charise Sowells

April 30, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Charise Sowells’ debut album Obsolescent Adolescence is a deeply personal coming-of-age story told through her own original music. After over 20 years of performing and recording with other bands, Charise wanted to share her instincts and experiences as a songwriter under her real name.

The sultry tones of "Morning Breath" seduce the listener with jazzy rifts and luscious vocal melodies. Each lyric is delivered with unbridled passion and intensity, drawing the imagination into a sensual daze. "Bedroom Eyes" erases all boundaries between desire and realization. Stripped down to its essence, expressive echoes of longing and belonging reverberate through sparse, powerful vocals that revive the soul.

With "Magical Month," transportive keys and effusive vocals craft a spectral throwback experience. Evocative tones and textures inspire wistfulness for memories half-forgotten, yet not fully faded. "Even Grace Ages" infiltrates the senses with percussive hooks and melodic whispers, inching under the skin with irresistible pop grace. Each vocal line awakens senses dulled by the everyday, rekindling wonder. This is music's power at its core, being able to transform and relate with people's lives through emotive lyrics and melodies!

An acoustic guitar takes center stage on "Twilight Hour," its introspective strumming binding the listener to the singer in a shared solitude. "Still Waiting" fuels abandon with funky, joyful rhythms. Grooves stir restlessness into the impulse, coaxing limbs and hearts into motion. Each note swells the beat until it bursts forth, unleashing uninhibited cheer.

Robust production and emotive vocals on "Pura Vida" craft a call to step into life's beauty. Resonant keys and drums create a sonic landscape of depth and vitality, within which the soul can fully inhabit the present moment. "Better Day" envelops with warm, enveloping tones. A deep bassline and velvet vocals cultivate introspection, as jazz-infused melodies stir hope in even the darkest of hours.

Charise Sowells is truly a talented artist showcasing her masterful skill as a singer and songwriter in this marvelous album. She has created a relatable landscape that many can find comfort and solace in! If this isn't what music is all about then I don't know what is.

Obsolescent Adolescence is a record of finding strength after heartbreak, reclaiming a joy that felt permanently lost, and emerging scarred yet wiser from the shadows of a turbulent past. This vision of vulnerability translated into art is Charise Sowells’ greatest gift, and an album that secures her place as one of the most authentic voices of her generation. Stream this affecting collection of deeply moving songs on Spotify and other streaming platforms, and follow Charise to stay updated always.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Higher Road (Original Single) By Garland Kelley

April 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Garland Kelley crafts uplifting music filled with infectious joy and hope. After honing his skills navigating Nashville’s vibrant music scene, Kelley is poised to share his inspirational vision with the world.

Kelley’s insightful, intimate songs explore life’s deepest beauty and potential with indelible melodies and lyrics. His raspy, soul-baring vocals seize you from the first note, shivering down your spine with power and vulnerability that enthralls you. On "The Higher Road", Kelley pours heart and soul into each phrase, transforming the lyrics into a raw cry of transcendence. His voice embraces you like a warm embrace, reminding you of life’s light even in darkness.

Every note of "The Higher Road"’s emotive guitarwork sounds like a clarion call of hope, ringing out like heavenly trumpets to awaken your spirit. Kelley composes a complexity of sound and signifies joy through nuance alone, hitting notes of bliss. The melody swells and soars with defiant optimism, shaping a triumphant ascension that lifts you higher with each pass. Though spare, the arrangement of "The Higher Road" is a masterclass in conjuring grace through tone alone; every rest and gesture brimming with opportunity. Even the smallest and gentlest sound, a softly picked chord— becomes infused with meaning and prospect. Each subtle shift in tone colors the whole, nuancing the melody with layers of spiritual significance. There is poetry in the restraint, a poignancy revealed through what is omitted as much as what is played.

Kelley crafts a soundscape of hope and treasure, a momentum building until truth emerges, life-affirming, grace-filled, and utterly transportive. "The Higher Road" delivers music and empowerment in one, a venture of discovery illuminated by possibility at every turn. With rich vocals and guitarwork that took my breath away, Garland Kelley and his music gave me a glimpse of heaven on Earth, a reminder of destiny and wonder on the journey ahead.

Garland Kelley’s music is medicine for the soul, truth and solace all at once. This is an artist and a sound that breaks the heart open, only to heal it again—expanded, inspired, and forever changed.

Follow Garland on his socials for more elevating anthems, stream "The Higher Road" and uncover for yourself the wonder and glory of his poetic, empowering pieces.

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TOP BEST HITSSquakin like a Bird (Original Single) By JUNK

April 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

JUNK are here to rouse the rabble and spark some much-needed rage against the branded idiocy blanketing society. The sharp contrarians of JUNK are cheekily calling out foolishness, one wry song at a time. Their latest drop, "Squakin like a Bird," covertly breaks down the silly talking points clogging the culture.

JUNK's latest single "Squakin like a Bird" is a departure from the maximalist, mind-bending sonic textures of past releases, instead embracing a silkier and more stripped-back approach. There are hints of avant-garde composition, jazz weirdness, and funky, off-kilter hip-hop woven throughout the track. This song is very groovy, easy going and had me jamming with the melodies.

The rap flow matches the beat like a glove, sliding over the jazz melody and bassline with effortless ease. Each bar is smoother than silk, with clever rhymes and references flowing together briskly. The rap flows with a chic arrogance with an edge to the smoothness, a sense that beneath the laid-back cool, lies a dark, menacing cleverness. Words have a shape-shifting quality, twisting and rearranging themselves on the fly to create shapeless yet catchy phrases.

The rapping is intricately structured, with callbacks and references that ebb and flow throughout the verse. Lyric fragments from the opening bars reappear later, looped and reworked into new forms. There are subtle shifts in flow and pace, moments of breathless speed and dragging, syrupy sounds.

JUNK continues to demonstrate a talent for embedding arcane references and concealed allusions into their music. The track is a portal to another dimension, its unsettling and grooving elements coalescing into a listening experience like no other. JUNK have once again pushed the boundaries of their sound with "Squakin like a Bird," JUNK have crafted a singular work that breaks genre conventions and reassembles them into something new, strange, and compelling.

To keep up with JUNK's cutting-edge sound and fantastic aesthetics, follow them on their socials. Do yourself a favor and add this track to your Spotify playlists directly. JUNK demands to be experienced loudly, and "Squakin like a Bird" is the right choice

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TOP BEST HITSAround (Original Single) By Proklaim

April 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The dulcet sounds of Proklaim's trap masterpiece "Around" shall entrance your heart and feet with its immensely expensive vibes. Proklaim deserves accolades for consistently crafting the finest works of art, his songs are truly magnificent productions and never cease to keep me on the edges of my seat.

"Around" reflects contemplating the stirring within the chest. That intuition, that gut instinct, springs from the inner self and possesses soundness far greater than superficial thoughts. The lyrics meditate on listening to and acknowledging the deeper truths that dwell within us. The song undoubtedly transports you to a period of time when hip-hop and afrobeat music reigned supreme. This song features impeccable hip-hop and trap arrangements, from the atmospheric bass notes to the crisp melodies and snares that snap and crackle. Its upbeat melody and serene ambiance make it beautiful to lose oneself in the music.

Proklaim's production provides a joyous musical experience. The bright, tropical-infused beats are elating, and "Around" leaves the listener in a mild stupor of good vibes after each listen. Yet hidden underneath the lively instrumentation are insightful, poetic lines reflecting on existence and enlightenment, he is a true modern-day renaissance artist. Proklaim is gliding across the rhythms as the afrobeats are woven together, never pausing to allow us or himself to breathe. He takes inspiration from known rappers of the golden age of music, such as Big Pun, Tupac, Biggie, Lauryn Hil, and more; this influence is quite apparent in this new drop. Proklaim's music pays homage to rap's greatest period while forging fresh new sounds, and "Around" epitomizes this blend of classic and contemporary.

"Around" is certainly a work of art crafted for the heart and soul. Proklaim is working to revive the sound of old-school hip-hop, and with songs like "Around," he is redefining the genre for future generations. The caliber of his hip-hop and trap output merits applause and a raised profile as a top talent right now. You can find the song "Around" on Spotify, or any streaming site you want. You can also follow Proklaim to stay updated on future releases.

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TOP BEST HITSPisco Sours (Original Single) By Arliston

April 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

On April 21st, 2023, the South London indie pop duo Arliston released their new single, ‘Pisco Sours.’ Arliston, comprising of vocalist Jack Ratcliffe and instrumentalist George Hasbury, have built their sound over the past five years, winning critical praise and industry buzz for their release of sprawling and emotive indie pop. With catchy melodies, shiny production, and soothing vocals, Ratcliffe and Hasbury craft feel-good music and sincere lyrics, strengthening their signature sound and cementing their status as one of Britain’s most promising indie bands.

The production of ‘Pisco Sours’ is stunning, elevating Arliston’s emotional vocals and introspective lyrics. Layers of synth washes, airy guitars, and hazy keyboards create a lush sonic landscape, giving Ratcliffe’s vocals ample space to shine. His vocals apply a subtle distortion as if singing from the depths of a dream. Painted in a golden sheen, Ratcliffe’s vocals glow with a melancholic warmth.

Nuanced vocal harmonies and melodies swell and cascade throughout the track, emanating from deep within Arliston’s musical psyche. There is a craft and care applied to every note and texture of "Pisco Sours"; the production navigates the line between sparse and full, empty and cluttered, resulting in a sound both immense and deeply layered. Each element belongs to and serves the emotion of the song. The vocals feel coated in a haze of bittersweet sorrow while the production blossoms with radiance around them. Every shift and nuance pulls the listener deeper into Arliston’s melancholic dream world, rendered with beauty and ache in equal measure. The vocals and music of ‘Pisco Sours’ endure long after the final notes fade into silence. Their music emulates the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning, curled up in bed, and losing yourself to listless thoughts, except these thoughts float on waves of gorgeous melody and harmony. There is solace to be found in Arliston’s music, even when discussing pain.

Arliston is indispensable in crafting ear-catching, feel-good music with heartfelt lyrics and polished production. ‘Pisco Sours’ is destined to top playlists and please fans worldwide; so stream the song right away on Spotify, and follow the duo on their social pages for more.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Best You’ll Ever Have (Original Single) By Katie Belle

April 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Katie Belle’s latest single, "The Best You’ll Ever Have," is a genuine and heartfelt track that showcases Belle’s raw vocal talent and skill as a songwriter. The contemporary pop composition reflects her personal experiences and desires to forge her own artistic path, free from expectations.

With emotive, nuanced vocals, she brings nuance and pain to the song’s melancholic synths and pulsing beats. The lyrics grapple with the act of performative self-improvement after a breakup, aiming to become "the best" version of oneself. Though defiant, the tone remains contemplative, confronting heartbreak through persistence rather than outright rage. Producer Fabio Campedelli’s minimalistic yet stylish production, akin to Finneas and Calvin Harris’ works, permits her vocals to take center stage, from hushed verses to anthemic choruses.

Fabio pairs atmospheric pads and looping drums, formulating a striking yet touching soundscape for Belle’s vocals to inhabit. On the chorus, her voice swells and soars over the beats, transforming the lyrics into a statement of empowerment and new beginnings. With "The Best You’ll Ever Have," Belle forges a raw, real track showcasing her vocal talent and songwriting skill. Brilliantly performed and boldly personal, the single promises to resonate strongly with Belle’s growing fanbase and music listeners worldwide.

Katie Belle refuses to be constrained or slowed by feelings. She continues marching to the beat of her own drum, staying true to herself and her art through each note and word. It is this fearlessness, this willingness to be vulnerable yet rebellious, that makes her music so resonant. To experience Katie Belle’s artistry fully, listeners are urged to follow along on her social media pages and stream "The Best You’ll Ever Have" on Spotify. Her songs are visceral, haunting glimpses into life’s often tumultuous journey of self-discovery, crafting deeply personal narratives with a poetic sense of storytelling and metaphor.

By engaging with Katie’s music and social platforms, fans will gain insight into her inspirations, creative process, and journey of growth as an artist. And by streaming "The Best You’ll Ever Have," listeners can support an artist they believe in, giving power and momentum to an authentic voice and vision.

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TOP BEST HITSSomeone Else (Original Single) By Joe Bygraves

April 28, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Joe Bygraves is an up-and-coming singer songwriter composing guitar-pop that tugs at the heartstrings. The Bedfordshire, England native has built a devoted fanbase through evocative lyrics, angelic vocals, and bold sounds over the past several years. Joe’s music adeptly combines wistful ballads with stimulating pieces, composed by an artist deeply influenced by Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Tom Grennan.

"Someone Else," Joe’s newest single, is a memorable track that will nestle into your soul. The song starts with an incredible riff, raw, authentic, and powerful, imbuing the ballad with a melancholic yet rushing energy. The notes reverberate through you, awakening a range of feelings and emotions.

The guitar work is a masterclass, formulated with such care that every note feels like a brushstroke on the heart. The gentle plucking of strings soothes tension like a balm, easing the knots of stress and anguish that had coalesced within. The song had moved me in profound ways few experiences ever could, reminding me of music’s power to touch hearts and souls in a manner none other ever have. Through heart-wrenching ballads and uplifting anthems alike, Joe forges a connection with listeners by baring raw emotion and a spirit unbroken in the face of difficulty. His music bears witness to life’s pain while still managing to find light, echoing the resilience of the human heart. There is magic here, magic that reminds us of the beauty still left in this world, and the solace that can be found in between notes.

Over heartfelt lyrics, emotive vocals, and anthemic sounds, Joe Bygraves is crafting a thesis on hope, hardship, and the humanity that unites us all. Joe Bygraves is an artist to watch, one who is only just getting started.

If you find yourself moved by melancholic melodies, poetic lyrics, and songs of hope, then Joe Bygraves’ music is for you. Do not forget to follow along on the journey by following Joe on his social media pages. Stay tuned for more stirring pieces and sweeping soundscapes sure to touch the soul. And prepare to ascend to realms of haunting beauty and melancholic grace, by streaming "Someone Else" now.

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Top chill VibesThe Creek (Original Single) By Wilhelm

April 26, 2023 by saiidzeidan

After a 3-year break, Wilhelm (the music project of Alex Riggen) launched the daring new track "The Creek." Riggen founded Wilhelm as an outlet for his layered, meticulously crafted arrangements and emotive, introspective thoughts. After a lengthy hiatus, Wilhelm has returned reinvigorated and ready to share his most personal and compelling work yet.

The track is a folk-infused electronic number, with Wilhelm playing all instruments himself including vocals, guitars, mellotron and drum machine. Riggen's guitar work is stunning, with fingerpicking patterns and string melodies that create a lush, ambient soundscape. The mellotron adds washes of color without overpowering Wilhelm’s acoustic guitar, merging folk and atmospheric electronics into a cohesive whole.

Rhythmic beat patterns propel the song forward at a meandering, dreamy pace. Subtle kicks punctuate picking-heavy verses, hinting at electronics without sacrificing warmth or texture. The rhythms feel fluid and free-flowing rather than rigid, mimicking the restless ebb and flow of the creek referenced in the title.

Wilhelm’s layered arrangements and melodic loops create depth and dimension, with instruments weaving in and out and vocals crystallizing from the haze. Overall "The Creek" evokes a sense of longing and introspection through its sound. Wilhelm's new work is a haunting and painfully beautiful reminder of his talents, showcasing a pearl of wisdom and skill born of time and experience. Wilhelm's new sonic palate and level of instrumental mastery on display suggest Wilhelm has entered a new phase of creativity and depth.

"The Creek" is a vivid, haunting glimpse into Wilhelm’s singular artistic vision, one that remains deeply personal yet universal in its themes of loss, hope, and the enduring power of music. Wilhelm's upcoming releases promise to expand upon this foundation and share Riggen's most emotionally resonant work with new and longtime fans alike. "The Creek" hints at a bounty of revelations still yet to come.

I highly recommend checking out Wilhelm's new composition "The Creek", now available on Spotify. Share it with your friends, so they can experience the gorgeous music as well. And of course, follow Wilhelm on social media to enjoy more of his award-winning compositions.

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TOP BEST HITSMartin Luther (Original Single) By V of 40M

April 24, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Born of fire and forged in resistance, V and the 40M camp forge beats and lyrics that ignite the soul. Their flares of inspiration have illuminated the scene, cementing them as a dynamo of purpose ever since. Through XLMPlus, 40M's vigorous branch, V shares moving music at every turn, from swirling singles to rousing mixtapes.

Now V of 40M returns with his latest passionate anthem "Martin Luther" Produced by Saint Cardona, V of 40M is a guide with words that sear, and sonics that uplift. The track encourages you from start to finish, it is a piece that activates your feel with gracious production and clever lyrics.

V of 40M possesses a flow of power and lyrical alchemy to match. His words flow forth with the force of a flame, yet each bar is woven with care. His stirring rhymes and uplifting cadences unleash a wave of push and awakening that liberate your route. The result is a moving display of virtuosity and metaphor, as rhymes torch together into conjured journeys and harmonized choruses ablaze, all while the beat pulses like a heart sending vigor through you. There are no quiet paces here, only the might of purpose burning bright. V of 40M's flow is a fiery, triumphant force.

Something else to incite your soul is the fusion of parts, powerfully composed. The rhythm provides force like the pulse of victory, with vocals as an anthem. Beats unfold like the surge of strength, empowering you, as every tone sparks like the dawning of purpose. The snare cracks and pops, like burning wood in the flame. This song overall feeds fuel and light, with powerful beats and visionary rhymes.

When V of 40M drops heat, he drops it hard. "Martin Luther" energizes on contact and will illuminate your path. The song is a beacon to direct you through flames and forge stability, as only V and the 40M camp seem capable of.

If your spirit took flight on this robust light, follow V of 40M in your journey of resilience, and then embrace "Martin Luther" as a piece to proclaim your power. You can find this inspiring anthem on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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JUST ROCKThis Was Gonna Last (Original Album) By Butterfly Garden

April 23, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Butterfly Garden's debut album "This Was Gonna Last" is a mellowed and thoughtful descent into memories. Bolstered by gorgeous textures and stunning vocals, the album constructs a melancholic ambience that draws the listener profoundly into its splendid beats.

Butterfly Garden surrounds their emotive vocals with layers of synths, guitars, and bass that swell and recede like tides. Songs like "Little Moon" feature subtle synths and strings that rise and fall beneath breathy vocals, creating a wash of warmth and nostalgia. The track feels like drifting in and out of a dream from which one never fully awakens. While the opening track "17" is defined by its catchy and thrilling guitar riffs. The rhythmic chords and licks create a sense of energy and motion that carries through the whole song, the interplay between guitars creates layers of texture and tone that give "17" depth and dimension. "Bradley" is a soft gem, nodding to post-punk with chiming guitars and a propulsive bassline. But even in these darker shades, Butterfly Garden's production fills the song with solace.

Every track becomes its own distinct world, delicate yet haunting, drawing the listener further into realms of memory. Subtle touches like ambient noise and palm-muted strums linger long after each song fades away, clinging to the listener like ghosts. Tracks like "Tinted Windows" have a cinematic, haunted quality, with a spacious, wistful vibe that makes the listener feel as though they've entered a deeply personal space not often shared with outsiders.

"Virginia" closes the album with a sweeping, dream-pop sensibility, its sound is melancholic and wide, fading into obscurity like a fading memory. Overall, "This Was Gonna Last" establishes Butterfly Garden as a group crafting an atmosphere with the care of architects and a fondness for bittersweet spaces. By embracing their emotions, they've built a sonic world expansive enough to get lost within.

With breathtaking vocals and production as compelling as poetry, Butterfly Garden crafts an album chilling enough to linger forever in the listener's mind. "This Was Gonna Last" refuses to release its grip, even once the final notes have rung their last. Stream the album right away on Spotify, and follow Butterfly Garden for more instant hits to add to your playlist.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Doyenne (Original EP) By Ron Dayvu

April 23, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Keketso Moteetee, the versatile artist known as Ron Dayvu, has returned with a new EP, "The Doyenne." Ron Dayvu blends R&B, pop, rap and chillhop across his music. His latest release showcases the range of sounds and styles that have made him a standout Southern African talent.

"The Prologue" opens the album with 36 seconds of electro-spoken word poetry, you can almost feel his lyrics as if he’s whispering in your ear. His vocals seep into your mind, setting the tone for an album steeped in chill vibes and R&B grooves.

"Resin" hits the ground running, soaked in reverb and bass that makes you want to dance. Ron Dayvu’s flow is so intoxicating that you’ll forget everything around you, lost in the haze. "The Fracas" provides another quick interlude, doubling down on the effects that make the album feel like a permanent cool-weather chill.

"Cinderella" is the main event, Ron Dayvu at his most charismatic. Slick, funky production meets fast, playful rhymes and melodies ripe for singing along. It’s the sound of an artist unfettered, chasing beats and ideas rather than formats. The track is supremely chill and never slips, proving that Ron Dayvu’s effortless style is the product of hard work and an ear for catchy, genre-bending magic.

"The Avowal" and "Samba Samba" continue the album’s run of groovy interludes and dancefloor hits. The former maximizes minimalism while the latter lets loose, blending rhythms with afro-futurist synth stabs and Ron Dayvu’s honey-drenched vocals. "Samba Samba" is made for movement, releasing energy and inhibitions.

"U N I" closes the album on a high note, featuring one of the richest basslines and hardest-hitting beats. Vocals and flow maintain the upbeat, fun-loving spirit of the track, getting louder and prouder as it builds to a triumphant climax. This song leaves "The Doyenne" EP on a thunderous, flavorful note, solidifying Ron Dayvu as an artist gaining momentum.

"The Doyenne" advances Ron Dayvu’s unique style solidifies his place as one of the world's and Southern Africa’s most compelling voices. The EP is a stake in the ground, proof of an artist attuned to the moment but crafting timeless music. Chill may be in the name, but passion and energy fuel every track. You can find Ron Dayvu on social media, where you can stay updated on any of his future releases. The EP "The Doyenne" is now available for streaming on Spotify. Be sure to check it out there.

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TOP BEST HITSLa Bamba (feat. Iván Rosa) (Original Single) By Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel

April 23, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel are representing history with their latest single, delivering a cultural legacy through soul and heart. They have been paying homage to history for years, crafting style and substance from the soul of Mexico itself. Their version of "La Bamba" is a hybrid of folk and electronica, ancient rhythms fused with modern beats, over 300 years of spirit now thumping through the streets.

Recorded with producer Iván Rosa, together they've reshaped a song that guided escape and freedom into an anthem of empowerment, one that embraces genre and instruments alike. Soft, sensual electronica meets traditional flutes and strings, weaving musical lineages into a singular, stirring sound. The beats create an intoxicating toss and turn, while layered horns stir restlessness beneath. This is music to succumb to, yet break free by; to lose one's self within the past yet find purpose in the present.

This release, as with all their music, pays respects through heartfelt endeavor. It is a recording ingrained in origin, blossoming with energy and meaning. Each instrument, each rhythm, resurrects ancestors; together they shape a critical sound, one that marches to the beat of nation and community combined.

Their "La Bamba" lets the spirit soar. It lets folk flow into electronic, and electronics reveal folk's immortal truth. Horns bend sweetly while synth pads glisten, whispers become roars as beats emerge from silence. The past is present here, and the present, forever changed. In Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel's hands, "La Bamba" climbs from dirge to dance, from longing to hope, becoming an anthem of joy and solace - a song of rescue and renewed purpose.

Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel give voice to the soul of a people, resurrecting the past to inspire the future. Their music lifts heritage without ignoring the here and now, reaching back to bring lost spirits forward. It is a skill of mood and essence, rhythm and reverence - one that honors history while forging new ground. On "La Bamba," and all else they create, Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel craft a powerful story and sound, that transcends limits while staying rooted. Their gift is a glowing, timeless sound, birthed of grit and heartbeat. You can stream the song on your preferred streaming service. Follow Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel to be among the first to hear about their next releases.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Wake (Original Single) By Gianfranco Pescetti

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The melancholic instrumental work "The Wake" poignantly explores themes of loss, heartache, and transition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Composed by musician Gianfranco Pescetti, this emotive piece captures the feeling of mourning times passed while simultaneously heralding a journey into new births.

With its evocative title, referencing both the mourning process and the path left behind, "The Wake" serves as a moving soundtrack for grappling with death and progress in today’s challenging world. Gianfranco’s genre-bending style and raw approach to music ensure that "The Wake" will resonate profoundly with listeners navigating similar hardships and flickers of hope.

This instrumental work is a testament to the solace of art in brooding mortal experiences. Though tinged with woe, the melodies unfold with a fragile grace, not unlike a blossoming after winter. There are no grand, heroic swells; only the gentle, stirring sounds of life, loss, and survival intertwined. Although the meaning is sad, the instrumentals done on the track are upbeat, not too much like a club banger, but just enough to make you groove along to the music. It’s not loud and in your face, but the ambiance is so sunny, and so beautiful, anyone would fall for this song. Gianfranco’s compositions have a way of making heavy grief feel light, a burden born with sorrow and wonder in equal measure. There is an urgency to his music, a sense that while time may be fleeting it must not be wasted. A meditation on mortality, "The Wake" is a reminder to embrace each moment as an opportunity rather than an ending.

"The Wake" brings comfort through its ability to foster connection. Its quiet resonance speaks to shared heartbreak and hopes during an unprecedented global crisis. With vulnerable, introspective melodies, Gianfranco crafts an elegy that honors loss while preparing us to forge new beginnings from its ashes.

Through its poignant and carefully wrought beauty, "The Wake" transcends its moment in time. Gianfranco transforms despair into a means of finding strength and moving on, not by forgetting the past but by learning from it. You can find "The Wake" on Spotify, stream it, and make sure to follow Gianfranco Pescetti for more.

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TOP BEST HITSSynopsis (Original Album) By Imelda Gabs

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Imelda Gabs dropped her debut album "Synopsis" on April 14, 2023. The wrenching set of personal stories and sonic experimentation that make up the eight tracks of "Synopsis" solidify Gabs as an artist of singular depth and range. Throughout the album, Gabs’ dark pop style coalesces with soul, dance and R&B influences to craft an intimate listening experience reflective of her multifaceted talents.

"Synopsis" shares Gabs’ rawest thoughts and experiences yet, laying herself bare through confessional lyrics and soul-baring instrumentals. The album was produced entirely by Gabs at her home studio, with additional recording taking place in Switzerland and London, giving each track its own distinct character.

"Am I" opens the album with airy synths and glitchy beats, setting the tone for Gabs’ genre-bending sound. Layers of vocals evolve from a whisper to a scream, as the production crescendos into a maelstrom of sound. "Confession" showcases Gabs’ ability to craft euphoric moments of release within darker sonics. Its synth bassline and jazzy beats bring an infectious rhythm. The production gives the impression of emerging from deep within a dream.

"Secrets" blends mid-tempo R&B grooves with atmospheric synths for a seductive, introspective sound. The stunning beat flickers and stutters, reflecting the fragility of secrets kept. "Wanna Be with You" brightens the album's tone with a crunchy jazzy melody and a fresh beat. The uplifting, almost anthemic production creates a sense of catharsis.

"Reckless" descends into a powerful genre defying void of synths and looming keys. Gabs' vocals are wrapped in enough emotion to be washed into a dream from which there is no escape.

Imelda Gabs has arrived, and with "Synopsis" she has staked her claim as an artist to watch—one nurturing a remarkable talent and vision. Hers is a dark, swelling world of confessions and revelations told through sound, one that pulls the listener deep within its sinuous embrace.

To fully appreciate "Synopsis," hit play on Spotify and crank up the volume, so you can enjoy all eight songs equally. Follow Imelda for more sensational music like this. The album deserves to be experienced in full volume, so you can immerse yourself in Imelda's sound and vision.

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TOP BEST HITSStars Seem Eternal (Original Single) By Band Spectra

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The latest release from electro-pop stunner Band Spectra, 'Stars Seem Eternal' is an exquisite reverie of a track destined to captivate listeners. The single weaves a ravishing sonic tapestry that tantalizes the senses, inviting the listener into a lush soundscape both familiar and unexpectedly phenomenal.

From the first shimmer of synths in 'Stars Seem Eternal,' Band Spectra invites you into his retro-futuristic world. The warm synths wash over you, enveloping you in sound. It's like floating in space, the synths evoking the vastness of the night sky and the motion of the stars, the atmosphere is irresistible. Then Angelica Allen's vocals kick in; her voice is lovely yet powerful, delicately conveying introspective lyrics about life's fleeting beauty and meaning, even in darkness. It's like Allen has journeyed through this starry soundscape and returned with hard-won insights to share. The otherworldly synths and Allen's words make for a gorgeous and alluring combination. By the end, you feel like you've gleaned wisdom from the darkness, guided by the vision of Band Spectra.

Band Spectra's nuanced drum programming demonstrates a particular highlight, driving 'Stars Seem Eternal' on a propulsive energy perfectly suited for the dance floor. The electronic percussion elements grant the track a modern edge while staying true to classic synth-pop roots. As the synths build to a frenetic climax, euphoria proves difficult to resist—an emotive catharsis reminding us that even the darkest nights must end, and the light will come again.

With 'Stars Seem Eternal,' Band Spectra aka Robert Manning has crafted a synth-pop masterpiece. He shows off his technical skills with sensational synths and fascinating percussion, but what really makes the song shine is its emotional resonance. Between the sonics and story, 'Stars Seem Eternal' is Band Spectra's finest work yet. It cements his place as an artist shaping the future of electronic music. The track drops April 19th, and you'll need to listen ASAP.

Experience the dreamy soundscape of 'Stars Seem Eternal' and you'll see how Band Spectra's is guiding synth-pop to a bold new horizon. After you've streamed the song, connect with Band Spectra on social media to keep up with this visionary artist as he continues to make their futuristic visions a reality.

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TOP BEST HITSThe Funny Part (Original Single) By Down South Pepper band

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Down South Pepper band have been honing their craft for decades and their new single, "The Funny Part," is a masterclass in authentic country music. There’s a wry, lived-in humor to the lyrics that gives the track its title, born from years of ups, downs, triumphs, and heartaches. The result is feel-good country, the kind of music that fills you with joy and nostalgia for simpler times.

"The Funny Part" is tailor-made for cruising down a winding country road with the windows rolled down, the wind in your hair, and life’s troubles tucked away. It’s a sweet, Northern-fried treat, proof that traditional sounds and small-town values are still very much alive. The nostalgic familiarity of this piece creates a feeling of refuge from life's difficulties, just like a home-cooked meal.

Down South Pepper band know their way around a melody, crafting something that’s utterly detailed yet deeply moving. Every strum of the guitar, every shuffle of the beat, every vocal harmony draws the listener in, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and ease.

This work is straightforward and unembellished, not trying to be trendy or reinvention the concept. Just good, honest country music brought to life by musicians at the top of their game. "The Funny Part" is a celebration of the genre's history, while also proving there's still life left to discover. It's a reminder of the power of genuine sounds and stories well told.

Down South Pepper band have been making music for a while now, and "The Funny Part" bears all the hallmarks of artists hitting their stride. It’s country music as comfort, as escape, as a deep, profound connection to something bigger than any one song. At its heart, it’s a tribute to the roots of the genre and a reaffirmation of why we keep coming back, time and again, for another taste. Overall, it’s a masterful achievement in trusty craftsmanship. Stream "The Funny Part" on Spotify, and follow Down South Pepper band to stay updated on any future drops.

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TOP BEST HITSWinona (Original Video) By Dan Devon

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The dulcet tones of Dan Devon resound once more with the calming tempo of "Winona". An atmospheric downtempo soul that whispers the loss of a loved one and cherished memories. The musical vision of this lament has been brought to life through a music video directed by none other than Dan Devon himself.

Over muted beats, the visuals unfold with personal glimpses into a lived-in space, showing the singer lounging pensively upon a sofa or stairs. Wandering shots uncover the cozy lines and kind textures of a household comfortably worn. The music video, like the song itself, plush and languid, akin to strolling through an indie film of luxurious subtlety. This vision resonates deeply, grounding the listener through sight and sound alone, where all else fades away. Even the color grading, a warm green glow, envelops the viewer in the emotive atmosphere Dan Devon has cultivated.

This release is a triumph, showcasing Dan Devon’s craft with depth and nuance. His gifts as a musician have sparkled brilliantly and secured me as a fan right from the first listen. The hushed, introspective tones of "Winona" and its accompanying visuals invite the listener to relive sorrow and fond remembrance, finding solace in lives lived fully.

Dan Devon has created an ode to ephemeral delight and lingering melancholy. The visuals paint a portrait of solace found in the intimate moments of a shared life, now present only in memory. Each frame breathes new life into precious moments of laughter, inside jokes, and comfort, these visuals echo stories of the indelible bonds formed between two souls now parted.

The serene cadence of "Winona" will follow you long after the final notes fade, a poignant reminder of joy and heartbreak in equal measure, its power lies in subtleness alone. This artistic creation and the melodious work it celebrates walk hand in hand, one augmenting the essence of the other. I highly recommend you immerse yourself in this cinematic experience and allow the sounds to enshroud your senses. The music video is available on YouTube, watch the music video there, and then you can listen to the track on Spotify. Stay tuned to Dan Devon's channel, I guarantee more hits will arrive soon.

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JUST ROCKDay I was Born (Original Single) By Gary Dranow

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions have unleashed a reflective new rock work upon the world. Released April 7, 2023, their track "Day I was Born" pensively explores life's biggest questions.

From the opening downstroke, an electric rhythm sears through the speakers. The rapid string notes set the pulse racing and adrenaline floating. It tiptoes towards sorrow, coaxing forth a wistful and poignant ambiance. Dranow's weathered vocals perfectly match the tone, raspy and world-weary yet sympathetic. The guitar-picking is delicate yet dexterous, embellishing the melody with just the right touches to enrich the mood. The strumming has a spiritual, healing quality, easing the listener's pain through the power of music itself. The intricate blend of vocals and music crafts a profoundly moving journey, shaping emotions that are hard to convey. The opening riff leaves an emotional imprint, a melancholic beauty that brings wisdom at every turn. Dranow's raspy vocals and melodic guitarwork resonate long after the final notes have faded away.

Melancholic guitars create a space of quiet deliberation, giving voice to introspective ponderings that seek truth through metaphor and metaphor through melody. Subtle shifts in tempo and tone modulate the poem of thoughts, ebbing and flowing like recollections or dreams. This is rock & roll as thoughtful rumination, a masterclass in lyricism. "Day I Was Born" reverently examines life's mysteries, gently unraveling essence and knowledge through sound.

Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions have released their most moving work yet, a pensive effort that invites all who dare to listen into deep contemplation. With "Day I was Born," they have woven a sublime soundtrack to accompany our journey of understanding. This is insight delivered via soft strum and velvety vocals, a sonic depth that nestles into the psyche. This is music to lose oneself within, abandoning the frantic pace of life for something slower and truer.

Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions' music can be found on Spotify, allowing you to listen to more of their esteemed work, like "Day I was Born" and beyond. Follow their social media profiles to keep up with any fresh releases.

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TOP BEST HITSIt’s Always Been You (Original Single) By Antony Alexander

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Antony Alexander is an electronic dance music subculturalist based on the outskirts of London devoted to creating musical pieces that spark passion. He has spent his early life experimenting with synthesizers and contemplating the creative potential of music.

His latest track, "It’s Always Been You," represents a triumphant homecoming that will keep the listener engaged long after the final beat. Conceived, performed, and produced entirely by Alexander himself using Logic Pro and virtual instruments, this track abstains from instrument loops, with only Alexander working masterfully on all the components of the song.

The track opens with upbeat keys that are as intoxicating as a warm summer day on the beach. Golden synth cascade like waves, their gentle tide coaxing the listener into a languid and nonchalant state of mind. Additional layers of melody, harmony, and percussion unfold, instilling delight akin to losing oneself in ecstatic dance. A surging beat arises, anchoring the composition with a steady heartbeat while complex percussion and pouring melodies create the illusion of freewheeling improvisation.

The sonic textures exhibit a spontaneous yet masterfully calibrated interplay, at once unleashing creativity and demonstrating technical finesse. Each element has been crafted to fire up the spirit while still serving the overarching vision, striking a balance of carefree revelry and studied refinement. As new layers accrue, a nostalgic quality emerges, reminiscent of late-night sets in dimly lit clubs pulsing with sound. The synths and keys evoke a genre-bending nostalgia, suggestive of happy-go-lucky jam sessions that seamlessly blend house, techno, disco, and more.

Antony Alexander has created an aural elixir guaranteed to transcend the every day and enthrall the listener in unadulterated ecstasy. "It’s Always Been You" is a paean to liberation, presence of mind, and uninhibited vitality that elevates the spirit and quickens the senses.

Those in search of an escape from the routines and responsibilities of life need to only press play. This track delivers a euphoric immediacy and momentum linking the listener to something vast, and infinite. Within these sounds lives a transcendence of the mundane and opportunity to connect with satisfaction in its purest form. Listen to "It’s Always Been You" and follow Antony Alexander to hear more compositions tailored to ignite the soul and facilitate adventures in sound.

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JUST ROCKDepth of Soul (Original Single) By Juliet Callahan

April 22, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Juliet Callahan’s new track "Depth of Soul" is a raw, stirring anthem of empowerment forged from the flames of her struggle and triumph as an artist. Crafting this primal catharsis allowed her to channel feelings and commune with her truest, most authentic self. The central refrain is that pursuing purpose and passion makes hardship worthwhile, and this song aims to torch the listener’s purpose and judgment.

Her vocals are breathtaking, potent, and profoundly gut-wrenching. Her tone infuses the song with melancholic grace, as the arrangement envelops the listener in shadowy opulence, with extra guitars, and ache. There is an effect utilized in her vocals during the chorus that brings radiant solace, elevating the listener and easing distress. Each strain conjures the slow unfurling of bandages from a wounded heart, a heart that continues to beat after carving a path through the darkness.

Though the road was arduous, Juliet persevered and emerged stronger. "Depth of Soul" is a testament to the indomitable spirit and the rewards of fearless creativity. This song is a blazing reminder of our power and a call to action: follow the fire within, and let the light of your soul guide you home.

Juliet's vocals saw and weathered storms, yet remained steadfast. They are a defiance in the face of bleak horizon. The melody suggests a light that never flickered out, that continued to bob and weave through gales, navigating by some unseen compass pointing onwards. There are hints of violated trust and blood drawn, but those wounds have scabbed over into a shell of tempered fortitude.

"Depth of Soul" reminds us of our resilience and power; that we possess flame and fury sufficient to forge meaning from anguish. We need only follow the ember of inspiration within, as Juliet so fearlessly has. Let her voice be your guide through darkness; let this song ignite your own determination and drive the rigid shadows of doubt and despair into headlong flight. Play "Depth of Soul" on repeat across Spotify or your preferred streaming platform, and follow Juliet Callahan on her social media profiles for the latest news about her new music.

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TOP BEST HITSMeant To Be Together (Original Single) By TJ Doyle

April 21, 2023 by saiidzeidan

TJ Doyle is an artist oozing passion and purpose, channeling the heartbeat of the earth into melodies that soothe the soul. While some simply wrap mediocre lyrics in shallow melodies and call it music, TJ Doyle provides something profoundly moving. He crafts anthems worthy of swirling deep emotions and inspiring change.

And now he returns with a single of such depth and beauty. The song pierced my soul with its profound radiance and charm. "Meant To Be Together" is a masterwork in musical composition and poeticism. Guitars that entwine a mesmerizing enchantment, vocals as tender as a lover's embrace yet stirring the spirit, drums that pulse with determination, propelling the tune forward like a collective throbbing. Each note and lyric breathes vitality into an anthem of sanguinity, illuminating our shared fate. Like all his magnum opuses, it is a sanctuary and a rallying cry, rekindling our might when our hearts and voices unite. The melody descends upon you softly as summer rain, moistening your face and opening your mind to deep reflection. Layer upon layer unveils more resounding meaning and hope, revealing new depths with each listen. Each note, each word, and each beat fills my heart to the bursting point with joy and conviction. This piece resonates deeply with me, providing acuity, comprehension, and a feeling of belonging.

TJ Doyle has shattered ceilings, topping charts and earning his place among legends. In 2017 alone, he boasted three radio-dominating hits, "Anonymous", "Unconditional" and "Living In Our Dream". His zeitgeist-capturing song "Anonymous" even got a Round Glass nomination, recognizing its power to cultivate compassion and shift consciousness.

TJ Doyle’s music was birthed from a primal need to make sense of our existence and forge a more resonant connection. He wants to "help people make sense of themselves and the world. That is my prime directive with my music and lyrics" as he states.

If you haven't yet encountered TJ Doyle's work, you owe it to yourself to listen to music this profound and moving. His songs have the power to heal broken spirits, as they recall us to our eternal home. TJ Doyle delivers something far greater than simply entertainment or escapism. He shares wisdom, venerates life, and conveys insight through melody alone. Follow him for more illuminating tracks, and stream "Meant To Be Together" on any streaming site you prefer.

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TOP BEST HITSConfessions by Candlelight (Original Single) By Tasha Blackmore

April 21, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Tasha Blackmore is Nashville's next big thing. Hailing from Northumberland, this country-pop phenomenon blends the grit and twang of country with the catchy melodies of pop. Rarely does an artist arrive with as much talent, charisma, and determination as Tasha Blackmore.

With her new single "Confessions by Candlelight", Tasha transports you to a place of hushed familiarity, where her voice is your only companion. What makes this song country, is her vocal tone. Her vocal tone screams country, and has that deep, twangy tone that not many people possess. She sings with her heart and that is very evident, you could feel all her emotions and power from her vocals. Her vocals are a compelling contrast, at once voice-raisingly effusive and voice-loweringly sultry.

The production feels both vulnerable and formidable. Stripped down yet majestic, intimate yet powerful. A solemn piano and minor drumbeat create an atmosphere of intimacy, as if you've stumbled upon something private. Within this stripped-back soundscape, her vocals reign supreme, showcasing a blossoming talent and emotional depth.

I will be very honest with you, this is my first time checking Tasha out, but it took me one listen to fall in love completely with her craft. Her songwriting is poetic yet emotive, musically and lyrically intertwined to create a profoundly moving experience. I really enjoyed the song and had to repeat it multiple times. Tasha Blackmore has established herself as an artist to watch, combining country grit with pop melody and raw, soul-baring talent. "Confessions by Candlelight" is a striking release, and I for one cannot wait to hear where her music takes us next.

With her songwriting talent, fiery vocals, and mighty yet steady sound, Tasha Blackmore is set to captivate Nashville and beyond. Her music has an old soul quality to it, filled with poetic lyrics, melodies that stick with you, and a twangy tone that is perfect for her roots-infused style. This is only the beginning for an artist who aims to blend genres, rend the heart, and forge a style all her own. Country and pop have met their match in Tasha Blackmore.

Do not hesitate, immerse yourselves in "Confessions by Candlelight" and surrender to Tasha's talent by following her on her socials.

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TOP BEST HITSvalley (Original Single) By Proklaim

April 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Proklaim's recent drop, "Valley," affirms him as an MC to stand the test of time. This jam is essential listening for any beat-head or hip-hop lover, Proklaim flaunts his unparalleled skills and one-of-a-kind approach.

Proklaim has always been a player of the game, crafting verses that immerse you within alternate dimensions. From the opening bars, this track transports you to another world, filled with lyrical landscapes and thumping beats you can feel in your bones. Proklaim’s proficiency to paint pictures and move masses sets him apart as an artist like no other, solidifying his power as one of the GOATs. While the scene has no shortage of talents, none excel the way Proklaim does.

The bassline shook the speakers, a heavy low-end rumble that pulled the track into a hypnotic groove. Crisp hi-hats fluttered on each beat like metallic wings, creating texture and dimension. Layered synth pads added atmosphere, with a dark and brooding tone that matched the vibes. The trap-infused instrumental provides a deep, rumbling foundation for Proklaim's lyrical leaps and bounds. Its subtly progressive elements make way for Proklaim to push the boundaries of his vocal range and rhyming capabilities at every turn. He crafts a sonic landscape haunting in scope yet hard-hitting, transporting listeners to back alleys and dimly lit street corners that shape their perspective.

Proklaim is hailed as an innovator and influential figure laying the groundwork for the future of hip hop. While many continue to debate the "state of hip-hop" Proklaim stays focused on advancing the culture, a singular voice and vision guiding our way through the darkness.

From multi-syllabic rhymes and punchlines like knockout blows to poignant and profound storytelling reflecting the human condition, Proklaim raises the bar with each and every release. This track, and Proklaim's music as a whole, are experiences that transcend surface level understanding - you can only bow down to their greatness. Proklaim's talent and skill on the mic make this a pivotal moment - a must listen release. Stream it, share it, and follow Proklaim for more eminence.

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TOP BEST HITSI Should’ve Known (Original Single) By Sydney Gordon

April 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The haunting production and echoing vocals of Sydney Gordon's "I Should've Known" make for an emotionally devastating breakup anthem. Over pensive melodies, she recounts the duplicity of an undeniable lying partner, ruefully reflecting on how she failed to see the truth sooner.

The whisper of synths evoke a sense of hollowness and loss, as Gordon sings "Lies / Keep coming back to me / Clear now the smokes gone away." With dawning clarity, she recognizes how foolishly and naively she acted, "believing the words that you'd say." The deceased romance is revealed as utterly for nothing, "a lesson I learned on my own."

It's a lesson that cuts like a knife. "I should've seen this coming / Cause it was always something / With you / And it was all for nothing" The repetition of "I should've known" serves as a vigorous chorus, a melancholic meditation on her former innocence and blind trust. She should have known his "convenient excuses" and penchant for spinning "what the truth is" to suit himself. The lyrics are extremely relatable, sure to resonate with almost everyone in our modern time.

The arrangements allow Gordon's powerhouse vocals to shine through, imbuing each line with depth and nuance. Her tone is at once anguished, angry, and resigned, capturing the complex and conflicting emotions of heartbreak. Even as she vows "No / Don't waste your breath on me / I won't play stupid again," a wistfulness for her ex affection still lingers. Any caring for him has been entirely displaced by disillusionment and scorn. "The day you come back to me / I got no sympathy." The repetition of this blunt rejection, along with "I should've known," hammers home her transformation from innocent lover to wise woman scorned.

Through it all, Gordon's vocals remain emotionally compelling, as raw and radiant as a sun setting on a lost love. Her ability to imbue the rhythmic lyrics with profoundness and degree transforms the song into a moving character study. The bitter lessons of heartbreak are made hauntingly poignant, resonating long after the final notes fade. "I Should've Known" emerges as a powerfully moving epic of lost love and growth, rendered in emotionally resonant arrangements and vocals of captivating force.

The ultimate breakup banger that will help you channel your inner heartbreaker is "I Should’ve Known." This blistering song by Sydney Gordon is dynamite designed to blow apart treacherous former partners. Don’t just stream this song, immerse yourself in it. Get lost in Sydney Gordon’s powerful vocals and luxuriant-driven sound. Keep extending your playlist with more detonations from Sydney Gordon by following her on her socials and staying updated on everything new by her.

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TOP BEST HITSChest Pain (Original Single) By Carson Aday

April 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Carson Aday is an artist steering clear of superficial tropes and rather crafting music with emotional depth and authenticity. His single, "Chest Pain," is a moving work, exhibiting the susceptibility and crisp humanity in his artistry.

The soothing acoustic gently guides you into a moment of introspection. His vocals arise like a whispered secret, resonating within. The guitar is not so much establishing a melody as creating an atmosphere of quiet ease. As more instruments emerge, they do so with muted grace, proffering comfort. The chorus is one of those painfully poignant melodies that seeps into your soul, like a haunting dream from which there's no escape. The impact lies in the emotional resonance, aching yet sweet, tender yet hopeless.

By the last chorus, a delicate synth swells like the rising tide, bringing the song to new emotional deepness. His strained, anguished vocals convey sentiments and feelings, conveying torment through tone and texture alone. The melody acts as a lifeline, stopping him from being swept away by sorrow and despair.

As the song unfurls, it becomes clear this is no mere "chest pain." This is the pain of a soul shown stripped through vocal performance and instrumental arrangement. Brief shining moments of melody offer fleeting solace, hope emerging even from the depths of ache.

By the end, you feel you have been privy to something profoundly moving and personal through production and vocals alone, a glimpse into the emotive depths that fuel this artist's work. Every element has been finely crafted to achieve maximum appeal and success with only honest artistry and the resonant power of shared vulnerability, conveyed through sound. This is a ballad in the truest sense, a poetic unraveling of the soul through musicality.

If you weren’t familiar with Carson Aday before, this is a great place to start. Go on Spotify, search for "Chest Pain", and stream it there. To discover more of Carson’s music and stay updated on everything new, follow him on his socials.

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TOP BEST HITSFall Together (Original Single) By Gabriel Bishop

April 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Gabriel Bishop crafts music as a raw, unadorned expression of himself. The Brisbane-based producer pushes the boundaries of pop even as he maintains an irresistibly catchy hook. While his first release of 2023 "Off My Mind" glimpsed a playful flirtatiousness, Bishop's latest "Fall Together" bares his soul. A kinetic fusion of synth-wave beats, Latin artistry, and smoldering vocals, "Fall Together" navigates the depths of uncertain love.

Each note a whispered confession, each beat a pulse of life and heartbreak, "Fall Together" becomes an anthem of intimacy. Although pitched as a pop ballad, its energy vibrates with pent-up passion. Bishop merges genres and emotions, fashioning a sound that is vastly complex yet nakedly intuitive. What emerges is a voice that feels strikingly personal yet universally resonant. Poignant, exhilarating, and imbued with intensity, Gabriel Bishop crafts pop that lingers long after the last note fades. Crisp synth descent into a persistent bassline, embracing a vocal performance of haunting fragility. His hushed, breathy tones convey an ardent joy, a bliss that longs to emerge and thrill.

Each element—synths, beats, vocals—operates as its own thread, weaving together into a cohesive tapestry, he transforms heartbreak into an art form, bare emotion attaining an almost spiritual transcendence. Bishop's sound is a study in contradiction: anguished yet uplifting, melancholic yet joyful. His songs pivot on a knife's edge, balancing darkness and light. His productions seize the listener with a refrain both begging to be singalong to and desperately cried out, yet there is more to his music than mere catchiness.

Gabriel is a relatively new artist who is carving out a stunning career with only bigger things ahead of him. You surely want to be part of that journey and listen along. Gabriel is poised to become a star, building momentum with each new release. This is a career taking shape before your eyes, and the music is irresistible, every listen feels intimate yet deeply moving. While many artists are good at what they do, only an elite few achieve greatness, and Gabriel is bound to achieve it. So drop everything, press play, and fall together. Follow him on social media and stream "Fall Together" on Spotify.

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TOP BEST HITSEyes in Love (Original Single) By Naked Face

April 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan


The oozing soundscapes of "Eyes in Love" by the pair Naked Face envelop the listener in a sea of ecstasy and transcendence. Every musical element, from the thumping heartbeat of a bassline to synths that slither and writhe, has been composed to plunge the listener into musical oblivion.

"I wrote the song about my struggles with a deteriorating, tumultuous, relationship whilst also battling a severe post-surgical opioid addiction" said Steve Slik. He wrote the song to help inspire and give hope to others suffering through similar struggles. Even though he was still dealing with the effects of a rough relationship and opioid addiction, he wanted to convey that there is light ahead, even in the darkest of times. By sharing his experience through music, he hoped to help the millions of people also fighting alike difficulties. The song was a way to help others know they are not alone and that things can get better.

Passionate vocals sing and coo, igniting the lyrics of "Eyes in Love" with fire, dripping the song with desire and longing, awash in recollection and regret. "All you'd say were lies / Died / Rumours of you in my mind / Tonight / Leave it all behind," mourns the spirited melody, dismantling the remains of a tarnished romance.

"Blind / I'm blind from the tears of my eyes / All you’d say were lies," repeats the chorus, blinding itself to avoid seeing the painful truth. The song is a relief, disassembling the guise of a relationship built on falsehoods and breakage. "Eyes in Love" permits the listener to feel the anguish, then exhale it, transmuting pain into euphoria.

The driving beat and flowing synth sounds create an energetic, vibrating mood that lifts your spirits, even as the singer expresses sadness in the words. The music provides kinetic bliss to balance out any despondency. It gives you sorrowful angst to enjoy in the lyrics, but compensates with rhythmic cheer.

Listening to "Eyes in Love" is a journey into light. The song is a mystical alarm, awakening the spark within to blaze forth into the boundless sky. Listen to this addictive track and follow along with the pair Steve Slik and Luke House on social media, you'll be lost in the flow of Naked Face in no time.

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JUST ROCKAngels With Fangs (Original Album) By Gallowayyys

April 19, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The sonic vision of Blake Alexander, the artist known as Gallowayyys, is one of relentless innovation. With a determination to thrust past the fringe of trendy music, Alexander's newest album 'Angels with Fangs' is a hypnotic fusion of genres, styles, and influences.

The opener with the same name "Angels with Fangs" showcases Blake Alexander's unparalleled skills as a producer and sound designer. The track is an aural assault, its screaming synths and warped vocals violently grabbing you and dragging you along on a harrowing ride with no chance of escape until the crushing finale. Every detail of the intricate production is meticulously crafted, the components interlocking with machine-like precision to create a twisted form of order out of the churning chaos roiling under the shimmering surface of the soundscape.

" Heart Throb (ft. Sterling VanDamme)" highlights Gallowayyys' vocals and unique compositional style. The track deftly toggles between soaring highs and throbbing lows, incorporating varied electronic elements along with Gallowayyys' manipulated vocals. "Tyler Durden" follows, opening with Gallowayyys' precise crooning before building into a sultry, shimmering groove. Twinkling soundscapes and irresistible allure prevail. "Crazy Like A Fox" showcases the range of the album, a whistling bass melody and hip hop-infused beat forming the backdrop for Gallowayyys' reverberating vocals, which imbue the track with more flavor.

Then there's "Bathsheba (Redux)", a whirlwind of charismatic delivery and refreshing energy. Gallowayyys' words cascade with a casually stylish flow, creating an experience sure to draw smiles. The album’s climax arrives in the form of "Buried Alive". A reprieve from the breakneck pace of the preceding tracks, the song adopts a more leisurely tempo reminiscent of contemporary rock.

Don't just listen to me, be sure to go and stream the album to be certain that you got a taste of all of Gallowayyys marvelous creations, as "Sticky Fingers-Redux", "Pink Lemonade- Electric Chop", "Acid In My Car( Summer Feels)", and "Split" were not detailed. So what are you waiting for, go and check out the album now to know how Gallowayyys tied his brilliant masterpiece together!!

With Angels with Fangs, the enigmatic Gallowayyys proves a musical visionary par excellence.

Each track of this polished yet kaleidoscopic magnum opus sports its own distinct flavor, showcasing Blake Alexander's inherent versatility. This album is a rousing slap awakening us from the derivativeness permeating the industry. Listening to Gallowayyys' creative work is a privilege that will echo through the ages. I eagerly await the next stage of Alexander's artistic journey, which you can follow along with by streaming Angels with Fangs on Spotify and tracking Gallowayyys' activities on social media.

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TOP BEST HITSA New Poet In Town (Original Album) By Charlie Diamond

April 18, 2023 by saiidzeidan

"A New Poet In Town", the latest album from singer-songwriter Charlie Diamond, features Diamond’s exceptional talent and vision. His musical talent and dulcet tone craft an enveloping peace and marvel.

The opening track, "Cambridge Fact Checker", kicks off with a harmonica storm that sweeps the listener away. Diamond’s vocals soon follow, gaining power and soulfulness to match the instrumental bliss. The harmonica returns throughout, interweaving its shrill beauty. "Back To Meadow Street" continues the harmonica’s charmed journey, while Diamond’s vocals grow more affectionate. His fervent melodies and lyrics make every lyric feel deeply felt. The harmonica and vocal harmonies craft a tapestry of warmth and wonder.

"Electric Lady Dreams" starts strong with Diamond’s vocals and guitar, then unveils hidden instrumental gems to discover. Its piercing americana allure, and vocal/guitar beauty will dazzle you, and even after repeated listens, the subtle arrangements will delight you. "My Life Leads" is a laid-back, chill track where Diamond’s vocals carry more emotion than elsewhere. His soft, tender vocals are like a caress; listeners will feel profoundly touched.

"The Star Studded Girl and The Sunset Kid" is emotive, powerful - not just in arrangements but in how it makes you feel. Diamond’s skill for storytelling and definitive imagery transported me to other worlds. "Mid-Century Debutante" follows a folky magic, with singing so vivid you’ll feel the main character. Diamond’s gifts for melody, lyricism, and vocal expression captivate utterly.

[caption id="attachment_8005" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Charlie Diamond in Northampton, MA on November 21, 2022.[/caption]

"Herman Drasser An Innocent Man" highlights Diamond’s talent, featuring only guitar and vocals. His heartfelt, nuanced storytelling and lovely fingerpicking create a stirring, moving experience. "Asmae.Rebel.Dreamer." was my most replayed, with awesome sections showcasing vocal power and range, sharp dynamics, resonant lows and soaring high satisfaction. "Guitar Girl" offers cheer and smiles, with uplifting melodies and joyful, carefree energy.

You must experience the poignant beauty and moving artistry within these songs. After journeying through "A New Poet In Town", you will become an ardent fan of Charlie Diamond's talent. His lyrical vision, masterful musicianship, and velvet voice stir the soul and give voice to emotions you can barely articulate.

If Charlie Diamond has nurtured hope within your heart too, follow him on his socials to stay up to date with future releases. And for the lover of lovelorn ballads and wistful wanderlust, stream "A New Poet In Town" on any streaming platform. Immerse yourself in the musical magic Charlie Diamond weaves with harmonica, guitar, voice, and strings.

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TOP BEST HITSStay! (Original Single) By Fish And Scale

April 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Fish And Scale, known by the moniker Roland Wälzlein, crafts musical realism that lights up the soul. Roland Wälzlein's songs excavate your soul, peel back layers of scars, and lay bare emotions you had forgotten you were even capable of feeling. His single "Stay!" is a masterclass in emotional songwriting and vocal performance, embedding itself in your mind long after the final notes fade away.

Musically, "Stay!" starts off simple. We’re greeted by only the plaintive tones of an acoustic guitar and hesitant keys, slowly strumming and tinkling like memories becoming clearer. The song is building its foundation piece by piece until it becomes encompassing, with light drums that emerge from the ether, padding alongside you. But after the bridge, in the last minute, the drums kick into gear, pounding forth with vigor and might as if awakening from a deep slumber.

Roland’s vocals follow a similar trajectory, starting off stripped-back and fragile before blossoming with confident might. His tone is deeply sentimental and transformative, able to conjure feelings of sorrow, joy, and everything in between in the space of a single lyric. He makes you feel each word, each subtle inflection and waver, investing you so fully in the story being told that the song becomes permanently seared onto your soul.

There is an undeniable authenticity to Fish And Scale’s music. Roland speaks with the hard-won wisdom of one who has stared into darkness and emerged scarred yet stronger, his art a catharsis of life’s trials and tribulations. The songs are raw, uncensored perspectives on love, loss, and the spaces in between - profoundly moving glimpses into the human condition. At their core, they are about connection, about sharing experiences, and forging deeper understanding between people through the power of melody and voice.

Fish And Scale crafts anthems for the introspective and deep feeling, guiding listeners to find solace in one another. His music deserves to be experienced - and truly felt - in equal measure. When "Stay!" finishes, you won’t soon forget its haunting refrain. Fish And Scale’s world is one you’ll want to get lost in time and again. Follow Fish And Scale on his journey through life and music - and stream "Stay!" on Spotify and beyond.

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TOP BEST HITSWhat if (Original Single) By lukx

April 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

lukx, the influential father-son duo, are back again with their eagerly awaited new single "What If". The duo, Lucas (son) and Nils (father), have been crafting genre-bending hip-hop and alternative indie tracks for over a decade now, pushing visionary boundaries with each new release. "What If" is no exception, featuring Lucas’ dynamic rap style over upbeat electronic beats and catchy guitar hooks from his father.

As anticipated, Lucas’ rapid-fire verses on "What If" showcase his gift for lyrical gymnastics and complex rhythms. His vocals skitter from one idea to the next at a breakneck pace, yet each line is coherent and packed with meaning, referencing self-improvement, discipline, and hard-won wisdom. Unlike many of their past tracks that blended genres in ambitious and experimental ways, "What If" strips down the sonic palette to a simple yet impactful arrangement of electronic beats, shimmering synth washes, and strummed guitar strings. The beat is impeccably crisp and pristine, meticulously crafted to provide the right canvas for Lucas’ vocals to shine through without distraction.

His vocals glide effortlessly over the minimal beat, like floating on a cushion of air. Lucas’ smooth and airy vocals create a sense of endless possibility and sonic escapism, lifting the listener up and transporting them to another world. The clean electronic beats and synths propel the track forward at a gentle pace, as if strolling through a lovely space. The guitar provides sparse yet effective hints of warmth and melody without overshadowing the main event, Lucas’ lyrical virtuosity.

Overall, "What If" is a thrilling return to form for lukx, sharpening their talents to a razor-sharp point. With Lucas’ flows and vocals butted up against a clinical yet emotive production, the track achieves a perfect balance of technical skill and heartfelt creativity. "What If" is a masterclass in subtlety, nuance, and tightly-controlled artistic vision from one of hip-hop’s most important voices. lukx remain innovators, forging new paths in sound and storytelling with each track. "What If" does not disappoint, cementing lukx’s status as leaders of their generation. Make sure you follow lukx on their socials to immerse yourself fully in their creative universe and soak in the inspirational vibes of "What If" on Spotify.

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TOP BEST HITSFlashflood (Original Single) By Culture Shock!

April 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The scalding suns of Cape Coral forged Culture Shock! in fire and brimstone. Ben, Ethan, and Travis have been crafting their incendiary rock and roll since learning to hold instruments, though Travis only recently joined their sonic fray. At long last, their debut unleashes the fever and passion they’ve harbored for decades.

If any song stands to ignite their following and forge new disciples, it’s "Flashflood". This track storms forth with irresistible hooks and abrasive grit. It’s Culture Shock!’s defiant howl, a rallying cry for their faithful, and a threat display for doubters. This single snarls and seethes, refusing to resemble anything but itself. Ben’s menacing bass and Travis’s distorted guitar sewing a powerful stitch through Ethan’s hammering drumbeat.

Culture Shock! emerged from Florida with blood in their eyes and rock and roll in their veins. "Flashflood" is the visceral evidence, an aggressive track to drown out the haters and amplify the believers. This song is Culture Shock!’s roar, unhinged and unchecked, mustering their ranks and laying claim to their power.

The band that never forgot where they came from now threatens to shake the world. Culture Shock! has come to reclaim rock and roll, one furious, feedback-drenched song at a time. They are the sound of rebellion in the streets, the wail that wakes the dead, the rage that refuses silence. Each note a battle cry, every lyric a declaration of war, "Flashflood" scratches and claws and you must give it a listen. This is a band that breathes fire, unwilling to temper their sonic assault for even a moment. Culture Shock! crafts hard-hitting rock and roll with hooked-in teeth and bloodied knuckles, leaving an indelible mark on all those fortunate enough to cross their path.

Culture Shock! hails from the sweltering shores of Cape Coral, channeling the unrestrained energy of Florida into their pounding rock and roll. Their debut unveils the fury they’ve long awaited to unleash, and "Flashflood" stands as proof of the reckoning to come. Stream "Flashflood" on Spotify, and follow Culture Shock! on their social media pages to stay updated on all new releases.

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JUST ROCKTranscending Into the Unknown (Original Single) By Transcending Into the Unknown

April 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

The metallic chords of Filip, Stian and Robert Dahl have long resonated in the depths of my soul. Transcending Into the Unknown, their new collaborative project, is the culmination of a lifetime's experimentation, blossoming into something sublime. Their recent release "Transcending Into the Unknown" titled just like their project name spans blues rock and metal, forging a sonic route through advanced domains.


Distilled to its core, the track is a journey of discovery. As musicians and as kin, the Dahls develop new passages, navigating uncharted territory and redrawing the frontiers of sound. Their collective tone is profoundly personal yet universal, an invitation: descend with them into the abyss, and emerge transformed.

The melodies of Filip, Stian and Robert blaze bright beacons in the darkness, piercing through the night with their fiery sounds. Like towering columns of flame, they forge a path ahead, daring listeners to follow wherever their musical progression may lead. The sonic worlds the trio explores and the sounds they have built to birth those worlds are stunningly immense yet intricately sophisticated. There are no boundaries to contain them, only vast horizons of sound waiting to be conquered. Each note they strike sparks new possibilities, igniting the imagination. The space they carve out resonates with color, texture and tone woven together into epic tapestries of sound. Layer upon layer, theme upon theme, they construct grand sonic cathedrals, relics of fire and sound stranded in time.

In the end, "Transcending Into the Unknown" is a musical monument to dedication, a trio using instruments as stethoscopes to tune into the frequencies of creation and chaos reverberating through us all. The guitars are compasses, always guiding them—and now us—home.

This release, and the worlds within, stand testament to the power of that bond to transcend constraints and illuminate new courses forward, telling the rest of us to follow where they lead. If you want to stay further updated on this trio, follow their sonic adventures on social media. Stream the track "Transcending Into the Unknown" on Spotify, and I am positive you will discover realms of sound as resonant and boundless as any they have yet forged.

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JUST ROCKHey Daddy. (Original Single) By Mick J. Clark

April 17, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Mick J. Clark is an artist revolutionizing music through intricate storytelling and moving lyrical meditations. Though reaching impressive commercial altitudes with multiple hit songs and a devoted following, Mick's greatest impact comes from empowering messages of hope, healing, and purpose in each earnest tune.

Mick J. Clark creates anthems that uplift listeners through adversity and promote well-being beyond superficial pleasures. He spreads philosophy and encouragement against all odds, proving music can change lives when wielded by someone championing what really matters. Today I’m discussing Clark's heart-wrenching "Hey Daddy", recounting a troubled life's journey, loss of innocence, difficult experiences, growth, and longing to reunite a broken family.


The music floods your senses, with every instrument shimmering with purpose, intertwining to form a cohesive sonic tapestry. Mick's baritone voice is the line anchoring it all together, a golden thread of grit and charm. He pours his heart and soul into each lyric, subtly embellishing notes with a twang of despair and a splash of hope. Though the melodies soar to sweeping heights, Mick's impact comes from sharing poetic glimpses into the human spirit. Songs like "Hey Daddy" carve out a space for purification, a place for our varied tales of triumph and heartbreak. He creates tracks that embrace the depth and messiness of existence, finding beauty in the broken places. He gives voice to the voiceless, speaking hard truths with raw emotional honesty. The production is sonically lush yet subtle, allowing Mick's artistry as a storyteller to take center stage. Guitars, pianos, and drums weave together into a tapestry of warm, worn-in sounds. While the instrumentals add layers of momentum, they never overpower the lyricism. Each element, from vocals to strings, shines through with a quiet, burning intensity.

Mick J. Clark’s music makes space for heartache, processing mental torment, and finding solace in a world quick to move forward from pain. He crafts conducive soundscapes allowing vulnerability, remembering loved ones lost, and inspiring purpose despite the profound loss. Through his music, he champions what endures and inspires, evolving us along the way. His songs pave a path through the darkness, reminding us of love, courage, and purpose. Stay up-to-date on new releases by following him on his socials, and listen to "Hey Daddy", streaming now on all major platforms.

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JUST ROCKWe Are Happy (Of The Pale Criminal – Original Single) By THORN

April 14, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Zenodro is back with another banger, just months after releasing one of the year’s strongest hip-hop hits with "Unstoppable". Now we’re all familiar with Zenodro, as from the moment he dropped his debut a few years back, he has only released certified hits, hits that never fail or flop. His catalog maintains a superior score, and for good reason.

Having built up over 8k monthly listeners on Spotify through a career of consistently delivering replay-obsessed anthems, Zenodro’s new single "Trainwreck" has already amassed nearly 7k streams in its first weeks. This establishes just how fabulously talented a rapper and hitmaker Zenodro has become, cementing his way into global stardom.

"Trainwreck" showcases Zenodro’s signature style and sound: a melodic hip-hop smash infused with trap beats and flowing synth lines. The atmospheric and hard-hitting production is the ideal canvas for Zenodro’s often introspective and insightful lyrics. His flow is as slick as ever, effortlessly riding the beat with a cadence that is commanding yet musical. It is a fire single, characterized by Zenodro’s rapid rap flow and awesome, upbeat hip-hop production. It’s not slow, boring, repetitive or old—it’s the type of hip-hop track that will get stuck in your brain long after the song finishes playing. The hypnotic beat, constructed from looping synth stabs, is so fresh that it works in perfect harmony with Zenodro’s charismatic bars and instantly catchy hooks.

With "Trainwreck", Zenodro has created yet another bonafide smash hit that is primed to take over listener’s playlists. This latest single proves that Zenodro remains an artist at the top of the game, dropping heat wherever his music is heard. Zenodro's impeccable production and wordplay craft out a dichotomy of head-bobbing beats and sophisticated lyrical passages. "Trainwreck" is the sound of an artist firing on all cylinders, resulting in a track that feels sculpted from the very fabric of hip hop’s -influenced present and future. Zenodro continues to push the boundaries of genre, re-imagining hip-hop's future through his singular creative vision.

Check out the new single "Trainwreck" by rapper Zenodro. With a blistering beat and clever lyrics, it’s an instant classic. And follow Zenodro on his social media platforms for more fire coming soon.

TOP BEST HITSTrainwreck (Original Single) By Zenodro

April 14, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Zenodro is back with another banger, just months after releasing one of the year’s strongest hip-hop hits with "Unstoppable". Now we’re all familiar with Zenodro, as from the moment he dropped his debut a few years back, he has only released certified hits, hits that never fail or flop. His catalog maintains a superior score, and for good reason.

Having built up over 8k monthly listeners on Spotify through a career of consistently delivering replay-obsessed anthems, Zenodro’s new single "Trainwreck" has already amassed nearly 7k streams in its first weeks. This establishes just how fabulously talented a rapper and hitmaker Zenodro has become, cementing his way into global stardom.

"Trainwreck" showcases Zenodro’s signature style and sound: a melodic hip-hop smash infused with trap beats and flowing synth lines. The atmospheric and hard-hitting production is the ideal canvas for Zenodro’s often introspective and insightful lyrics. His flow is as slick as ever, effortlessly riding the beat with a cadence that is commanding yet musical. It is a fire single, characterized by Zenodro’s rapid rap flow and awesome, upbeat hip-hop production. It’s not slow, boring, repetitive or old—it’s the type of hip-hop track that will get stuck in your brain long after the song finishes playing. The hypnotic beat, constructed from looping synth stabs, is so fresh that it works in perfect harmony with Zenodro’s charismatic bars and instantly catchy hooks.

With "Trainwreck", Zenodro has created yet another bonafide smash hit that is primed to take over listener’s playlists. This latest single proves that Zenodro remains an artist at the top of the game, dropping heat wherever his music is heard. Zenodro's impeccable production and wordplay craft out a dichotomy of head-bobbing beats and sophisticated lyrical passages. "Trainwreck" is the sound of an artist firing on all cylinders, resulting in a track that feels sculpted from the very fabric of hip hop’s -influenced present and future. Zenodro continues to push the boundaries of genre, re-imagining hip-hop's future through his singular creative vision.

Check out the new single "Trainwreck" by rapper Zenodro. With a blistering beat and clever lyrics, it’s an instant classic. And follow Zenodro on his social media platforms for more fire coming soon.

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JUST ROCKJealousy (Original Single) By Love Ghost

April 14, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Get ready to melt in Love Ghost’s ravishing new single "Jealousy". I covered Love Ghost before, and I always talk about just how brilliant this band is. Love Ghost crafts emotive and stirring music that tugs at the heartstrings. Their songs are personal portraits of feelings, exploring the depths of passion, and longing. Led by Finnegan Bell’s influential vocals, Love Ghost transforms the raw emotions of relationships into anthemic alt-rock tracks.

The lyrics are deeply haunting and poetic, exploring themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and yearning. Finnegan Bell’s vocals are unfiltered, gloomy, and intimate as he sings "I’ve spent a lot of nights unnoticed, that’s why I need your focus, can I have some of your time? Because you don’t ever leave my mind." The guitar work is intricate yet melodic, echoing the ache and angst in the lyrics.

The chorus is incredibly catchy yet poignant, with Finnegan crooning "Jealousy controlling me, jealous of the rain as it runs down your skin, jealous of your pain as it lives inside of you." The drums and bassline provide a steady, insistent pulse, reflecting the all-consuming and inescapable nature of jealousy and heartbreak.

The bridge contains some of the most powerful and moving lines, "Every time you leave, it’s like I cannot breathe, every part of me needs you and your misery." The instrumentation drops away here, allowing the raw emotion in the vocals to shine through. The vulnerability and longing he conveys is deeply affecting.

The song culminates in a climactic cacophony of distorted guitars and pounding drums as vocals scream "No more talking, dead ones stalking, I can’t fake it and I can’t take it" It’s a stunning, angst-ridden culmination of the song’s themes.

With such evocative songwriting, memorable hooks, and a knack for crafting moody yet melodic soundscapes, Love Ghost are cementing themselves as one of the most exciting acts in alternative rock today. This heart-wrenching anthem is not one to miss. Love Ghost have delivered a masterclass in melancholic alt-rock goodness. . You have to check it out on any streaming site immediately and feel its power for yourself. Follow Love Ghost for more spellbinding, guitar-driven alt-rock.

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JUST ROCKIn My Mind (Original Single) By Kingdom Calm

April 14, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Poignant, poetic, and immensely powerful, Kingdom Calm's single 'In My Mind' is evidence of a band adept at transforming pain into art. The track is an emotive indie rock piece that showcases the band's depth and aptitude for crafting profoundly inciting music. Brimming with youthful enthusiasm and rebellious verve, this song demonstrates a band that lives to shake up the world with their style, punk-inspired grit, and unbridled love of rock and roll.

Kingdom Calm comprises of Matt Power on the guitar and lead vocals, Sinclair Alexander playing the bass and vocals, and Andy Smith on the drums, three musicians united by a common vision and visceral understanding of catharsis through sound. Each member provides vocal textures and instrumentation on their recordings, with "In My Mind" exemplifying their collaborative approach and cohesive aesthetic. The vocals intertwine and support each other, highlighting the lyrical themes of reflecting upon life's most formative experiences.

Smith's drumbeat maintains a steady, pounding pulse that anchors the song while still allowing room for exploration. His subtle flourishes propel the track forward during the refrain and bridge, building momentum until the final, wistful fade. Throughout the track, the guitarist bends and slides between notes, subtly twisting recognizable chords into something bright, hopeful, and wholehearted. His picking is light and purposeful, plucking out voicing and melodies that seem to unfold cheerily like a happy memory. The solo, in particular, cascade sunnily like a songbird set free, with each note-taking joyous flight.

"In My Mind" is a profoundly moving work, at once thoughtful and transcendent. While rooted in personal recollections, the song's resonance stems from its universal relatability and emotive power. The layers of instrumentation and heart-on-sleeve vocals create a sonic space for transcending the self, with the music serving as a conduit for communing with memories and the spirit of times past. In just three minutes, Kingdom Calm crafts a nostalgic yet sublime listening experience, demonstrating a rare ability to transform personal experiences into something deeply moving, meaningful, and strangely familiar. "In My Mind" is indie rock at its most melodious and reassuring.

To hear Kingdom Calm's stirring hope and bittersweet melody in full, tune into "In My Mind" on Spotify and follow the trio's growing catalog of echoing indie rock.

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JUST ROCKFeed My Dreams With Funk (Original Single) By Mike By Name

April 14, 2023 by saiidzeidan

Let the funk flow through you with "Feed My Dreams With Funk" by the immensely talented mike by name. mike by name reflects the bluesy swagger of Hendrix and the punk attitude of Prince through his raspy vocals and Les Paul guitar. mike by name seems determined to push the boundaries of genre and redefine rock and roll, eager to transport listeners to new sonic spaces.

The track "Feed My Dreams With Funk" intertwines nostalgic funk textures from the 70s with current alternative rock sounds. It crafts a decadent, liberating musical adventure that feels at once cozy and cutting-edge. mike by name reshapes funk-rock with an avant-garde sense, fashioning a feel-good trip through sound that throws open the doors of perception.

Lyrics like "propels our dreams / Whether asleep or wide awake / Is there trouble? Is there danger? / Will the queen break the chain?" conjure a dreamy, meandering logic that marries fantastical ideas with mike’s brooding vocals. There’s a hint of threat in lines like "Why the conflict running always chasing our heels / Why are we wired to explode?" but ultimately, the refrain "I feed my dreams with funk / A funk and a kiss through the night" promises bliss and solace. Mike by name is a lyrical genius and this song highlights his masterful abilities!

mike by name laughs at life’s rough days, recalling "Used to feel I was all alone / Sad little king in castle / Weeping on his throne." But with his guitar and "lady with the thunder love," he’s "taken by infinity / but it ain’t what I’m dreaming of." Their connection seems to sustain him, even if the chemically-enhanced realities of the song’s funky cosmos differ from everyday life.

Scratching guitars, and spellbinding bass create a dreamscape that mike’s soul-baring voice navigates confidently. By the song’s climax, any lingering doubts about feeding one’s dreams with funk have washed away, as mike insists "Baby won’t you funk me right." His fuzzy, ecstatic groove makes a convincing case.

Mike by name is one artist the world needs to look out for, as his music is truly spellbinding and addictive! From Vocals to lyrics and beats, "Feed My Dreams With Funk" is a true masterpiece and a mesmerizing listen.

With "Feed My Dreams With Funk," mike by name composes an incantation of joy and escape. In his funky fantasy, there are no rough days or sad little kings—only infinite elation and a kiss through the night. The only trouble is deciding whether to keep feeding your dreams with funk or plunge in forever. Keep feeding your dreams with funk by streaming the song on Spotify, and following the stunning artist for news and updates on future releases.