At First Sight (Original Single) By Colorfuzz

JUST ROCK At First Sight (Original Single) By Colorfuzz

If I’m ever asked who the most talented rising instrumentalist of 2022 is, the answer would have to be Tim Mechling every single time. "The Decline of the Flies and the Rise of Spiders" is Tim’s latest masterpiece. It is truly an out-of-body experience best blasted out loud to provide an unforgettable immersive experience.

Tim Mechling’s instrumental talent is enough to give him the title "One Man Orchestra". He flawlessly plays guitar, piano, organ, bass, and drums all while being the lead vocalist for the band. With him is Hannah Wyatt the talented violinist and John Swanke the beast of electric guitars. Tad Kroening and Hannah Wyatt both contribute "Spoken Word".

Through desperation and sorrow, great things are born; the band came to exist as each member wanted to escape their reality and follow their passion for music. They met through Snohomish-based coffee shop open mics, horrible jobs, and social media which explains why they’re so dedicated to making it big in this industry as they’re nowhere else to go. It’s either this or nothing.

Influenced by great artists like Cormac McCarthy, Tom Waits, Godspeed You!, Black Emperor, Pink Floyd, Swans, Robert Crumb, and Steven Jesse Bernstein, they’ve dedicated their art to fit their idols and this dedication has not gone unnoticed. They’ve already received local recognition through gigs they’ve been performing at Subdued Stringband Jamboree, The Wild Buffalo, and The Shakedown. It’s only a matter of time before we see them performing globally and their talents recognized.

"The Decline of Flies and the Rise of Spiders" offers a uniquely immersive experience projected through the instrumental talents of Tim and supported by his vocal performance. The album features amazing solos by his support members and is a true statement of their talents. With 44 minutes of playtime and 9 unique tracks each with a unique identity, the album will surely get you lost in melodies.

An unmatched talent without the deserved recognition is always a heart-breaking sight to see. So be sure to stream their music and share it with your friends to show them all the support to keep blessing the world with incredible music and memorable experiences.

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