Astronaut (Original Single) By Richard Green

HYPE Astronaut (Original Single) By Richard Green

Despite working on several projects at once, the magnificent Italian musician Richard Green finds time to release new music, with his most recent tune is "Astronaut."

The creation of Astronaut is an electrical heaven that has blessed the world. The musical track features a lot of mind-blowing aspects, beginning with the electro rhythms at the start and moving on to the violin as additional synthesizers and beats are added. Keys and pads are dotted throughout the music, and as it moves along, you can hear the melody becoming clearer and feel the production's depths deepening with each passing beat. The song will take you on a journey filled with emotions that never stop.

Around the three-minute mark is one of my favorite parts; the violin raises its tone and the instrumentals get more dramatic; this little segment was a wonderful touch as the song's climax drew closer. The engaging song "Astronaut" has a wide range of tones and textures and takes its time, without pushing any of the elements, giving you a wonderful experience like no other while listening to the single.

Having said that, a little background on Richard: he began studying the guitar at the age of 12 and, a few years later, earned degrees in both music and guitar performance. His debut served as the soundtrack for a Piacenza art festival introduction film. Currently, Richard has over 22,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and some of his tracks have hit over 100k streams. His tracks are airy and soft and have the effect of giving you a warm hug. All of his releases will give you the impression that you are floating through space. Richard Green's music acts as a spiritual cleansing to improve your days.

You will feel lighter and forget about your difficult days if you give this song a listen. The easy-going song "Astronaut" is perfect for anyone who wants to clear their head and start again; it's like a treatment for the mind and spirit, and I wholeheartedly suggest it for any mood you're in. Check out Richard Green's "Astronaut" on Spotify. You should also give his earlier releases a listen, you won't regret it. Keep up with the composer on his social media accounts as well to learn all about upcoming releases.

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