Ascetic Dream By OXIROMA


I recently came across an enchanting song called "Ascetic Dream" by the incredible Oxiroma. I was taken to a place where logic and reason take a back seat to imagination and fantasy. For three magical minutes, Oxiroma uses a captivating blend of sounds to achieve what can only be described as an aural daydream.

The song begins with a gentle wash of synth pads that swell and recede like a calm ocean tide. Among the shimmering textures, delicate woodwind melodies emerge and intertwine like wisps of clouds drifting lazily across a blue sky. A light, looping piano figure joins the scene, its notes cascading at a relaxed pace.

As the introduction plays on, additional layers unfold gradually. Higher synth tones flicker in the distance. All the while, the woodwinds, and piano continue their graceful dance, weaving in and around one another. The music flows with a sense of ease and mystery, as if revealing hidden depths and dimensions with each new listen. When the main motif enters, it does so subtly, its familiar melodic shape emerging from the texture like a memory half-remembered. Accompanied by shimmering synth pads, it floats buoyantly along. As the motif repeats, variations blossom in delightful, unexpected ways, a higher octave here, elongated tones there.

Textures thin out only to reemerge thicker than before. The music ebbs and flows with a natural sense of ease, like waves upon a shoreline.

As the melodies interweave, they converse and play off one another in a delightful musical dialogue. They pass like ships in the night, each shining for a moment before receding into the texture. From there, Oxiroma guides us gently back to reality as motifs recede once more into the shimmering ether from which they came.

Oxiroma song "Ascetic Dream" really blew me away. The sights, sounds, and feelings in it stick like a glove. It feels less like just a normal song and more like it opens a window to another place. A place that's kinda like what it's like when you're dreaming. Oxiroma made it, so the music felt like it could go on forever and take you to other worlds.

This composition is amazing. It doesn't feel old or tied to now. And it makes you feel like you have left this world for a bit. I can't wait to listen to it again and go back to that nice place it created. I bet if you listen to it on Spotify, or on this link you'll see what I mean.

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