Apple Music Launches Three New Regional Hip-Hop Playlists

Apple Apple Music Launches Three New Regional Hip-Hop Playlists
Following the news of Spotify launching a bunch of new playlists to further meet the demands of Hip Hop listeners, Apple Music has also announced three new playlists in that area. This time, their focus is on three regions: Midwest, East Coast, and Pacific Northwest. The company notes that these three playlists: The New Midwest, The New East Coast, and The New Pacific Northwest, will aim to highlight rising talent from places like Flint, Louisville, Columbus, Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Portland, Olympia, and more.
“Launching these three new regionally-focused playlists allows us to shine a light on the vibrant local communities producing some of the most progressive sounds in hip-hop,” said Ebro Darden, Apple Music’s Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop and R&B. “It’s always been a priority to connect with artists and listeners at the community level as we champion discovery and emerging artists from across the map.” Apple Music Hip Hop programmer Cyle “Zini” Tahsini added: “Regional hip hop scenes have only grown in importance over the years and we’re confident these new playlists will help spotlight tomorrow’s superstars by giving them a global platform. We’re excited to accelerate discovery and connect artists with new fans.” Fans can now tune into the three shows The New MidwestThe New East Coast and The New Pacific Northwest now.

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