Apathy (Original Single By Lost Club

HYPE Apathy (Original Single By Lost Club

On December the 9th 2022, Lost Club made a comeback with the song "Apathy," which is about a person who lacks emotion yet yearns for warmth. If you are unfamiliar with the band, Nicholas Garcia is a multi-instrumentalist and extraordinarily skilled musician who performs as a solo act under the name Lost Club.

Lost Club is attempting to shine a light on how ignoring emotions can have a significant effect on the mind and soul. The song is an instrumental cocktail that never fails to put a grin on your face.

Some of the lyrics go "Hold me back, I miss those feelings that I seem to lack / I'm gettin' close then you pull me back / It's only me and you" The really meaningful and brilliant lyrics are complemented by the incredibly upbeat and happy sounds generated making for a unique combination.

A satisfying rhythm beat and a sweet guitar riff open the tune. The guitar playing is so exquisite that it will transport you to a completely different world of music and enthusiasm. It is truly an indie-rock tune through and through, with instrumentals that are able to keep you interested and never let you down. It has a really powerful melodic beat to it that almost makes you feel nostalgic when the vocals come.

With its upbeat, straightforward, and melodic guitar, it lures its listeners into a state of satisfaction. The chorus is even more jam-packed with melodies and symphonic sounds, with exquisitely created rhythms that are so rejuvenating to the mind and ears. Lost Club has an exceptionally lovely deep, and layered voice that you can't resist. In all honesty, the song is fantastic and will keep you interested and begging for more from the performer.

"Apathy" by Lost Club is like a breath of fresh air, and I couldn't get enough of it. Although I was recently introduced to Lost Club, I quickly fell in love with his music as I'm sure you will too. The melodies will captivate you, so be sure to check out this release and more on Spotify and follow Lost Club on his social media pages.

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