Angles (Original Single) By Wild Horse

TOP BEST HITS Angles (Original Single) By Wild Horse

As soon as the opening notes of Wild Horse's new single 'Angles' hit the airwaves, you know this beloved trio is back and ready to win over listeners everywhere. One song is all you need to hear to fall in love with Wild Horse. 'Angles' proves this band's got the talent and drive to win listeners over left and right.

'Angles' tackles that age-old dilemma of risking it all to share how you truly feel about someone, Wild Horse captures all the conflicting emotions that come with that choice. The lyrics feel deeply personal, but also deeply relatable, and the band conveys them through music that pulls you in and stays with you.

The guitar playing contributes to the song's unforgettable quality. The riff that opens the track and the catchy melodies woven through grab your attention, but with a precision and skill that never steals focus from the vocals or message. The band's musical talent shines in a way that strengthens everything about the song.
But the real show-stealer is the singer's vocal performance. His tone has a warmth and gentleness that embraces you from the first line and refuses to let go. The vocals pace the song and fully immerse you in the story, so by the end, you feel like you've lived and learned along with the composer.

The chorus is impossible to not smile along with. Its upbeat, cheery energy shows yet another side of the band's range—the ability to craft a hook that's as catchy as it is authentic and affecting. And just when you think the song has shown all its cards, the bridge arrives with a stunning high note and dramatic composition. The bridge reminds you that Wild Horse knows how to keep us guessing.

'Angles' grabbed me from the first listen—it's certainly one of my favorite songs of this year, hands down. If you're already a Wild Horse fan or just love amazing music, do yourself a favor and stream this song now. And follow the band, so you'll be first to hear about what they come up with next because artists this talented and versatile never stop surprising us.

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