ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1 (Original EP) By Gallowayyys

HYPE ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1 (Original EP) By Gallowayyys

Gallowayyys is a name you may have heard before, and if you haven't, it's time to take notice. This revolutionary name is the invention of Blake Alexander, and his latest EP, "ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1," is a record that you don’t want to miss.

While Gallowayyys has found a home in the underground scene, playing shows like the SXSW sneaker summit, The Speed Racer XP in Deep Ellum, and The World Event in LA, it's clear that his sound has the potential to transcend the underground and reach a wider audience.


"DYE IT RED," delivers an electrifying auditory sensation, featuring ravishing synth tones and a breathtakingly dynamic arrangement that catapults the listener out of their seat with an unexpected and seamless rap interlude. The artist's delivery is so smooth that it catches the listener off guard, leaving them yearning for more. Initially introduced in a dreamy and otherworldly fashion, this track subverts expectations with its stunning and intricate composition.

"PINK LEMONADE," on the other hand, is a high-energy hyper-pop masterpiece that shows off the artist's ability to effortlessly deliver pitched-up vocals over a dramatic and multilayered beat that drives at an exhilarating pace. The composition shifts rapidly in volume and tempo, ensuring that the listener remains fully engaged and excited throughout. The artist's vocals are heavily processed with state-of-the-art pitch correction and autotune technology, resulting in a singular and futuristic sound that is amplified by the use of complex harmonies and layered vocal arrangements.

"STICKY FINGERS (:)," exudes a chilled-out R&B ambiance while simultaneously exhibiting outstanding production values that imbue the track with an irresistible and magnetic quality compelling the listener to sway and groove along to its rhythm. The artist's vocals shine through with clarity in this track, free from any post-processing or edits, allowing the listener to appreciate the raw and unfiltered talent on display. Accompanied by vibrant and sonorous guitar strings, this track is a standout favorite that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who hear it.

When asked about the inspiration behind his latest EP, Gallowayyys delved into the complexness of gender and identity, saying, "Lately, I’ve been exploring the complexities between feminine nature and the masculine frame. With each new song, I try to add to the universe I’m building. For too long, I felt mentally stuck. Depression has a way of making you feel worthless, but after taking steps to address it, I feel as though I’ve discovered a whole new level of intentionality and depth. All of which I’ve been pouring into my music."

"ANGELS WITH FANGS, PT. 1" is an EP that everyone should give a listen. It has something for everyone, and each track is impressive in its own way. Gallowayyys is a rising star, and it's clear that he's on the brink of something big. Follow him on his social media pages and keep an eye out for what's to come.

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