Angels With Fangs (Original Album) By Gallowayyys

JUST ROCK Angels With Fangs (Original Album) By Gallowayyys

The sonic vision of Blake Alexander, the artist known as Gallowayyys, is one of relentless innovation. With a determination to thrust past the fringe of trendy music, Alexander's newest album 'Angels with Fangs' is a hypnotic fusion of genres, styles, and influences.

The opener with the same name "Angels with Fangs" showcases Blake Alexander's unparalleled skills as a producer and sound designer. The track is an aural assault, its screaming synths and warped vocals violently grabbing you and dragging you along on a harrowing ride with no chance of escape until the crushing finale. Every detail of the intricate production is meticulously crafted, the components interlocking with machine-like precision to create a twisted form of order out of the churning chaos roiling under the shimmering surface of the soundscape.

" Heart Throb (ft. Sterling VanDamme)" highlights Gallowayyys' vocals and unique compositional style. The track deftly toggles between soaring highs and throbbing lows, incorporating varied electronic elements along with Gallowayyys' manipulated vocals. "Tyler Durden" follows, opening with Gallowayyys' precise crooning before building into a sultry, shimmering groove. Twinkling soundscapes and irresistible allure prevail. "Crazy Like A Fox" showcases the range of the album, a whistling bass melody and hip hop-infused beat forming the backdrop for Gallowayyys' reverberating vocals, which imbue the track with more flavor.

Then there's "Bathsheba (Redux)", a whirlwind of charismatic delivery and refreshing energy. Gallowayyys' words cascade with a casually stylish flow, creating an experience sure to draw smiles. The album’s climax arrives in the form of "Buried Alive". A reprieve from the breakneck pace of the preceding tracks, the song adopts a more leisurely tempo reminiscent of contemporary rock.

Don't just listen to me, be sure to go and stream the album to be certain that you got a taste of all of Gallowayyys marvelous creations, as "Sticky Fingers-Redux", "Pink Lemonade- Electric Chop", "Acid In My Car( Summer Feels)", and "Split" were not detailed. So what are you waiting for, go and check out the album now to know how Gallowayyys tied his brilliant masterpiece together!!

With Angels with Fangs, the enigmatic Gallowayyys proves a musical visionary par excellence.

Each track of this polished yet kaleidoscopic magnum opus sports its own distinct flavor, showcasing Blake Alexander's inherent versatility. This album is a rousing slap awakening us from the derivativeness permeating the industry. Listening to Gallowayyys' creative work is a privilege that will echo through the ages. I eagerly await the next stage of Alexander's artistic journey, which you can follow along with by streaming Angels with Fangs on Spotify and tracking Gallowayyys' activities on social media.

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