Karen Salicath Jamali is an acclaimed composer, pianist, and producer living in New York City and Florida. Originally from Denmark, Karen has spent over three decades creating beautiful works of art. On top of her gift for music, Karen invests her time in painting, sculpture, and photography.
Several years ago, Karen experienced a scary accident that left her body injured. It took three years for Karen to recover. During that time of healing, music found Karen. As she rested, beautiful melodies began flowing from her mind into her fingers. Karen started playing the piano each day, which soothed her soul. Music helped speed up Karen's recovery.

Today, she has 7,8k monthly listeners who enjoy her music on Spotify. Karen's dedication to her art has earned her numerous awards. In 2024, she won the Midnight Gold Record for all her for the album Angel Pollination. That same year, Karen's album "Angel Hanael's Song" which I will discuss today, was up for Best Album at EMA.

Karen put her heart and soul into writing each song on this album. Each track was named so well too. The title track "Angel Hanael's Song" opens up, feeling like you're being treated to a divine hymn being sung by heavenly choirs!

Next is "Angel Hanael's Joy" - as soon as you hear it, you can't help but feel the euphoric exuberance it's bursting with. The piano notes have such a light, joyous feel to them like you're being carried aloft on festive winds. "Angel Hanael's Dream" has a much more misty, wistful quality. The notes drift so languidly, that it's almost like you're just paying attention to images floating around in a hazy haze.
Things get more mysterious with "Angel Hanael's Quest." There are these undercurrents of searching and digging flowing under the melody. One of my faves is "Angel Hanael's Heart." The chords are so profoundly moving, it makes your heart swell with emotion.

Karen saved one of her best for last! "Angel Hanael's Trust" has this incredible ability to elicit full faith in the power of music. And can you believe she wrapped up the whole album on such a high note? "Angel Hanael's Smile" leaves you with the most wonderful feeling of pure contentment.

When you take a step back and look at Karen's full body of work across this whole album, you see she's delivered a 360-degree journey of the spirit through her divine musical interpretations. Each song builds upon the last to truly impress the listener.

If you want to bring a little smile to your face, you need to stream Karen's masterpiece across all major streaming sites immediately. You will love it, and play it every time you want to experience real relaxation.

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