In the vast sea of independent music, few artists shine as brightly as the prolific Cardamon Rozzi. A neurodivergent, queer musician, Rozzi fearlessly uses their art to express their particular experiences and connect with the world around them. With a remarkable dedication to their craft, Rozzi has single-handedly created a mesmerizing collection of music known as ANDROGENISE, a true testament to personal triumph.

ANDROGENISE is not simply an album; it is an immersive journey through the life and growth of Cardamon Rozzi as a marginalized individual. Yet, amidst adversity, there is an undercurrent of courage that resonates throughout the project. ANDROGENISE is a celebration of self-discovery, an unapologetic expression of the artist’s true identity, and a beacon of pride for the communities they hold dear.

The album is comprised of thirteen dazzling tracks, each shining a light on a different aspect of Rozzi’s dynamic identity. The title track "ANDROGENISE" is a fast-paced chef-d'oeuvre boasting some of the finest vocal manipulations you’ll ever hear. "NBNBNBN" features sparkling keys and joyous dance beats, a lovely and vibrant listen. "sonic heroes is the basis of my moral compass" takes you by surprise with its deep verses and vocals, showing a more thoughtful side.

"BOP IT!" will make you move your head and body to its extremely versatile and rhythmic electronic beats and melodies. "GIVE IT THE JOOS (feat. Reptile B)" comprises multiple fun sections, with some parts mainly focusing on the rap while others feature instrumentals. "I COULD NEVER (feat. 98 Poly)" is a sweet track with twinkling keys and vocals for two minutes before introducing electronic beats, making it more upbeat. "FIREFLIES ft. Kat Welch" is a bright, uplifting track that carries a sense of wonder and innocence.

The album concludes with a night core version of "ANDROGENISE," which is twice as fast, modern, and incredibly exciting. The remix is a perfect culmination of the journey through Rozzi’s psyche, ending on a high note that makes you want to experience the thrill of the album all over again.

It’s impossible to fully describe the vibrancy, authenticity, and sheer creative genius of ANDROGENISE. CARΔAMO has crafted a deeply personal yet universally appealing work of art that pushes the boundaries of music. I highly recommend that you listen to Rozzi’s music and follow them for more of their brilliant creations.

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