and now it comes… (Original Single) By THE ARI JOSHUA QUARTET

TOP BEST HITS and now it comes… (Original Single) By THE ARI JOSHUA QUARTET

As the melody begins, I feel a sense of calm wash over me. The easy, familiar chords of the piano transport me to a happier place. I am instantly drawn into the dreamy soundscape of "and now it comes..." by the Ari Joshua Quartet.

The track starts with a sweet piano riff that echoes like sunlight through an open window. The keys are played with dramatic flourish yet remain sweet and romantic, drawing you further into the music. The guitar then joins in, light and airy yet textured like a perfect summer day. The bassline is simple yet effective, providing a solid rhythmic foundation. And the drums keep a steady but unobtrusive beat that holds everything together.

Led by guitarist and producer Ari Joshua, the group consists of some of the finest jazz musicians including bassist Geoff Harper, pianist Joel Bean, and drummer Will Lone. Together, these four outstanding musicians create a piece of music that is thoughtful but uplifting, intellectual but soulful. "and now it comes..." demonstrates the Ari Joshua Quartet's unique blend of skill, creativity and seasoned melodic intuition.

The instruments create a sensation of warmth and joy that washes over me. I can almost picture myself laid back on green grass under a cloudless blue sky as the music plays on. The melodies continue to rise and fall with appealing grace, expressing a kind of cheeriness that lifts my mood and eases tension from my shoulders.

As the song progresses, different instruments take turns sharing the spotlight before rejoining the ensemble once more. The Ari Joshua Quartet clearly has an intimate chemistry that allows them to communicate so fluidly through their instruments. And their composition shows a gift for crafting melodies that feel familiar in their uniqueness.

In the end, \"and now it comes...\" succeeds perfectly in its mission to provide a few precious minutes of blissful escape and warm comfort. This is certainly a song I'll have on repeat and an experience I'll treasure. I highly recommend giving it a listen today and soaking in those good vibes the Ari Joshua Quartet so beautifully creates. Be sure to follow The Ari Joshua Quartret on your preferred social platform to keep up with their excellent jazz covers and original tunes.


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