Analog Dreams By JPRIZM


JPRIZM is back at it again with another deep dive into some signature '80s synth wave sounds, so let's use our imagination for a minute and transport you back to 1984. You just pop in a fresh cassette to your ride's deck and hit play. The opening notes of "Analog Dreams" by JPRIZM start flooding through those speakers of yours.

Where do I even start describing this gem? Right off the bat, those chunky drums and synthy bassline grab you by the collar and don't let go. It's got that perfect balance of being hard enough to get your head bobbing, but not so heavy that it overwhelms the other elements. And those keys soar overhead, carrying you on a wave of pure '80s euphoria. It's the musical equivalent of flying down the highway with the windows down on a sunny afternoon.

The melody is quintessential JPRIZM - bright and buoyant but with an edge of longing underneath. It sweeps you up and urges you onwards, always seeking something just out of reach in the shimmering digital horizons. The rich textures he crafts through his layered instrumentation feel transportive. I can close my eyes and visualize cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway as the sun dips below the ocean, windows rolled down, and fingers tapping on the steering wheel. It's an achingly brilliant evocation of restless dreams and restless souls. I know if I first heard this track way back in the 80s, it would've become a personal anthem.

That signature JPRIZM flair kept the track fresh through countless repeat listens, too. Little flourishes like the chirpy synths or crystallized strings midway ingeniously avoid monotony. Every revisit reveals new hidden textures in the dense yet pristine production. It's a true sonic feast that rewards close examination as much as carefree driving. Four and a half minutes pass in the blink of an eye as you're swept away by a river of synths.

So, if I could hop in a time machine and throw on any cassette to vibe out to, "Analog Dreams" would for sure be the pick. Its dreamy yet driving qualities are timeless. It's a classic that will be electrifying listeners for generations to come.

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