An Alien Among Us By MADEBIT


Experimental pop artist Madebit is here with her highly anticipated album, "An Alien Among Us,\" which came out this August and early listens indicate it will be nothing short of a great adventure. Madebit, the project of singer-songwriter and producer Madelyn Reyes based out of Nashville, TN, has developed a sound that blurs the lines between pop, electronic, and world music influences.

Across her previous EPs and singles, Madebit has proven herself a master of creating infectiously catchy pop hooks and embedding them within lush, multilayered soundscapes.

This dichotomy of sweet pop blended with cutting-edge influences is what defines Madebit’s singular artistic vision, and \"An Alien Among Us\" promises to further represent this balancing act. According to Reyes, the album aims to transform feelings of alienation into connection by exploring what it means to be an outsider looking in. Each glistening synth tone and celestial melody serves as an invitation for introspection and togetherness.

The journey begins with the ethereal intro track "Space," its wispy feel and distant vocals setting the stage for enchanting world-creation. The single "Sandy Beaches" propels hearers effortlessly through a surreal atmosphere with exquisitely layered production. The album then takes a turn with "Bring it Out," rocking fans off-balance with abstract glitch textures before stabilizing again with the ambient pulses of "Intermission (I do what I want)."

As the album progresses deeper, "A Sound is Born (Evolution of Self) " takes fans to fun pastures through aerial sounds and stunning vocals. Tracks like "Cause and Effect" maintain a continual balancing act between accessible song structures and mind-bending sonic experimentation. The closing number "Where the Sidewalk Never Ends" recalls motifs from throughout the journey, tying the album's narrative neatly together.

Across each track, Madebit invites audiences to let go of constraints and immerse themselves fully in an ever-shifting universe of sound. Rather than adhere to defined genres, like drifting among the stars, the album acts as a passport to escape ordinary perception of time and reality through absorbing textures and vivid atmospheres.

As a phenomenal artist through synth and sound, Madebit is sure to continue carving out a unique space at the intersection of pop accessibility and avant-garde experimentation for many albums to come. Follow all of Madebit's journeys through the sonic dimensions by giving "An Alien Among Us" a listen and keeping up with her latest adventures on all media platforms.


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