American Villain By RUSTY REID


Rusty Reid's back with a serious new track called "American Villain" that dives headfirst into examining one of the most controversial figures in America’s history. Rusty's rustic vocals are as stirring as ever, laying out the story in poetic language.

Rusty's raspy pitch glides over the top, pouring his heart out as only he can. His tone has aged like fine wine, more textured and soulful than ever. The rumbling notes reverberate with emotion, while his rasp adds grit and character. The rhythm section locks in tight behind steady strumming and driving percussion. Drummer Brandon Davis in particular shines, subtly propelling the song forward with dynamic fills and accents. His precise grooves lay the perfect foundation, allowing the other musicians to soar above.

Each instrument gets a moment to solo and shine, yet they're so cohesive as an ensemble. You can visualize these veteran pickers jamming together in the studio, effortlessly finding their pockets. It's a true band effort where all parties elevate one another. Marvelous five minutes allow the song's breathing room to evolve through various movements. Strings and keys also add pleasing colors throughout, from swelling drums to plucked guitars. Everything meshes for a sound simultaneously urgent and down-home comforting. It says much with understatement, a real hallmark of great creation.

Rusty's got his finger on the pulse here. He understands people are feeling uncertain and are questioning themselves in these troubled times. We want guidance but also the space to think freely. This song offers that, a thoughtful perspective without dictating how we should feel. I can picture it sparking some interesting conversations both online and around the dinner table!

Bravo to Rusty for sharing his gift and giving us something to work with. In a divisive era, we need more art that brings people together through empathy, understanding, and active listening like this does. I'm looking forward to seeing where the rest of these songs lead next. If you're itching for almost five minutes of rootsy bliss, I can't recommend this track enough. Give it a spin and play it loudly. Rusty and co. truly exemplify what good music can and should be about. Big kudos to them all.

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