Amateur Aztec Hour Vol. 0 (Original Album)

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I Went to Morocco Once Type of Guy Amateur Aztec Hour This is a great song from the album Vol. 0. for those who enjoy a heartfelt story in their music. The lyrics are meaningful and talk about real-life experiences. They tell a story of hope and courage that could easily be understood by anyone. The vocals are well-shaped, strong, and melodious, with always a feeling of sincerity behind them. They can touch your heart and make you feel what's inside the song. With strong instrumental accompaniments, this is one piece that deserves to be brought out from time to time when we need some meaning in our lives. I Went to Morocco Once Type of Guy Amateur Aztec Hour
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  This is the debut album from Amateur Aztec Hour, aka Daniel Ramirez, out of Austin, Texas. The "Amateur Aztec Hour" moniker comes from the experience of growing up Mexican American, and everything that comes with that in the central Texas region. The music addresses modernity, substance abuse, self deprecation, and existentialism with a poetic type of social critique. The underlying irony of this solo project is its attempt to combat both isolation and insulation. Salaam,

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