Am I Broken (Original Single) By meadowhip


Meadowhip has released a new emotional and relatable original single, “Am I Broken”  is an alternative pop song, the provocative and seductive single is a head-turner that will definitely entrance you. Am I Broken (Original Single) By meadowhip

“Am I Broken” is about you being the problematic one in your relationship something not as frequently acknowledged or talked about, and Meadowship personally gives us a heart felt message about “Am I Broken” : “This song is about owning your mess and your part in the breakdown of your relationships, and finding a bit of comedy in it all. Am I broken? Indeed I am, a lot of the time, and I mean, who isn’t? But surely admitting to your flaws is almost as good as not having any, right?”

I am in love with Meadowship, she is a talented artist, singer and songwriter that deserves credit and recognition for her brilliance. From the melodies of this single to instruments and indescribable angelic vocals present, You must give Am I Broken (Original Single) By meadowhip a listen.





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