Always You By LYIA META


In the world of music, truly prodigious talents come along rarely. These one-of-a-kind artists possess a jaw-dropping way to transcend genres and connect with audiences worldwide through the power and beauty of their voice alone. Lyia Meta is undoubtedly one such phenomenally gifted singer and songwriter who is carving her own path in the business with her unparalleled vocal prowess.

Blessed with a hypnotizing contralto vocal range that seems to know no bounds, Lyia transitions between blues, jazz, pop, and classical styles with incredible fluidity. Through years of dedication to constantly honing her craft, she has developed a voice of unmatched depth, resonance, and control. Her vocal style draws inevitable comparisons to icons like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse - legends who also utilized their searing, emotive vocals to establish themselves as trailblazers in their fields.

It comes as no surprise then that Lyia's talent has earned widespread critical acclaim, as evidenced by her impressive trophy case. In 2022 alone, she took home both 'Best Album' and 'Best Female Vocalist' honors at the prestigious Global Music Awards. Her sensational live performances also captured worldwide attention, leading to her being named 'Performance of the Year' at the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards. These monumental achievements recognize not only Lyia's pure vocal abilities but also her marvelous ability to craft resonant stories and forge deep connections with audiences.

Now, Lyia is ready to further showcase the full spectrum of her awe-inspiring talents with the release of her latest studio offering - the aptly titled "Always You." Comprised of eight intricate and emotionally stirring tracks, this jazz album serves as a tour de force that highlights Lyia's mastery of her instrument. From the moment her charming contralto floats over the opening notes of the title track, it becomes abundantly clear that listeners are in for a spellbinding vocal journey the likes of which are rarely experienced.

"Never Enough Time" sees Lyia delivering robust vocals that immerse the listener in a mood of pure jazz. Her flexibility to seamlessly navigate interlacing harmonies is on full display in "It’s Up To You," where she ascends melodically with seemingly effortless grace. Passion radiates from every note on the sultry soul piece "For You," pulling at the listener's heartstrings. In "Savor Me," Lyia demonstrates the true extent of her lower register's power and control in a performance that stops one in their tracks.

The celebratory "As We Throw Caution To The Wind" finds Lyia bringing an exhilarating energy, while the stripped-back "To Know What It’s Like" allows her vocals to soar high and penetrate the soul in a display of raw emotive ability. The album's show-stopping finale "My Dream Lover" sees Lyia belt out her final notes with thunderous triumph, leaving the listener in awe of her tremendous vocal horsepower and artistry.

Through "Always You," this phenomenal talent has firmly cemented her place among the greats with a jazz magnum opus sure to be revered for years to come. Lyia's God-given vocals, coupled with her sensational artistry and passion for her craft, make her one of the most exceptional musical forces in the world today - a true voice that must be experienced to be believed. To keep up with Lyia Meta's upcoming new music releases, be sure to follow her on social media. For those who simply cannot get enough of her mesmeric vocals, be sure to stream \"Always You\" now on all major platforms.

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