All The Trees (Original Album) By Dark Optics

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Dark Optics' debut album "All The Trees" is an aural journey into the kaleidoscopic musical mind of producer L. Davies. Featuring a fusion of styles ranging from trip-hop to experimental rock to hip-hop instrumentals, Dark Optics crafts captivating soundscapes that immerse the listener in his sonic visions.

The album commences with the shape-shifting title track, "All The Trees." Pulsing electronic beats intertwine with intricate guitar work as Dark Optics combines genres into a cohesive whole. Syncopated rhythms propel the song forward as layers of melody and texture unfold. "Numb" delves into Davies' electronic proclivities with a funk-fueled rhythm and kinetic synthesizers. As the song progresses, complex layers emerge yet the cohesion remains. Dark Optics constructs a mosaic of sounds that retains a distinctive voice.

The soothing "Japiro" gently transports the listener into a calm space crafted of ambient synths and delicate percussion. Dark Optics gradually builds the song into a full soundscape, akin to awakening from a restful slumber, without sacrificing the original sense of peace. In contrast, "Dandelion" showcases Davies' melodic dexterity with a searing synth line and frenetic drum pattern that careers at breakneck speed, evoking the exhilaration of an action sequence. The thrill ride of rhythm and melody leaves the listener breathless.

The reflective "Fallen" conjures a pensive, yet dramatic mood with a brisk tempo layered with shimmering keyboards and textured guitars swelling into an expansive sound space. Dark Optics demonstrates a deft balance of motion and grandeur. Hints of mystery permeate the darkly pulsating "Something On My Mind" as a dark yet spirited melody suggests hidden depths yet to be revealed; Dark Optics entices the listener to discover what lies beneath the surface.

The guitar-centric "Japiro (Dub)" version spotlights the exceptional skills on strings. Set against a minimalist backdrop, the performance transports the listener through emotively rendered sound worlds. The wistful sound of "The Woodcutter" provides a poignant conclusion to the journey. An elastic synth melody evokes longing and remembrance, as layered atmospheres enhance the cinematic quality. Dark Optics has led us through his vision of sound ON "All The Trees."

Dark Optics' debut album "All The Trees" is a creative tour de force, showcasing L. Davies' immense talent as a producer. The fusion of genres and sounds on this album keeps listeners captivated from start to finish. I fully recommend streaming "All The Trees" on Spotify to experience this musical journey for yourself. Be sure to follow Dark Optics on social media to keep up to date on upcoming music and projects from the producer.


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