All The Love (Original EP) By City Island

TOP BEST HITS All The Love (Original EP) By City Island

Picture yourself walking along a deserted beach, a warm summer breeze blowing through your hair, and you hear the distant sounds of a jazzy pop tune, and as you approach, you discover the soulful sounds of City Island. This indie band, made up of Nick Pretel and Josh Anthony, has just released their latest album, "All The Love", a culmination of two years' worth of musical experimentation and creativity.

The tracks on "All The Love" are a beautiful blend of different genres and styles, all infused with the pair's unique soulful sound. The album starts off with "Christopher St", a jazzy and soulful tone that immediately draws the listener in. The vocals on this one are reminiscent of sweet summer nights, evoking a kind and cozy feeling that sets the mood for the rest of the album.

"Shining Light" features a more upbeat tempo and funky rhythms that are sure to get your head nodding and your feet tapping. The vocals and harmonies on this one are particularly impressive, creating a sense of retro nostalgia that is both fun and infectious. Another standout track on the album is "Call Your Name". This song features the electric guitar, which adds a gentle and lovely touch to the song. The pop-infused melody is an instant earworm that screams happiness and love, and it's easy to see why this track is a fan favorite.

"Nobody Knows" is a more stripped-down track that gives us a taste of the pair's emotional range. The production is soft and subtle, creating a twinkling and influential atmosphere that fits the mood of the album like a glove. "Coming Home" is a doozy track on the album, with its soulful sound and sweet melody that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

The album also includes "Prison Walls", a song that takes a mellower road with the piano keys and strong vocals. The production is beautifully performed, with the vocals shining through and carrying the listener on a powerful journey. "I'm Not Lost" concludes the experience with its rich melodies.

"All The Love" is a piece of art that deserves to be played on repeat. It's a gracefully executed album that really shows the duo's talent, power, and versatility. "All The Love" is an album you won't want to miss, City Island's unique sound and creative flair shine through on each track, making this album a must-listen for anyone who loves good music. You can stream the album on any streaming site, and be sure to follow City Island for more awesomeness.

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