All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors (Original Single) By Griffen Handshake

JUST ROCK All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors (Original Single) By Griffen Handshake

It’s energy for me. That’s what I love about these two. It’s that unmatched chaotic energy that makes their music so damn good, and this latest release is exactly what makes them unique. Griffen Handshake is a mad punk rock band with exploding talent that's been gaining impressive traction recently and is set to break all their records with "All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors."

The revered brothers, Millen and Arjun Schunchert, are two artists rising to the scene with their punchy punk rock music. This is something we’ve all been missing over the past few years. Their nostalgic, energetic performance is influenced by the likes of Sum 41, Three Days Grace, Green Day, No Doubt, Nirvana, and The Interrupters; they’ve beautifully perfected the punk rock genre and made their influencers proud. With Millen as an accomplished guitarist and Arjun the mad drummer going nuts, the two are beautifully synergized in flawless harmony, with their lyrical performance beautifully connecting to listeners. The band was born in 2019 and released their first album, "My Box," in April 2019. Since then, they’ve been unstoppable.

"All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors" is the product of hard work and dedication to art. The track was recorded in two different basements with Evan Yester as the recording engineer and John Davis from Metropolis Studios mastering the track. The single conveys a beautiful subliminal message to all those entitled pricks that discourage those around them. This song is for the know-it-all guys that tear down your dreams. It’s a message by the duo to the people throughout their lives that discouraged them as they built a musical career for themselves by becoming punk rock stars. I wonder who’s regretting their choices now. As the song is inspired by true events, the emotional performance is highly evident in the duo’s vocal delivery. The emotions are even beautifully conveyed through their instrumental perfection and harmony, as if they’re telling a story rather than performing for their fans.

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