Alice and the Wonderland (Original Album) By IN SEARCH OF

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Get Ready for a dreamlike realm of mystery and imagination with the debut album 'Alice and the Wonderland' by the intriguing project In Search Of. Led by the talented father-daughter team of Michael Raitzin and Michelle Ray, this group has crafted a gorgeous retelling of Lewis Carroll’s well-known tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

At the heart of this spellbinding release is Michelle Ray’s exquisite voice, which adeptly captures the essence of the character Alice. With over 3.5 million streams on Spotify and experience as a finalist on NBC’s The Voice, Michelle’s versatile and emotive voice is the perfect vehicle to portray Alice’s journey.


Across its 13 original songs, the album exhibits varying styles and moods that mirror the narrative's progression through different events. The opening song "Intro" has a dreamy quality as Alice finds herself attending an "Engagement party" against her will. Longing for an escape, Alice finds her way back to Wonderland where she is immediately faced with danger in the form of an "Ambush" by the Knave of the sinister "The Red Queen". After narrowly escaping peril, Alice reflects on life’s wonders in the poignant "Tea Party". The album features superior tracks with their own special style, feel, and delivery, each telling a different story. The subtle nuances on each song are readily apparent, from the singer employing different vocal tones and ranges to match the mood of each song to the guitar riffs infused with the emotional power that enhances the story being told. The songs complement each other like pieces of an intricately designed puzzle, fitting together seamlessly to form a cohesive whole across the album. This reveals the band's vision for the album as a unified work of art, and indicates their diligent efforts and meticulous attention to detail when crafting each track as part of creating "Alice and the Wonderland." With its fusion of rock, power pop, and hard rock colored by world music influences, In Search Of has crafted a retell as enchanting and vivid as the original story.

To wholly experience, the entire wonder of the father-daughter duo In Search Of, listen to their beguiling album Alice and the Wonderland. Indulge in their songs by streaming, buying, and saving their music from music platforms. And stay current by subscribing to the band's social media accounts and connecting with them.


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