Algorithm & Blues (Original Album) by Motihari Brigade

Discover POP Algorithm & Blues (Original Album) by Motihari Brigade

One of the greatest 2022 Rock N Roll artists has dropped their latest original album and the world has not been the same since then. "Algorithm and Blues" by the talented Motihari Brigade is a masterpiece of chaotic complexities with catchy runes and rich melodies, an album worthy of recognition.

Eric Winston, AKA Motihari Brigade, is a U.K born singer, songwriter, and guitarist with an incomprehensibly imaginative capacity for creating unique songs and performances. This latest album by Motihari was inspired by escaping a zombie apocalypse, Red and Blue pill by the Matrix, and that creepy thing in movies where villains just blink and smile. A creative album by a skillful artist combined with clever punchy lyrics to provide a truly interesting melody. "Algorithms & Blues" is an experience to remember.

The album features a varied performance of different instruments; electric guitars, bass, drums, layered keyboard, and horn among others that synergize ever so perfectly into making this incredible album. A unique 12-track album conveying almost an hour of entertainment, it is the perfect Rock N Roll music to be blasting out and partying out on. While incredibly entertaining and creative, Motihari tries to convey meaningful messages to his fans through his music. The album tackles the controlling effects of big tech companies on the psychological state of human consciousness, a rebellious performance for those that read between the lines of this talented artist; we are the zombies in his music.

Inspired by the great Orwell, Motihari’s music is a unique blend and mixture of his creative self providing the world with a thought-provoking musical experience that hasnt been seen anywhere else. His creativity and performance have already been recognized by major media including Hollywood Digest, IndiePulse Music,MobYorkCity, Take Effect, and we are looking forward for the possibilities this latest release will unlock.

So hop on your streaming devices and experience creativity like never before, blast out "Algorithms & Blues" and share it among your friends to slingshot Motihari Brigade into the stardom he belongs to. Make sure to check out his website to remain up to date with all his upcoming releases and musical projects at

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