Discover POPAfter Effects (Original Single) By Jzzy

July 9, 2022 by saiidzeidan
 After Effects (Original Single) By Jzzy After Effects (Original Single) By Jzzy

Here is an excellent single from the American/ Indian artist Jzzy, "Afterward Effects" marks Jzzy's breakout single as she ventures into a new musical territory and leaves unfinished business behind. Her vision for this song was to combine two things she loves, an electric guitar and sick trap sounds. It features solid lyrics, and there is a vers line that I can't forget "I need a way out" we all need some way out to stop our misery and suffering. The music is tremendous, and the bass drops of the guitars are so tuneful and well-shaped. When I listen to Jzzy's voice, I remember how I used to listen to "Avril Lavigne" because it was so hard for me to differentiate between them if I didn't know whose singing.

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