Affection & Absence (Original EP) By Carl Liungman

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The emotive, tender solo piano work of Carl Liungman continues to unfold on his new EP ‘Affection & Absence’. Revealing four deeply felt, melodic pieces, ‘Affection & Absence’ paints a vivid sonic landscape of intimacy, passion, and heartbreak.

Liungman’s compositions walk the line between jazz, neoclassical and ambient music. Delicate notes slide into lush, introspective melodies on ‘Affection’, evoking the flutter of new love and infatuation, Liungman’s piano weaves a hypnotic, bittersweet spell. ‘Dancer’ shifts the tone to something wistful and uplifting. Scattered, cascading notes testify to a dance of joy and abandon. Liungman captures the feeling of a dance that once lifted two lovers higher now becoming a light, airy gesture.

On ‘Night’, Liungman creates a nocturnal jazz fantasia with brisk, syncopated rhythms and fluid melodic improvisation. The luminous, carefree piano suggests moonlight that brightens the world with its silver glow. ‘Night’ breathes life into the small hours, transforming the dark into a source of joy and possibility. Closing track ‘Disappear’ ushers the listener into a space of bare, haunting simplicity. Stripped down to the essentials, Liungman’s piano exposes the anguish of loss and separation. Notes seem to cry out, then fade into the air, recalling cherished moments that slip further and further out of reach. ‘Disappear’ is the sound of something precious disappearing into the abyss of memory.

Carl Liungman’s ‘Affection & Absence’ invites the listener into a sonic space of introspection and interpretation. Rather than dictating a single perspective, Liungman’s piano compositions present emotional textures, melodic fragments, and atmospheric tones that are better felt than defined. They hover somewhere between memory and dream, allowing each listener to imbue them with their own associations and meanings. Liungman gives the listener a chance to craft an experience rather than an explanation. His piano serves as a conduit for emotions too deep to articulate in any other way. The only interpretation that matters is your own; Liungman trusts you to find the meaning in the music.

Stream Carl Liungman’s ‘Affection & Absence’ on Spotify and follow the talented composer for more. There can be no better recommendation than to immerse oneself in Carl Liungman’s discography, and in particular, the heart-wrenching beauty of ‘Affection & Absence’.

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