Abandoned CyberWorld By LUKE TANGERINE


Luke Tangerine is raising the bar with his deeply rich take on Synthwave. His tracks take you on multidimensional journeys beyond any one era, tapping into that awe and wonder we feel gazing at distant stars. Luke’s latest single "Abandoned CyberWorld" represents another leap forward in his creative progression.

Good synth washes establish a dystopian, yet dreamlike backdrop as arpeggiated sequences probe the edges of this song. You feel alone yet curiously drawn into exploring the ruins of some future civilization left for antiquity. Subtle melodic fragments and shifting textures add layers of mystery as the journey unfolds. Some complain that synth-wave retreads retro ground. And while Tangerine clearly loves the glow of '80s synthesizers, he pushes their capabilities to new frontiers. His tunes feel futuristic rather than nostalgic, imagining where synth music could head if unfettered by expectations. There's an otherworldly quality that awakens my sense of endless possibilities in electronic sound design.

I get totally lost in the atmospheric sounds Luke creates. It's like he's transmitted me to an abandoned city on a distant planet. The textures and modulated tones sweep all around, painting such a vivid picture in my mind. At the same time, there's a real sense of exploration as the melodies evolve almost organically throughout the track. It really grabs me and won't let go. I can understand why some say synth-wave relies too much on retro vibes, but to me, Tangerine succeeds in taking things to another level altogether.

Maybe that's why Tangerine's music crosses genre lines to reach more adventurous listeners. It speaks to anyone curious about the uncharted territories between melodious trance and cinematic soundtracks. His tracks inspire tranquil trips of wonder while rhythmic undercurrents keep the voyage propulsive. Whether drifting amid celestial nebulae or soaring over alien terrain, you feel enveloped in a saga of exploration.

So if you've had your fill of standard synthwave fare, I can't recommend Luke Tangerine enough. Stream "Abandoned CyberWorld", and you may find yourself transported beyond nostalgia into imagined worlds of limitless oral discovery. Tangerine's immersive soundscapes reveal new frontiers in retro-infused electronic composition we never knew existed. His one-of-a-kind visions are reshaping how we experience cinematic synth music for both heart and mind.

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