451 (Original Single) By Arliston

TOP BEST HITS 451 (Original Single) By Arliston

Arliston, is releasing their latest single "451", an atmospheric tune that draws listeners into a dreamlike soundscape and refuses to let go. Comprised of vocalist and instrumentalist Jack Ratcliffe and instrumentalist and producer George Hasbury, Arliston has built a dedicated following since the release of their 2018 EP "Hawser."

Ratcliffe and Hasbury crafted "451" after Ratcliffe became engrossed in Ray Bradbury’s famous novel Fahrenheit 451. "I was reading Fahrenheit 451 when we wrote this song and was completely hooked," Ratcliffe says. "The video is a love letter to the book, just like the song itself." Hasbury adds, "We both have always liked music videos where people make or destroy something, that narrative arc is so simple but pleasing. So for this music video, we thought we'd do both! And it ties together, in a really satisfying way, the themes of 451."

"451" opens with a pulsating line that feels simultaneously jazzy and retro. Ratcliffe’s vocals are hazy and detached, "I wanted a cold bath, I tend to fall on it, fall on it till there’s nothing left," he sings. "I wanted to go fast, I tend to fall on it, fall on it till the tires are bare." The song avoids a traditional verse-chorus structure, instead relying on the repetition of phrases to create a sense of anticipation.

Hasbury’s production is sparse but impactful, utilizing layers of synths to craft an atmospheric backdrop for Ratcliffe’s vocals. A driving bassline propels the song forward, while ambient tones wash over the listener. The result is a tune that evokes imagery of a not-too-distant future where freedom is scarce, but moments of escape can still be found.

"Before the Firemen arrive, I think we should take a drive," Ratcliffe sings, referencing the government officials who burn books in Bradbury’s novel. "I want to hold this feeling, God it’s gotten big on me." Like the characters in Fahrenheit 451 holding onto literature and ideas amid censorship and control, "451" urges listeners to maintain their freedom of thought.

"451" is an ideal late-night listen that transports the mind somewhere new with each play. While many songs make grand statements, "451" wraps you in sensation and leaves them with a lingering unease beneath its atmospheric pop bliss. Arliston is poised to ignite the music scene with their enigmatic new single and a sound that pulsates with retro-futurism. "451" immerses us in a world of its own creation, so stream it and show the duo some love by following them on their social media pages.

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