2022 (Original Single) By Snakedoctors

HYPE 2022 (Original Single) By Snakedoctors

Snakedoctors, the four-member group, have returned with their powerful new song "Destroyed." The band made its debut in 2020, and since then, they've blessed us and our playlists with 18 single releases.

Fun electric strings open "Destroyed," which gradually introduces more musical elements like the string instruments and percussion. Then the deep, rock and roll-screaming voices hit us. The deep, raspy pitch truly adds so much flavor to the track and transforms it into a true rock and roll hit. The vocals have an excellent influence on the song and are tuned well; the pitch done on the track is great for this sound and composition. The full electrified guitar and the background screams are amazing; they are both dynamic and will make you want to bop your head around like a madman.

The production is faultless with perfect melodies and rhythms, and the rock soundscape is incredibly captivating in terms of riffs and tempos.The angry tone of the vocalist is without a doubt my favorite element of the song; they were so much fun and really dominated the stage. But the instrumentals also deserve a great deal of attention and adoration; they're so upbeat, and any rock lover would adore them and be completely enthralled by the guitar and bass chords.

I'm a great admirer of Snakedoctors' music, and every one of their releases never disappoints. They consistently bring out hits and are tenacious about providing us fans with the finest music they can. If you're a lover of rock music, you'll love this song just as much as I did. Even if you're not a big lover of rock, you'll find yourself bopping and dancing to the pounding drumbeats.

"Destroyed" will leave you out of breath, so consider adding it to your favorite playlist. Snakedoctor's is simply one magnificent band that deserves all the love and adoration, so be sure to show them some love on their social media and remain up to date with their latest news and releases. And have a listen of "Destroyed," which is now streaming worldwide on multiple streaming platforms, so go ahead and bless your life with Snakedoctor's music!!

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