2020 (Original Video) By Roxercat

TOP BEST HITS 2020 (Original Video) By Roxercat

Roxercat has come up with a unique way to help us remember the year 2020 - through their visually dazzling and musically engaging music video titled "2020". The music video, which features the band's newest release, was created by the band and a talented AI animator named iastitraia, who worked tirelessly for a month to bring the band's vision to life.

Price Jones, the band's lead vocalist and guitarist, sets the tone for the song with her potent and powerful voice, followed by the expert guitar skills of Stan Lassiter. Bill Francis expertly plays the bass guitar, while Andy Peake's skillful drumming rounds out the group's talented sound

The music video begins with slow guitar strings and shots of the beach and a beautiful moonlit sky, setting a coolheaded and calming tone. As the guitar riff takes on higher power degrees, we suddenly find ourselves inside someone's room, with mellow and carefree music accompanying the scene, like a refreshing breeze. The melody then switches to a more assertive and rock-oriented sound as we find ourselves in a forest, where we see shapeshifting creatures.

As the song moves forward and becomes more influential, more creatures are added to the animation, including a dragon-like caste. The music then slows down once again, and we see people standing in front of their houses and inside their rooms, going about their daily lives as time passes by. At the point where the vocalist sings "I think I'm losing my mind thinking about you," the animation once again splits into two scenes, and we start seeing more and more people. The guitar reaches new heights, becoming more intense and robust as the visuals become tighter and more dynamic. The song then slows down once more, leading to a more hopeful melody, which flawlessly matches the animation's peaceful and inspiring shots of people walking around the city and gorgeous sceneries of the world.

The music video complements the song totally, with the pace of the guitar matching the animation perfectly. It's a wonder to behold and adds an extra dimension to Roxercat's song. Check out the music video for "2020" on YouTube and be sure to follow Roxercat for more amazing releases.


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