TOP BEST HITS2 Good 4 Me (Original Single) by Rambo4thousand

August 14, 2022 by saiidzeidan

2 Good 4 Me a single with an unusual yet magical and mesmerizing combination of genres that will entice you and have you hooked. 2 Good 4 Me (Original Single) by Rambo4thousand is a lofi and hip hop mix that will make you feel an out of this world experience.

This single has been made by the first ever collaboration of Rambo4thousand and Nico.X3 a collab of the century. This single is a meaningful emotional and relatable one, Rambo4thousand explains that this single might give the feeling of emptiness and sadness like when you lose somebody you love regardless of their mistakes.

The vocals on this single are to die for, low deep and husky perfect for the chill vibe of this single. you must give 2 Good 4 Me (Original Single) by Rambo4thousand a listen.

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