1969 (Original Album) by L3o

HIP HOP / RAP / R&B 1969 (Original Album) by L3o
1969 (Original Album) by L3o 1969 (Original Album) by L3o

L3o, originally from Miami, Florida, has released a new album called 1969, a relaxing casual chillout album that will get your mind away from your worries and focus on singing along to his catchy meaningful, and addicting singles.

The indie RnB album "1969" by l3o is a journey to listen to; with its expressive emotion-evoking vocals and deeply meaningful lyrics, it will touch your heart and head in a way you wouldn't expect.

L3o has professional music that every music supervisor or a  sync manager should really consider because it gets the role of any part you need to add special music to your project or movie. here is the main link if you need to check out  his music: https://linktr.ee/l3osire

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