15 (When I Leave) By EDIE YVONNE


At just 15 years old, Los Angeles star Edie Yvonne has already accomplished more than many artists twice her age. The singer-songwriter, who has amassed over 24k monthly listeners on Spotify, is quickly making a name for herself in the indie dream teen pop scene with her releases and songs.

With her latest drop "15 (When I Leave)," Edie Yvonne solidifies her position as a rising force, delivering a blistering pop-punk anthem that showcases her remarkable vocal prowess and songwriting chops.

"15 (When I Leave)" starts with a rush of energy and dynamic instrumentation. The track opens with a sharp guitar riff that lets you know this is going to be a high-octane musical song. Yvonne's vocals enter shortly after. Her vocals possess that teen angsty sound that works perfectly with the song.

With their sense of urgency and propulsion, the powerful guitar riffs and booming drumming wonderfully match Edie Yvonne's passionate vocal performance.

Edie has the talent to condense a vast spectrum of feelings and musical inspirations into a succinct and impactful product.

Still very young, and very early in her career, she has already developed a distinctive musical voice that sets her apart from her peers. Teenagers around the world are lucky to have such an authentic and relatable idol of their age singing anthems that speak to them and talk about the experiences of youth and self-discovery.

I am a huge Edie Yvonne fan. It's truly astounding to witness the level of artistic maturity and emotional depth that Yvonne brings to her music at such a young age. As someone who has eagerly awaited and devoured each of her releases from "Girl Code" and "Queen Bee" to the iconic "DELUSION" on Valentine's Day, there is no doubt in my mind that "15 (When I Leave)" is one of Yvonne's most accomplished and unforgettable songs to date.

Edie Yvonne continues to cement her status as one of the most exciting young talents in indie pop with every release. Edie Yvonne is one of the most bright and promising young talents in the indie dream teen pop scene and beyond. As both a proud fan and an avid music critic, I can't wait to witness how Yvonne continues to hone and push her sound to new boundaries with future work. Now is a great time to listen to the rest of her catalog and stream "15 (When I Leave)" if you haven't already!

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