10 Milligrams (Original Single) By Eli Ladon

HYPE 10 Milligrams (Original Single) By Eli Ladon

Eli Ladon is an artist that consistently gives it his all and succeeds in producing powerful, contemporary rap hits. The hip-hop artist is back with "10 Milligrams" to give us more music before the year comes to a close.

The song is a hip-hop treasure from beginning to end; the melodies drip drop in your ears, producing a wonderful ambiance with tunes from hip-hop and r&b. You'll want to get up and dance along to the intense melodies and complex beats on this tune. Eli's vocal range and layering give the song complexity and elevate it to the top of the hip-hop genre. Eli has a deep, enchanting lyrical flow that will grab your attention and leave you speechless with the melodious voice he uses.

The lyrics are so masterfully worded that you could vividly imagine the scenario happening. All true hip-hop enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy this song and keep it repeat. I know I'll be listening to this song again and again. It's really remarkable how the track is set up. Eli Ladon's is truly one amazing rapper that will blow you away with the talent and skill he possesses.

The performer struggled with his family and had a difficult childhood, having to relocate and leave several times, he was forced to interact with a lot of new public spaces, new people, and different cultures, which really helped him mature and become more open-minded about life in general. All of these events had an effect on his musical taste as well. He draws inspiration from a very diverse spectrum of musical genres, yet he still links it all together in his songs. He transforms all of his personal negative life experiences into art and music. As a result of the tremendous circumstances he underwent, every one of his songs sounds so true and authentic.

In addition to pursuing genuine self-improvement, the musician has a purpose and wants to use music to inspire others to be better versions of themselves. So be sure to listen to Eli's new song "10 Milligrams" on Spotify and follow the amazing artist on social media so that you may appreciate his music with me.

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