1 2 Meny (Original Single) By Gabriel Munoz

TOP BEST HITS 1 2 Meny (Original Single) By Gabriel Munoz
 1 2 Meny (Original Single) By Gabriel Munoz 1 2 Meny (Original Single) By Gabriel Munoz  

The first thing you notice when you see the album art is the extraordinary captured moment of "Gabriel," which reminded me of Freddie Mercury's fabulous style, but when you listen to the music as I did, you will feel so tempted by the hot voice and nice punchy rhythmic HD beats masterd By "DELA". At the same time, the vocals are clear and impressive, the melodies are so original and straightforward in both ends, thinking all about is the signature phrase of the song and "Gabriel Munoz" had the most fun so far while he was writing it up, the song talks about the struggle we all face when we like or crush on someone and fail to have a date after a bad breakup with bad, fun, messy or even unpredictable situation... In my honest opinion, I find it so courageous to stand up after every fall. Let's be a bit fair about it.

We all go through this SH**, but some of us lose self-confidence or courage because we blame ourselves or think we are the bad guys, but let me tell you that we DON'T always get what we want, but the universe will give us the best and way more than we could ask for. While still telling the story of being hurt and no one being able to stitch up the wound, the artist is a good thing to grow on, put the past away, and start over like nothing ever happened!!! 

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