00.VOIDSPACE (Original Single) By Bardea

TOP BEST HITS 00.VOIDSPACE (Original Single) By Bardea

Bardea is taking things in a darker direction with the new single "00.VOIDSPACE,". The creative artist is going "aggressive, dark, hard-hitting, and enigmatic" on this new track.

The song starts by immediately immersing you into the atmosphere Bardea is crafting, with siren noises and sounds of chatter from the street. You hear fragments of people talking from radios as an ominous siren sound transforms into a propulsive beat. The beat does not let up, propelling you to move forward into this obscure, bold world Bardea has created.

While the beat has an assertive energy, it's tempered by an underlying sense of unease and darkness. The synths that come in hold a strong yet mysterious presence, filling the soundscape and keeping your focus right on the track. A low, distorted voice begins speaking, adding another layer of mystery and intrigue.

Even with this dark feel, the song is a full-on club jam, with synths swelling and driving basslines kicking in your ears. You start dancing along, losing yourself in the beats as you become totally unaware of your surroundings, enthralled in this gray space Bardea has brought you into.

Bardea says that the song was inspired by HP Lovecraft: "I wanted to make something dark and gritty," Bardea explains. "It was heavily inspired by a lot of HP Lovecraft stories I had been listening to." You can definitely hear those Lovecraftian influences in "00.VOIDSPACE."

The synths throughout the track, wide and pounding yet somehow holding back, also lend a sense of vastness and obscurity that fits well with Lovecraft's themes. As the song progresses, and you lose yourself in the beats, you get the sense that something could be slowly circling you, just out of sight. The "voidspace" the title refers to seems to hint at the unknowable spaces between moments, where unnameable things may lurk.

Whether you take the story literally or see it as a metaphor, there is no denying the uneasy yet captivating mood Bardea has created here, pushing their sound into the new and haunting territory. As the synths melt away, you are left contemplating just what may have been circling you the whole time. Do yourself a favor and head to Spotify now to stream "00.VOIDSPACE" and follow Bardea on social media to keep up with their atmospheric synth creations that blur the line between dance music and cosmic horror.


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